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email spam paint



A set of automated graphical, artistic depictions based on real spam email messages. The online system analyzes spam emails and follow the websites links inside them. It then grabs the colors and images from those websites and displays the country the spam originated from in the resulting image alongside other data.

see also spam flowers & spam grafitti & email erosion.
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Conspicuous Casualties


An online exhibition entitled 'Panic in Detroit' presents five works by San Francisco-based artist Shane Carroll that visualize data related to current US military actions. Culling from a variety of news sources and RSS feeds, Carroll's works ponder whether 'the staggering amount of data available to citizens in a wired society [can] be distilled and set in motion in ways that reveal essential aspects of that data.' Implied in this trajectory is the notion that there is a reciprocal relationship between policy, violence, and the data points that represent both. The public's consumption of war machine propaganda and mass-mediated representations of global issues is also put on display, as in 'PR redux,' which explores 'democracy as product,' in its survey of news coverage of the Iran 'crisis.' While many 'data visualization' art projects make their essential subject secondary, Carroll's illustrations employ multiple strategies to outline similar sad details. For instance, 'Home Front' subtly 'reveals US military casualties in Iraq by State,' while 'March 03' uses XML feeds, more elaborately, to 'drive the animation of discrete units to show each casualty, the sweep of each month and the cumulative effect.' The show will be hosted online by SF's TART Gallery, through August 24. - Marisa Olson


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Can You See Me Now?


Blast Theory and The Banff Centre have teamed to present another game of Can You See Me Now?, this time on the streets of Banff, Canada. The ongoing game of chase take place from August 11th-15th, and players can log on from 12pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm (PST) each day.


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2006 Machinima Festival


The 2006 Machinima Festival web site is up and running, so sharpen those pixels and get your work in. Submissions close September 22nd and the festival happens November 4-5 at the Museum of the Moving Image in NY. Given the 2005 festival was a sell-out when it came to Melbourne, maybe ACMI could score a 2nd tour?

Which reminds me – ACMI Games Lab's Best of the Independent Games Festival is on until November 22.


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Copa Sonar Recordings Available


Schlossplatz was once the home of the Berlin City Palace. In 1950 the palace, a symbol of Prussian pride and wealth was demolished by the GDR and erected in its place was the Palast der Republik. Due to the combination of the reunification of Berlin and the use of asbestos, the Palace of the Republic is being deconstructed and soon the old palace, Stadtschloss will be rebuilt.

Schlossplatz has historically been a highly contested site. On July 14th it became a site of public performance, sound broadcast and celebration.

Copa Sonar was organized by Marco Barotti, Emanuele Guidi and myself in collaboration with sonambiente, and tesla. Five experimental sound groups volunteered to overtake the desolate public plaza off of the touristic street Unter din Linden. Performances by ap/xxxxx, B Component, the rottt (the return of the thinking thing) and lekronk, OLYVETTY, saal-c were broadcast from the site via miniFM and visitors were offered free wine and beer. The audience was a diverse mix of sound art connoisseurs, curious tourists, and skaters.

The recordings from the event are now available as mp3s and high quality aifs to download - Copa Sonar. Enjoy the data tranformed into noise by ap/xxxxx; the relaxing sound of a Swiss precussion instrument electronically modulated by B Component; electronic and computer experimentation by the return of the thinking thing; Olyvetty's trans-like performance or the more melodic compositions of saal-c.

Also read an interview concerning the public intervention with Emanuele Guidi.


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Tenure Track Position in New Genres/Video/Sound at Brown


Mark Tribe:

Please post or forward to interested parties

Announcement of New Genres/Video/Sound


Position: Brown University Department of Visual Art seeks dynamic and energetic artist to teach New Genre at the undergraduate level.

Requirements: Applicants will have earned a MFA, have 3 years full time equivalent teaching experience at the college level beyond graduate school, and must be able to teach Video, Sound, and New Genre (which can include projection and sound installations, robotics, interactivity, digital animation, or combinations of these). This candidate should be able to teach a Digital Foundations course.

Qualified candidates must be well versed in contemporary video/sound/ New Genre practice and supportive applications. A strong exhibition/screening record and knowledge of contemporary theory and practice is essential. An interest in developing interdisciplinary courses with the Modern Culture and Media and Music Departments is a strong plus.

Starting Date: Appointment to begin July 1, 2007.


Procedure: Applicants should send paper copies of CV, letter of application, CD/DVD (formatted for Mac) and/or website, a portfolio of 10- 20 slides with slide list if applicable, artist statement, teaching philosophy and 3 letters of recommendation, and SASE to:

Chair, New Genres Search
Box 1861
Visual Art Department
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Salary: Competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Deadline: To receive full consideration complete applications must be postmarked by: November 15, 2006.


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Lollipop as user-interface


Regine completed my yesterday’s post about tongue-based interactions with this right-on-the-spot innovation: lollipop as a user interface (by Lance Nishihira and Bill Scott):

Participants suck on lollipops embedded with sensors to control robotic babies in a race. (…) Sensors transmitted each sloppy stroke to a laptop that was controlling the movements of several robotic toys. “I’m trying to think which one of our properties can be driven by a lollipop,'’ joked Scott, a member of Yahoo’s platform design group. “Maybe Yahoo Games.'’ The “Edible Interface'’ was one of 10 prototypes featured at Yahoo’s University Design Expo, an annual event that explores how humans interact with technology

(picture by Gary Reyes / Mercury News)

Why do I blog this?a curious interface; what happen when the interface is more “invasive” than just a joypad? Would I like to control cell-phones games or billboard through this sort if interface…


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Musicians Get Out of the Groove


Experimental performers at the Edgetone Music Summit whip out their laptops, motion-sensors and dried sea kelp to help them play music. By Elizabeth Biddlecombe.


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Disembodied voices


0triko.jpgExploded monologues is a rather fetching machine that you can strap on your shoulders to literally send your voice on one or more of the four different speakers, each of them located approximately one meter from your mouth. A control interface with four buttons enables you to select where the voice will be heard. An additional mask containing a microphone is worn to prevent the listener from hearing the performers voice directly.

Troika's device starts from a reflection on the dialogue through our new technologies of communication and the way they explode the boundaries of our bodies. 'Exploded monologue' is a performance tool that expands the possibilities of the narrative. The user is able to simulate different characters and play with the sonic space perceived by the listener.

Tomoaki Yanagisawa's Sonic Gun allows you to shoot sounds that you have previously recorded with the gun itself and send them to targets that play these sounds back. The targets can be placed anywhere -- on people, walls, or objects.

9sssbo.jpg 0sounnn.jpg

In send mode, the gun simply sends a sound to a target, this mode could be used for leaving messages. In the play mode the target plays back sounds already placed in the target, for example listening to a message left in the target. In the send/play mode, the target plays back a recorded sound as soon as a person shoots it.

6tyuiop.jpgAnd a last one for the road: The Earworm Assault Devices, by Fur, enable you to distribute your own earworms, a piece of music (preferably irritating) that you hear and you can't forget anymore. Small pieces of sound or music can be recorded onto the devices and fired at single or multiple persons, spreading your message out into the world. They come in different shapes, sizes and ...


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Unititled & Joseph Stone House
Joseph Stone House & Untitled - Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery

Joe Gilmore is a sound and installation artist based in Leeds, UK. It's most probable you will know his work though RAND%() (with Nullpointer) which is to my mind, the first real-time generative radio station to stream the wires. Joe has also released musical compositions on specialist labels such as the excellent 12k/Line (minimal clickologists out there will immediately hear a bell, if not some kind of granular sound at the mention). But this is not all, experimenting with MAX/MSP jitter he has also some interesting looking video pieces in progress -- Untitled, a collaboration with Paul Emery sees some slice-forms appearing to evolve in muted iridescent colours. Another collaboration from these two is Joseph Stone House -- a generative film exploring the interrelationships of music and architecture. 'The film was structured and edited in Max/MSP and Jitter using patterns in the architecture as a score' -- stills of the work can be viewed here. Paul is also a video artist who has recently found interest in the video synthesis toolkit VVVV, his current interest lies with 'quaternion fractal geometry and super trigonometric wave formations' -- his VVVV experimentation can be found here. Great work form the North of England!


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