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Hosfelt: Jim Campbell, 4300 watts


531 West 36th Street


Hell's Kitchen

September 16 - October 28, 2006

Opening: Saturday, September 16, 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Jim Campbell

Known for his extremely low-resolution moving images accomplished utilizing L.E.D. technologies, M.I.T. educated Jim Campbell presents his first New York exhibition of installation pieces.

For the past seven years, Campbell has presented pixelated representations created with so few L.E.D.s (more than a thousand times fewer than the number of pixels on your computer screen) that a viewer should not be able to comprehend what they are seeing. And yet, because of the brain's ability to interpret abstract data and "fill in" the gaps in the information needed to create a complete idea, a viewer recognizes an image.

Campbell's is a unique and humanistic approach to information theory. He explores the distinction between the analogue world and its digital representation as a metaphor for the human ability for poetic understanding or "knowledge" as opposed to the mathematics of "data."

In a group of works in this show, Campbell abstracts the data even further while manipulating our voyeuristic tendencies by revealing information and at the same time obscuring it. The pixelated imagery, at even lower resolution (one piece uses only 5 L.E.D.s), is turned away from the viewer, toward the wall. There is no longer a visible "image," only the reflection of an image.

Image from Hosfelt.


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CALL FOR ENTRIES :: The Upgrade! International


Adam Brown:

Call For Entries Upgrade! International: Oklahoma City Upgrade! OKC
811 N Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102
December 1st - 29th

DIY Exhibition:
DIY (do-it-yourself) is the overarching theme for the exhibit. We live in an era of increased technological dependency in which the phrase, “Do-it-Yourself” has and will continue to take on new cultural meanings. The Upgrade! OKC and IAO (Individual Artists of Oklahoma) are inviting local and regional artists working with digital and electronic media to submit examples and interpretations of this concept to be exhibited as part of the 2006 Upgrade! International Symposium. These works will be shown at the IAO Gallery with a net art exhibition curated by and The Symposium will be a four-day event running from Thursday, November 30th – Sunday, December 3rd. However, this exhibition will remain on display through December 29th.

About Upgrade!:
Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. While individual nodes present new media projects, engage in informal critique, and foster dialogue and collaboration between individual artists, Upgrade! International functions as an online, global network that gathers annually in different cities to meet one another, showcase local art, and work on the agenda for the following year.

About the Upgrade! International Symposium:
The UIOC will be the second annual international gathering where individual Upgrade! organizations and their artists converge in one physical location to present art and ideas to each other and the community. Included in the event will be workshops on art and technology, audio/video performances and presentations, and an exhibition of international and regional artists. Workshops will cover topics such as net art and creating content for the world wide web for children, creative application of open source software, social mapping ...


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Channel Communication Amplifier project


Lise Autogena's Sound Mirrors Project is inspired by the derelict acousic mirrors at Denge, England, it aims to create two new sound mirrors on the coast of England and France which will enable people on either side of the Channel to speak to each other.

acoumir11.jpg 0acoumirr2.jpg
Listener on his platform and Across the Channel

The Channel Communication Amplifier incorporates the latest technology to transmit sound but has at its heart a device first developed before to World War II and the invention of radar: the acoustic mirrors built as early warning devices around the coasts of Britain to detect airborne invasions. These giant concrete dishes also existed in mobile and even wearable versions btw.

0acoumaco.jpgAutogena plans to build two acoustic mirrors. One will be placed in Folkestone, the other will be sited on the coast of France, 25 miles across the Channel.

Visitors will be able to climb up to a listening platform in front of the mirror and listen to the sounds of the sea, as well as for voices speaking to them from across the Channel. Standing at the focus point the person will hear a complete �holographic� binaural sound image which will appear to be coming from the air all around them.

Via Mountain7. More info on the project in The Telegraph, Creative Partnerships.

Lise Autogena also worked together with Joshua Portway on the beautiful Stock Market Planetarium, a planetarium of stars, each one representing a company and its relative value on the stock market.


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Sound Art at Washington Square Park (free)


SATURDAY, September 9th @ 3:00 P.M.
Sound Art at Washington Square Park brings together a gathering of preeminent contemporary composers presenting an unusual yet complimentary cross-section of today's music. Curated by Jen Stock of Soundbook One , scheduled to perform at this free event are: live computer music pioneer CARL STONE ; California electronic maestro DAEDELUS ; experimental rock ensemble JERSEYBAND ; vocal virtuoso JOAN LA BARBARA ; composer, programmer and video artist LUKE DUBOIS ; experimental composer PAUL LANSKY ; and Brooklyn rhythm mavericks SO PERCUSSION ; plus Carl Stone's ACID BOP.


SATURDAY, September 9th @ 3:00 P.M.
Sponsored by the Washington Square Park Council


Other Music told me this.


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Offbeat video day. 386dx, blogumentary, magnetic leviatation, light tracer, and more - PJ

Link here.


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Digital Art - A New Renaissance


From the 18th of September, Supernatural studios will be hosting a series of lectures on CG at the Tate Modern. Lecturers include director Johnny Hardstaff, Joe Letteri -- the head of visual effects from Weta Digital (King Kong, Lord of the rings) and the heads of 3D from Escape studios, Glassworks and the Mill. Pop over here for more info & bookings.


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The Kitchen's fall season


Kudos to Debra Singer and her staff: The Kitchen solidifies its waxing reputation as the go-to venue for great experimental music, art, dance, and literature with its fall schedule, which I just found online. The season includes performances by Carsten Nicolai, Matthew Shipp, Alarm Will Sound, and Ikue Mori; screenings and events organized by Lauren Cornell of and Amy Granat of Cinema Zero; the New York presentation of the Christian Jankowsky exhibition that debuts at Lisson Gallery in London next weekend; an exhibition of works made by Peter Welz in collaboration with the choreographer William Forsythe; and literary readings organized by the magazines A Public Space and Esopus. More info here at the Kitchen website. I suspect I'll be attending events there at least three times a month from now until the end of the year.


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