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Gam3r 7h3ory


MacKenzie Wark, author of A Hacker Manifesto, has written a new open text, Gam3r 7h3ory, in which he is interested in two questions: can we explore games as allegories for the world we live in, and can there be a critical theory of games. For GTxA readers, the answer is already yes and yes. But of course the real meat lies in the particulars of how you answer those questions. Wark invites us all to participate in the on-going evolution of this text.


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Web Biennial



Web Biennial's new gallery exclusive for "" is online. Please hack this folder to show your works. It is free, open for all, first come first serve, self service. Please keep the title tags of the index page as usual; "Web Biennial -Name of the Artist - Name of the Project".

Web Biennial aims to offer an alternative approach to exhibiting online art and it brings an alternative method for exhibiting art online. It is the first international bi-annual contemporary art exhibition created exclusively for the World Wide Web (W.W.W). It is an open non-curated, non-thematic exhibition and it does not have any sponsors.

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum... |


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Little SoundBombs


Felix Hardmood Beck calls his handmade Soundbombs "New-Media-Accessories" which really made my day when i saw them at DesignMai.

sb_foto_main.jpg 149444275_fb2924d1eb.jpg

An integrated sound module makes it possible to record any given sound, or message. The audio content is then activate whenever the motion sensor detects some movement around. As a Non-Visual Graffiti, with its origin in streetart, Soundbombs give the possibility to tag a place in an accoustic form: a welcoming greeting at the entrance or a warning of a bad restaurant.

You can apply to get a Soundbomb and decide how much you're ready to pay for it. However, you'll only be allowed to buy one if Felix decides that your reason for wanting one is good enough. If you're elected, you'll get a unique "accoustic" email addresse (e.g. thud[at]soundbombs[dot]info).

My flickr pics.


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ISEA 2006 Early Bird Registration Open


ISEA2006 Early Bird Registration is only $250.00

Seven days of art and interconnectivity
ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006
Downtown San Jose; August 7-13, 2006.

1. Keynote: Raqs Media Collective, New Delhi, India
2. Almost 200 artists from around the world exhibiting and presenting
3. 70 papers and artist presentations during the symposium.
4. Talk-back live and really gain the benefit of the collective knowledge.
5. Workshops and Tours: Wetware Hackers, Free Soil, IBM/Almaden Research Labs, Landstream, From Crisis to Bliss, Computer Vision for Artists, San Jose Remixed-Open Source Interactive Narrative, Signal Process-Sound in Open Space, Transparent City, Social Memory-Documenting ISEA2006.
6. See Survival Research Labs LIVE! Legendary!
7. See Peter Greenaway LIVE! VJ Tour -- Tulse Luper

ISEA2006 Early Bird Registration is only $250.00!!!

Click Here to Sign Up

And A FREE COPY of Leonardo, journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, will be distributed to every Early Bird registrant of the ISEA conference (through June 15th). Leonardo 39:4 will be devoted to the work of the seven Pacific Rim working groups, featuring new media educational programs and artists from the Pacific-Asia region. The print issue of the journal, due to be released in conjunction with the symposium, will include statements by artists as well as articles by cultural theorists looking at issues germane to the seven working group topics, plus introductory texts by the working group chairs.

Visit to register.


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The Dead Formats Society


The flux of digital formats is not always fodder for lamentation. Sometimes we must destroy in order to preserve. Commentary by Momus.


Interesting, in light of our recent conversations on Rhizome Raw, about Metadata, preservation, and the ArtBase...

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Lauren Cornell:

New exhibition by London-based curator Hanne Mugaas

- Glassbox, Paris

GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT - GLASSBOX, PARIS Curated by Hanne Mugaas and Ida Ekblad

***** *******

Takeshi Murata | Cory Arcangel | Marius Engh | Fredrik Soderberg | Michael Bell-Smith | Anders Nordby | Paper Rad | Ida Ekblad | Fayçal Baghriche | Jonas Ohlsson | Lars Laumann | Jean-Paul Newman | Lina Viste Groenli | Are Mokkelbost | Daniel Jensen | Matthieu Clainchard |

***** ********

May 25th 2006 - from 18.00 The project is a commission by The Comissariat

***** ********

Question notions of the object, of authorship and distribution

To arrange and rearrange information is to personally or administratively produce or document history

Either using real documents, close copies or absolute fakes, information exist to create meaning and commentary inside or beyond context. Truth and evidence may be questioned, but the information is still there. We have entered a culture of choice, emphasizing the importance of availability; how to choose, arrange and use. Distribute. Being an expert means to be confident there is always an easier way to do it, that there is always a more direct confrontation with reality which might yield an interesting spin-off, that there is always the possibility of an incalculable effect, which might turn everything upside down.

***** ********


113bis, rue Oberkampf Paris 11ème · M° Parmentier/Ménilmontant t 01 43 38 02 82 · ouvert du vendredi au dimanche de 15h à 19h

Glassbox bénéficie du soutien du Ministère de la Culture (Drac Ile-de-France), le Café Charbon, le Nouveau Casino et l'Espace Paul Ricard.

le commissariat : 13 passage Sainte Anne Popincourt. paris 11ème

***** ******** Attached: Video still; "Proof that Paul McCartney is already Dead" by Cory Arcangel.

***** *******


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NMF: TEXT: The Return of the Author by Avi Rosen


Eduardo Navas:

TEXT: The Return of the Author by Avi Rosen, Feb. 2006, English translation – Sonia Dantziger

This article can also be read at

The article transposes the text of Roland Barthes'; "Death of the Author," (La Mort de L'auteur (1968, 1977, 2005), to the arena of happenings in cyberspace, and examines the implications from the point of view of author-reader-text, active in the electronic environment. [More....]


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Pau Waelder:

Comprehensive Press Release for Download (pdf/795kb):
Photographs for Download (6 pictures/jpg/300dpi):




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Not just for boys (of course not)



A couple of weeks ago, the Experimental Digital Arts (EDA) of UCLA hosted Girls 'N' Games conference. Panelists ranging from anthropologist Mimi Ito to Brenda Laurel from the gaming company Purple Moon gathered to discuss everything from the perils of playing up stereotypes in "girl game design" to the differences in girl gaming in Asia, North American and Europe. Gamasutra gives a good overview of the discussion, while over at Joystiq, Jennie Lees offers an interesting counterpoint. She notes that much of this discussion was covered at the Women's Game conference in 2005, and wonders if the debate has become stagnant. A fascinating discussion follows Lees' post with commentary from many gamers, both male and female.

Via: Gamasutra and Joystiq

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Mighty 119, BitShifter, and Moi!


Josh Davis, aka 'BitShifter' (no, not Joshua 'Praystation' Davis), and I are performing at Mighty 119 aka Toothless Chandelier on June 1st (doors at 8pm, I think). Well, technically, BitShifter is performing and I am providing backing visuals. Should be interesting. Only done this once before, live, and it was also with BitShifter at FITC last year in Toronto. Hopefully, I learned a few tricks between then and now. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

The visuals will be rendered live with Processing and controlled with a MIDI drumpad. Everything will be running off my (non-intel) Mac laptop and will be a pretty good showcase of the power of Processing when rendered through OpenGL.


A San Francisco event, via Flight 404.

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