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Next2006: Vuk Cosic's talk


0minivuk.jpgThe NEXT2006 conference ended yesterday in Copenhagen. The exhibition is open till tomorrow, Sunday December 3.

I hardly ever opened my laptop to check my emails during the presentations which is a good sign. I'll start with the art talk. Unsurprisingly.

Vuk Cosic gave a crash course in Vuk-ology (btw, he's one of the first artists i interviewed for the blog.) After the golden days of, he decided to become an ASCII artist. Why ASCII? For several reasons: because it existed before computing; not everyone takes it seriously, it's rather ugly (won't be recuperated by the art world very easily) and it's sexy (infected by hacker virus).

He recalled the seven episodes of his ASCII period:
1. Moving Ascii: He passed several famous movies through the ASCII filter (includes some black and green clips from Deep Throat, Blow Up, Star Trek),
2. Music video/vinyl with Alexei Shulgin
3. The Instant ASCII Camera which was presented at NEXT. The machine is working like the known instant cameras in the railway stations, with several differences, it's quite small, very fast, free and it produces portraits in ASCII style. Just press a button and your ASCII portrait is printed on a supermarket type of receipt.
4. The ASCII History of Art for the Blind:
5. ASCII Unreal
6. ASCII Architecture which planned to fully cover the St. Georges Hall, a neo-classical monument in Liverpool, with the projection of ascii rendering of the same surface that it's being projected on.
7. ASCII Sculptures, same as above but on sculptures.

He ended with a piece of advice: "Do something useless. Do it seriously. The You'll do good easily" and with the presentation of his latest work: a series of game-inspired flags to be printed ...


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News from the Daniel Langlois Foundation


New additions to the DOCAM Web site

Videos of the presentations and conferences of the second annual DOCAM International Summit, held in Montreal in October 2006, are now available on the Web site of the DOCAM Research Alliance, which focuses on the documentation and conservation of the media arts heritage.

Included are presentations on the progress to date of the various DOCAM committees as well as the seminars led by Mona Jimenez (New York University, New York), Hans Dieter Huber (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart), Matthew Biederman (Montreal), and Pip Laurenson (Tate, London). The closing conference, given by Canadian artist Vera Frenkel, is also available for viewing.

Among the themes featured are the teaching of the documentation and conservation of technology-based artworks and the "restoration" of these artistic practices:

The DOCAM Web site also offers essays written by some of the students who attended the first DOCAM seminar, held last winter at the Daniel Langlois Foundation's Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D).

The seminar was organized by Will Straw of the Art History and Communication Studies Department at McGill University in Montreal.

Aligned to the DOCAM research themes, these essays focus on subjects that include the conservation of networked art, the documentation of electronic art, and the collecting of new media art by museums, to name just a few:

Research and Experimentation Grants in Art+Science+Technology

The Daniel Langlois Foundation is resuming its research and experimentation grant program for individuals or research groups. Call for proposals started on November 1st 2006.

This program offers grants to individuals of all nationalities who make exceptional contributions to the advancement of knowledge at the crossroads of art, science, technology and the environment, or to ...


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Return of the Altair


The altair was one of the first 'personal computers' - and now there is a new kit version. [The latest kit went on ebay for $1750...]


Try one of these on stage at your next performance instead of that bulky Macbook.

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24072nd dorkbot-nyc meeting: Dec 6th


douglas repetto:

The 24072nd dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 6th, 2006, at 7pm at Location One in SoHo.

Please bring snacks to share!

Featuring the fragrant and marvellous:

Sam Freeman: 1000 Ways It Doesn't Work
1000 Ways It Doesn't Work is a multimedia art project which attempts to come to terms with the General Electric Corporation. Through installations, performances, videos, programs, correspondence, and web pages the project seeks the human dimensions and implications of the multi-national behemoth that is GE. The presentation will include an overview of all the pieces involved, and a discussion of where the project can go from here.

Marisa Olson: Oh.Yeah.I.Love.You.Baby
Marisa's work deals with popular music and the cultural history of technology. She's just started production on her first sound art album, "Oh.Yeah.I.Love.You.Baby," in which each word in the album title is also the title of a respective track whose lyrics consist solely of that word. To her, these words are the "greatest hits" of pop lyrics, and each utterance of them is culled from hours and days of pop music samples. Of course, Marisa's work is also often about failure, humiliation, and a lack of talent. Accordingly, she's not sure whether her project sucks or not. She could use a little feedback on this work in progress.

Rick Silva: RSS Jockey
Silva will do a short presentation of his work in the last 8 years that has used the d.j. and as a metaphor. including a screening of silva's 1999 short film 'scratch', brief overviews of recent projects and and a sneak preview of his upcoming project 'natural selection ...


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Italian Art History 2.0


A new book available online and in print focuses on Italian artists and traces twenty years of practice and protest in digital society. 'NETWORKING, The Net as an Artwork,' by Tatiana Bazzichelli, constructs an historic account of hacktivist projects in Italy. Bazzichelli's timeline begins in the early-1980s and considers the ways that the emergence of bulletin board systems (BBS's), the internet, video, personal computers, and other communication devices inspire collaboration and savvy navigation of underground artistic and political subcultures. The book is the first of its kind and draws on a rich legacy of new media activities in this region. It includes profiles on artists 0100101110101101.ORG, [epidemiC], Jaromil, Giacomo Verde, Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, Correnti Magnetiche, Candida TV, Tommaso Tozzi, Federico Bucalossi, Massimo Contrasto, Mariano Equizzi, Pigreca, Molleindustria, Guerriglia Marketing, Sexyshock, Phag Off, and others. Simultaneously, 'it builds a reflection on the new role of the artist and author who become networker, operating in collective nets, reconnecting to neoavant-garde artistic practices of the 1960s (first and foremost Fluxus), but also Mail art, Neoism, and [the work of the collective] Luther Blissett.' The book will, thus, be of interest to those studying more long-term artistic epochs and tactical performances in all parts of the world. - Richard Sprinkle


[from 53os] Surfing the Internet in public


documentation for performance by guthrie lonergan. hope i get to see one of these someday!


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Upgrade! Seattle



Caleb Larsen + Brett Walker

Come join us for the December Upgrade! Seattle meeting featuring Caleb Larsen and Brett Walker on Thursday December 14 at 7pm at 911 Media Arts Center.

Upgrade! Seattle is a once a month event for new media artists working in the Seattle area. Every second Thursday of each month Upgrade! Seattle invites artists / curators / thinkers / everyone to gather at 911 Media Arts Center to see and critically discuss new media work. Upgrade! Seattle is hosted by the 911 artists2artists group and is affiliated with the Upgrade! International network. If you are interested in presenting your work, please contact Carrie Bodle (artists2artists[at]


Caleb Larsen is a young Seattle based new media and installation artist. He was raised in the northern reaches of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and attended school in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Originally trained as a painter, Larsen attempts to treat technology, not as a gimmick, but as natural addition to the artistic practice. His most recent works loosely revolve around two central concepts: Language and Mapping. Larsen��s current point of inspection involves creating intersections of digital and physical culture by reinterpreting online information and resources from community based websites.

At the present Larsen is working on a suite of projects based on Google News headlines. The headlines are processed in realtime and produce simultaneous outcomes ranging from bizarre video montages to large generated associative word drawings. Using computer programming, Legos, video, dynamic images, and printed text Larsen aims to create an alternate methodology for exploring contemporary culture.

Larsen holds his Bachleor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University. He has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Canada, Greece and Romania. He attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art, the School of Visual Art Artist Residency, and most ...


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ProvFlux IV :: Call for Participants


Part festival and part conference, ProvFlux brings together artists, theorists, urban adventurers and the general public to share their visions of what the city can be. Exciting and provocative performances, urban games, films, lectures, and positive public activities collectively activate Providence with critical dialogue, new directions, and lasting friendships. [......]


Click-through for the full call.

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La Superette Saturday and LoVid performance


this saturday Dec. 9 is La Superette, where you can get wonderful artist made items and gifts. in addition to the merch there's a great free and open to the public performance program I curated (thanks to ETC for support) and workshops through this year's La Superette partner, Eyebeam's Holiday Hackshop. all details are below in this message and on line at where you can also browse the catalog to think of gift ideas. also, thursday night Dec. 7, LoVid will perform at Diapason with Bill Etra. details for that event, Optosonic Tea, are included below the La Superette announcement.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


SATURDAY DECEMBER 9th - 12:00 TO 10:00 PM EYEBEAM - 540 WEST 21st STREET - NEW YORK, NY 10011

This year LA SUPERETTE comes to Chelsea, where artists will showcase original, handmade gifts (ranging from $1-$100) including recycled accessories, multifunctional stuffed animals, artist publications, funky house wares, and homemade clothes, with a special focus on "hacks," the custom configuration of pre-existing hardware or software. LA SUPERETTE is an annual art market where professional and amateur artists and craftsmen present and sell their creations to a wide range of visitors. LA SUPERETTE is a collaborative project seeking to enhance the dialog between artists and their audience, placing art in the middle of daily life. This year LA SUPERETTE joins EYEBEAM in conjunction with HOLIDAY HACKSHOP '06, a DIY tech-workshop featuring activities from circuit-bending to laser-cutting in a festive atmosphere.

LA SUPERETTE is conceived and organized as a place for artists to meet and collaborate on a specific project. A catalog zine is published, which distributes contact information of all participating artists, a web catalog is hosted at WWW.LASUPERETTE.ORG, and a video catalog is ...


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Furtherfield/Reviews/The Destabilisation of Perception/Andy Stringer


Reviews/The Destabilisation of Perception/Andy Stringer

There are many different ways in which an artwork can be created; Andy Stringer is one of a growing number of artists who have chosen to express themselves and their artistic practice through the digital medium...

Review by: Rob Myers


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