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Around the World in 5 Days


The Upgrade is a series of gatherings of people interested in intersections of art & technology. Founded in New York by artist Yael Kanarek, the series quickly gained admirers around the world and there are now 22 branches of the Upgrade, internationally. From November 30 through December 3, the Oklahoma City branch will host the 2nd annual Upgrade International Gathering, at which artists from each branch will present their work and ideas, in a symposium, workshops, exhibitions, and performances. This year's event has been given the theme 'DIY' ('Do-It-Yourself'), and much of the work embodies the spirit of taking the media into one's own hands, in both political and sculptural senses. Andre Gonclavas (Lisbon) will present a sensor-based workshop and installation; Ela Kagel (Berlin) will lecture about the roles of artists, curators, and audiences; Tae-Yoon Choi (Seoul) will work with local resident to create a site-specific tour of the city; Mushon Zer-Aviv & Dan Phiffer (Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem) will present their map-surfing AtlasGloves; three Bulgarian artists' video works will address the problem of women's trafficking in eastern Europe; and live-streaming video performances will link Munich, Oklahoma City, and other locations. These and dozens more projects will bring a sense of international issues and practices to Oklahoma, and provide an opportunity for the artists and audience to build lasting global relationships. -


Dyske and "The Paradox Choice"


annie abrahams:

Dear rhizomers

I guess most of you know the papers of Dyske Suematsu.

If not you should have a look at his latest "Freedom of Choice Is Overrated"

Reading Dyskes papers almost always gives me a sentiment of being in the open again, of reencountering things I new for a long time, but that were unreachable for me before he wrote about it.

best Annie Abrahams


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The Impression of Craft in New Media


Recently, in a conversation that I was having on Rhizome, a colleague was mentioning that although a particular body of work wasn�t their cup of tea, that they surmised that it must have been interesting in that it must have been difficult or challenging to do. This is only one example, but it gives me a rhetorical touchstone for what seems to be a larger phenomenon.

In thinking about the creation of New Media, I�ve come across a multitude of artists who believe that the merit of a work is linked to the artist�s technical prowess and the degree of difficulty involved in the creation of the work [1]. The link of New Media Art to craft seems to elide the conversation of art and objecthood initiated in 1917 upon the fateful inscription of �R.Mutt� upon the urinal by Duchamp. And, with the force of the Conceptual Art movement in the 60�s and 70�s in working to problematize the whole idea of the art object, why does a material discourse (i.e. craft) reemerge in a de-objectified movement like New Media? This is a (somewhat) puzzling phenomenon.

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New media, fan muscle will mold TV future


Experts--from network executives, academics and game designers to gadfly media artists--peered into the "Futures of Entertainment" at a two-day conference, Nov. 17-18, sponsored by the MIT comparative media studies program and the Convergence Culture Consortium.


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The Evening of Imaginary Media - Monday December 4, De Balie, Amsterdam


Via: Eric Kluitenberg

The Evening of Imaginary Media
The imaginary future of media..

/ Book Launch / DVD presentation / lecture Richard Barbrook / live performance Peter Blegvad /

De Balie, Amsterdam
Monday December 4, 2006
19.30 hrs: Book presentation
20.30 hrs: Evening program

In conjunction with the publication of the Book & DVD of Imaginary Media by De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, in collaboration with NAi Publishers (Rotterdam), De Balie presents an intimate yet spectacular program around the concept of imaginary media. For centuries mankind has dreamt about the ultimate communication medium, which should once and for all eradicate the ubiquitous human misunderstanding - however, miscommunication still prevails today as a seemingly inextinguishable feature of human experience... The evening will start with the presentation of the "Book of Imaginary Media" after which RICHARD BARBROOK will speak about the imaginary future of artificial intelligence and the extremely real cold war agenda hiding behind these imaginations. Richard Barbrook is a researcher and co-ordinator of the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster, London. Barbrook is currently working on a book devoted to this topic, which will appear next spring under the title "Imaginary Futures - From Thinking Machines to the Global Village"

Further information can be found at the Balie website:


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Threshold artspace, Perth: Sparkle



Sparkle Public preview 10am-8pm, Saturday, 2 December 2006 Exhibition runs until Friday, 1 February 2007. Open daily 10am–7pm Threshold artspace, Perth Concert Hall, Horsecross, Mill Street,
Perth, Scotland, UK

Sparkle – a trail of new exhibitions will be switched on at the
Threshold artspace on Saturday, 2 December 2006 for the first time.
The exhibitions will continue to illuminate the gallery throughout
the festive season. Sparkle features 15 works by more than 15 Scottish and international
artists – a glowing selection of brand new additions and old
favourites from Scotland’s only permanent collection of digital art
at the Threshold artspace.

Threshold artspace, Perth Concert Hall, Horsecross, Mill Street, Perth, PH1 5HZ, 0845 612 6320,, Scotland’s first dedicated gallery for digital public art, with nine unique spaces presenting a varied programme of artists’ films, videos, editions, games, text, photography, performance, light, sound and software art. For further details please contact Iliyana Nedkova, Horsecross Creative Director New Media at


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A Benefit for Monkey Town

in his only New York appearance for 2006,

the “crackpot genius” of


Lightshow by Luke Dubois, Adam Kendall, Ray Sweeten among many others

Surprise Performances

emceed by NICKLCAT

Monkey Town t-shirts and gift cards will be on sale.

"We want to thank our patrons for your incredible support over the past few months by throwing the kind of party you would only expect from Monkey Town. Earlier this autumn, we were threatened with the real possibility of having to close our doors, but the efforts of the New York artists community have kept us afloat. We are not out of the red yet. With winter’s dawning, we envision a prosperous future at Monkey Town, and want to celebrate it with you."--Monkey Town HQ

My Robot Friend is the over-the-top project of Howard Robot, whose live performances mesmerize with quirky technopop, computer animations, general "new media" topsy-turveydom, and his legendary costume, an interactive suit of blinking and whirring L.E.D. lights and electroluminescent wire. A musical homage to new wave acts like Devo, his records have charted in Germany, he has been short-listed in Rolling Stone magazine, and his song "We're the Pet Shop Boys" was actually covered by the Pet Shop Boys (and more recently/absurdly, Robbie Williams!). Playing out social stereotypes of robots, My Robot Friend humorously enables his audience to consider how technology interacts with human emotion as evoked in popular song: alienation, angst, and most importantly, love.

The one-woman tour-de-force performance of Jibz Cameron, who takes the most absurd banalities of life and exaggerates them into a side-splitting philosophic rant involving music ...


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Henry Jenkins on Convergence and Games as Art


Jim Rossignol, of Gamasutra, interviews Henry Jenkins on games as an art-form. Jump to it.

As one of the foremost academic commentators on contemporary media Henry Jenkins has made a major impact on discussions surrounding games and their place in our culture. His ideas suggest that by examining how people appropriate and recombine different media we learn much about the nature of those media forms within contemporary society. This, as well as much of Jenkins other work, focuses on the nature of interactivity, and that often means video games. He is an MIT professor, a contributor and speaker at media conferences, and an influential author. His latest book, Convergence Culture, articulates Jenkins' most recent theories of how individuals interact with modern media.


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Artists Talk @ the jb this Wednesday (11/29) Evening, 6pm - 8pm


We’ll be hosting a what-promises-to-be-excellent artists talk @ jen bekman this Wednesday evening, November 29th, from 6pm -8pm. (We’ll mingle and have refreshing beverages til 7pm, and the artists talk will last til about 8.)

Moderator Marisa Olson of Rhizome will lead a casual conversation with James Deavin and Eva + Franco Mattes. The discussion will be about their respective projects documenting Second Life.

Deavin’s Photographs from the New World, mostly landscapes and interior shots, is on view at the gallery through Saturday December 9th and in Second Life at jbSL, the gallery’s virtual location, through the end of December.

The Matteses’ portrait series, 13 Most Beautiful Avatars, is showing now at Ars Virtua Gallery in conjunction with the Time Shares series co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and will be in a “real world” show opening on 11/30 at the Italian Academy, at Columbia.

We have a limited amount of space, so please RSVP if you’d like to attend: rsvp AT jenbekman DOT com.

jen bekman
6 Spring St
between Elizabeth + Bowery)
NYC 10012

Untitled by James Deavin | 30
Image: Untitled by James Deavin | 30″ x 40″ C-print


Even if you're not in NYC, please check out these online exhibitions... ~mo

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9 to 5 Paintings are artworks created by your mouse movement while you work (answer emails, use Photoshop, surf the web, etc.)



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