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Wigged Productions presents "Extrapolations", an online exhibition


Seth Thompson:

Wigged productions is pleased to announce the opening of its online
exhibit Extrapolations. Curated by Humberto Ramirez, the show
includes work by Lana Lin, The Yes Men, Arzu Ozkal Telhan, Deva
Eveland, eteam, Jason Nelson, Jody Zelen and Peiyun Lee. The
curatorial project focuses on works situated outside of mainstream
visual strategies using anachronism, simulacra, radical denial,
historical revision, humor etc. The idea of critique as an oblique
activity, tangential and tactical is central to this project. The
show will run through June 15, 2007.

Please click on the link below to access the curatorial essay and exhibit.

Seth Thompson
Wigged Productions


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Too Much Patriotism? Keep Freewaves Alive Part Deux



Do you value free-flowing art and ideas?
Do you want to keep free speech free?
Do you want to help our small but innovative nonprofit organization?

What is Freewaves?=20

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=3D Too Much Freedom?

10th festival of experimental media arts - November 2006
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11 curators + 1500 entries + 50 countries represented
What will they say about freedom?

Help us interpret the meaning of freedom - support Freewaves:=20
- provide artists fees
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Thanks in advance from Freewaves!

An online magnet for the media arts, Freewaves is a grassroots yet global a=
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Here’s an article I wrote about Heath Bunting’s “SuperWeed” project for the “System_Hack” show. Read Up!


a good article written by Jonah Brucker-Cohen about Heath Bunting's SuperWeed project.

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george kuchar's lo-fi camp classic, hold me while i'm naked, parts 1 and 2


an article about george kuchar's "hold me while i'm naked," and the emergence of the camp aesthetic


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On July 14th, one user will win $100. Enter this contest.



From the FAQ:

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: To see how many people will enter.

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Sensing Place Through a Complex Web of Relations

Presented by the Brisbane Festival 2006, and Centre Of Contemporary Art, Cairns and conceived and developed by Transmute Collective, Intimate Transactions is a new type of interactive installation that allows two people, located in geographically separate spaces, to interact simultaneously using only their bodies. As this highly immersive experience evolves through digital image, sound and tactile feedback, each person begins to sense their place in a complex web of relations that connects them and everything else within the work.

VENUES: The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave, kelvin Grove & Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns. DATE & TIME: Sat 15 - Sat 22 Jul; 11am - 2pm & 3pm - 6pm daily; Individual sessions every half hour. DURATION: 30 minutes per session. TICKETS: FREE event. BOOKINGS: Brisbane: 07 3864 5495; Cairns: 07 4050 9493.

Intimate Transactions has been shown extensively in Europe and Australia. It was awarded an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica Interactive Arts category, 2005.

Transmute Collective are Keith Armstrong (Director), Lisa O'Neill and Guy Webster, and numerous key collaborators.


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Instrument exhibition at Futuresonic 2006


drew hemment:

FUTURESONIC 2006 Urban Festival of Electronic Music and Arts Manchester 20 - 23 July

Futuresonic 2006 presents two major exhibitions as a part its 10th
anniversary festival featuring more than 100 acts and artists.

INSTRUMENT MANCHESTER UK 20-29 JULY 2006 An exhibition of artist-made instruments, noise generators, audio- visual manipulators and head twisters by leading sound artists and
noise-makers. A mix of high tech and low tech - live installations,
concert performances, and abstract busking. Museum of Science and Industry

A computer allows users to make music with the hands-on process of
scratching the disk (LSD Drive, Simon Blackmore), the re-mix is taken
into uncharted territory (Scrambled Hackz, Sven Konig), hand-drawn
images are digitally brought to life (Drawn, Zachary Lieberman),
copyleft licensed 12 inch vinyl 'battle tools' are created (Leverage,
Open Music Archive), and a potent mix of wood and computer technology
appears (iLog, Owl Project). See and hear an instrument and
performance creating improvised choral music (The Speech Guitar, Jon
Cambeul), and music created with an Etch-A-Sketch (Duelling Etch-A- Sketches, Pete Hindle). Hypercompositions are created for digital and
acoustic instruments (Tosterasta, Vergil Sharkya'), and light and
sound are controlled as comfortably as playing musical instruments or
painting pictures (Tenori-On, Toshio Iwai).

Voices sing into the quiet resonance of a banjo echoing the distant
strum of a half-remembered blues (Can You Hear Me? (Peter Appleton
and Simon Thorne), listen to the sound of the human voice re-voiced
as an electric guitar (Translate, John J. Campbell), and the sound of
a large scale digitally controlled ready-made noise-machine orchestra
(Noise-Machine Orchestra, Colin Fallows). At Instrument anything
seems possible - an Aeolian bow is transformed into an electro
acoustic instrument (The Arc, Max Eastley), high tech instrument
design is combined with ancient African musical forms (Pangeia
Instrumentos, Victor ...


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[Joao Paulo Feliciano]



"Flow Motion"is like a continuously changing painting, generated from a collection of 110 digital still images.


"Newtron" consists of a single modular unit from a large outdoor LED video display, like those normally seen in big sport and entertainment venues. It shows only the corresponding fragment of the image that would be displaying on the whole screen. Both projects by Joao Paulo Feliciano.


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Transparent City


Inspired by the fact that mobile phone users are to be tracked to within 50 meters, as a result of the Federal Communications Commission's E911 mandate (allowing authorities to locate the position of mobile phones that make emergency calls), Derek Lomas plans to develop Transparent City, a city modeled in 3D using only the positions of small orbs, representing individual mobile phones.


The functional forms of a city modeled entirely by human motion will emerge from the overall behavior of the data-points. Streets and highways will be identified through the collective action of orbs flying by at 50 miles an hour. Organic skyscrapers will be built by the thousands of stacked orbs, mostly motionless at their desks-- while some orbs show the subtle motions of humans walking through an office, or traveling up and down elevators. By speeding up the rate of time, one will observe these human towers rise and fall with the beginning and end of the work day.

I found that the concept was already extremely compelling. But it gets better (or worse): Transparent City will seek to create an interface that allows for the integration of multiple databases of information. As an example, users of the "Transparent City" may be able to set the brightness of the orbs to be proportionate to personal income (darkening Harlem and illuminating the financial district). More disturbingly, users will be able to tap any on-going phone call in real-time. Furthermore, using tracked call-logs, users will be able to display the interconnected networks of callers, which represent the de-facto social network of a city.

With this project Lomas seeks to show the future of surveillance and raise public consciousness at a time when we can still determine our own fate as a society.

Another surveillance-related project by Lomas was the ...


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Open Biometrics


Open Biometrics is a project by Marc Bohlen that began in 2002, but I'm just now finding out about it... from the website: "The Open Biometrics Initiative challenges hard and fast classification of biometric data. Numerous government and private agencies are working towards large-scale biometric identification systems. Visitors to the United States are now routinely finger-scanned at border crossings. In the near future, no official government document will be issued without a fingerprint or an eye-scan. But are you really who they think you are? The Open Biometrics Initiative cracks open the clean fabrication of automated biometric identification at its root. The machine calculates and prints characteristic points together with their coordinates, type code (ridge ending or bifurcation) and color-coded likelihood as a probabilistic IDcard for your reference."


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