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us military dead toll calendar


a minimally designed calendar & photo gallery representing the daily number of US military soldiers who died during the Iraq war, including their names & a short description of how they died. see also iraq war fatalities map & disappeared in usa map & 1000 icons. [ &|also]


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Toward a social ethics of technology


I've been trying to think about how populations can have some influence over technology -- how to even start understanding how to think about having influence over technology -- for some time. This paper, Devon, Richard. Towards a Social Ethics of Technology: A Research Prospect, Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2004, which I found via Anne Galloway's blog is very rich food for thought. Design plays a central role in this approach -- it is, after all, the earliest point at which intervention is possible and effective -- as Galloway points out.

Taking a social ethics approach means recognizing not only that the ends and means of technology are appropriate subjects for the ethics of technology, but also that differences in value systems that emerge in almost all decision-making about technology are to be expected. The means of handling differences, such as conflict resolution processes, models of technology management, and aspects of the larger political system, must be studied. This is not to suggest that engaging in political behavior on behalf of this cause or that is what ethics is all about. That remains a decision to be made at the personal level. Rather, the ethics of technology is to be viewed as a practical science. This means engaging in the study of, and the improvement of, the ways in which we collectively practice decision making in technology. Such an endeavor can enrich and guide the conduct of individuals, but it is very different than focusing on the behavior of individuals in a largely predetermined world in which their options are often severely constrained...


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Just opened: "Intersections" curated by Myron Turner


Just opened ...

+ Intersections +
+ Curated by Myron Turner +

This exhibition begins with the experience of sitting in front of the monitor and looking out into the vast culture of possibility offered to us by the Internet. On the one hand it is external to us, what's out "there" on the net. On the other hand, it's inside us, the imagined space of the network. It's like being at the center of a cosmic architecture that is at once chaotic and highly organized and which we can know only in fragments. All of the works in this exhibition, which range from the witty to the hypnotic, either communicate or arise from this sense of the Internet.

+ + +
Rhizome ArtBase curation allows any Rhizome member to
curate an exhibit from works in the ArtBase. Go to to see a list of all open exhibits.


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First iPod film festival


The Flux Announces the iPod Video Film Festival

Coming soon to a small screen near you: The iPod Video Film Festival. The Flux announced today the opening of The Flux iPod Film Festival, an online film festival/competition of content formatted for the iPod. Visitors to the site can download the films for playback on their computers or iPod video, then vote for their favorite video. Prizes will be awarded in four categories: student film, indie film, family clip, and best music video. “The iPod video has people yearning for fun, portable video content, and our festival will give people access to free content, while exposing independent filmmakers and bands to an exciting new audience,


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Isaac Julien - DV and film work


encore II
Encore II (radioactive) (2004, 11.5MB, 3:31 min.)

Isaac Julien  is one of Britain’s most innovative and
provocative filmmakers. He has been involved with
forging a new language around black representation.
Although his works largely retain a conventional narrative
approach they are shot through with strategies
which then serve to disrupt the stability of this narrative.
Above - Encore II from

Vagabondia (clip, 2000, 6.6MB, 1:46 min.)

paradice omeros
Paradise Omeros (clip, 2002, 24.5MB, 1:30 min.)

Baltimore (clip, 2003, 6.7MB, 2:15 min.)


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Outside the Box in the Can


Outside the Box: Jud Yalkut Outside the Box: Toni Dove Outside the Box: Lev Manovich

Seth Thompson of Wigged Productions recently completed Outside the Box: New Cinematic Experiences, a half-hour documentary featuring interviews with Cory Arcangel, Toni Dove, Lev Manovich, Jud Yalkut, and, curiously, one interactive but less cinematic guy, me. (These are links to the bios on the Wigged site.) The DVD is available on the site and is being shown on various stations worldwide, for instance, here in Philadelphia on DUTV, cable channel 54, on January 10th, February 7, and March 7 (Tuesdays) at 10:30pm; Jan 13, Feb 10, March 10 (Fridays) at 11:30pm; and the weekends afterwards at 6:30pm and 1:30am.

Outside the Box: Cory Archangel Outside the Box: Nick Montfort


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Alison Sant:


An opportunity for emerging artists to develop and create new public works in San Francisco that investigate diverse strategies for exploring and mapping public space.


Southern Exposure's 2006-2007 Exhibition and Artists in Education programs will move beyond the gallery walls in order to present new forms of work in public space. Southern Exposure will temporarily relocate in the summer of 2006 so that the building that we have always called home at Project Artaud can undergo a seismic retrofit and upgrade. Southern Exposure is utilizing this unique opportunity to extend our programs into the public realm. Southern Exposure, founded in 1974, has a long history of presenting community-based projects. Through this new program, Southern Exposure has a goal of encouraging artists to work experimentally in public space, enabling artists to develop new works that could not otherwise be realized, and generating a critical dialog about emerging creative practices.

For more information go to or call 415-863-2141.

This program is made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


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Art Fag City on's "United We Stand"


United We Stand
December 10- January 23rd 2006
Gallery Blows Cover and Reveals Movie Hoax

From the people who convinced the entire city of Vienna that Karlsplatz, one of Vienna's main squares, would be renamed Nikeplatz, presents a new hoax and launches an ad campaign for the fake movie, United We Stand (Europe Has a Mission). The show consists of giant movie light boxes and posters, various ads the group has placed in magazines, a website complete with a moving metal ballad theme song, and a slide show of a fictional poster campaign. The premise of this movie is as absurd as you might expect: In the year 2020 the US declares war on China, sexy Europeans note their disapproval and file some paper work.

But, a good concept alone can not make a show, and United We Stand, is lacking in assets. The gallery is too sparsely hung and in need of additional advertising materials. Among other things, the website promoting the movie lacks a trailer. One could speculate that perhaps the group was not completely ready when they hung the show in December as suggested by the postcard decal covering the original October date. What the project really needs to take off is write-up from a duped source such as cinematical.


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russian roulette - call for contribution


carlos katastrofsky:

call for contribution

"russian roulette" ( ) is a game that could end harful for your computer. click on a provided download button and get a file... but who knows which file? a picture? sound? a virus?

at the moment the variety in files is very poor, so please contribute a small file (<50k) to "russian roulette". there's no prize to win, but if your file is accepted your name will show up at the site as "contributing artist"

please send the file as attachment to: carlos.katastrofsky/at/

thanks & all the best,


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Nicolas Bourriaud



Relational Aesthetics Glossary

Academism: 1. An attitude that involves clinging to the defunct signs and forms of one's day and rendering these aesthetic; 2. synonum: pompous (pompier) -And why wouldn`t he do something pompous, if it pays off` (Samuel Beckett)

Aesthetics: An idea that sets humankind apart from other animal species. In the end of the day, burying the dead, laughter, and suicide are just the corollaries of a deep-seated hunch, that life is an aesthetic, ritualised, shaped form.

Art: 1. General term describing a set of objects presented as part of a narrative known as art history.This narrative draws up the critical genealogy and discusses the issues raised by these objects, by way of three sub-sets: painting,sculpture, architecture.

2. Nowadays, the word 'art' seems to be no more than a semantic leftover of this narrative, whose more accurate definition would read as follows: Art is an activity consisting in producing relationships with the world with the help of signs, forms, actions and objects.

Art (The end of): 'The end of art' only exists in an idealistic view of history. We can nevertheless, and not without irony, borrow Hegel`s formula whereby 'art, for us, is a thing of the past' and turn it into a figure of style: let us remain open to what is happening in the present, which invariably exceeds, a priori, our capacities of understanding.