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UK - North-West emerging digital artists - call for submissions


Digital Aesthetic 2 - exhibition opportunity to commission or realise new work for emerging digital artists in the North-West.

Digital Aesthetic 2 is an international exhibition, conference and website taking place in March 2007 in Preston. As part of this event we would like to invite artists based in the North-West of England to submit proposals for new work to be shown at PAD Gallery.

A total budget of £3000 is available to support the making of new work for PAD. We envisage showing work by up to three artists however a single more ambitious project would also be considered.


Read through for more information on how to submit to Digital Aesthetic 2.

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An Ornithology of Net Art: On Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries' The Art of Sleep


Tate Online
Mark Tribe:

Commissioned by Tate Online:

One night in the spring of 2000, after a long day of studio visits at an art school, I opened my laptop and found a mysterious email in my in box. I clicked on a link, a browser window opened, and gigantic black numbers flashed on screen, counting down from ten, as an explosive percussion track began to play. What followed was Bust Down the Doors! <!.html>, a 55-second text movie telling the story of a late-night domestic raid by an unnamed authoritarian force. I was stunned—never before had I experienced such a dynamic, emotionally powerful work of art on a computer screen, let alone one that had reached me in a hotel room via a 56.6K modem.

Since then, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries—a collaboration between Young-Hae Chang, a Korean woman, and Marc Voge, an American man, who live and work in Seoul—have produced some 35 works, all in more-or-less the same vein: text--usually black, sometimes red or blue--flashes on screen, synched to the rhythm of a jazz soundtrack. The technology is Flash, a tool for, among other things, creating and delivering images and animations via the web. Using some fancy math (known as vectors), Flash enables artists and designers to pack a lot of graphic punch into tiny packages that can be delivered quickly over slow Internet connections. Although Flash can be used to do some very complex things (see, for example, the work of Joshua Davis), Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries barely scratch the surface of the application’s capabilities. Instead of exploiting Flash extensively, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries delve intensively into a small set of the application’s features. Much as Barnett Newman explored the virtually ...


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Call: ICEBOX 02 Audio/Visual Art Festival, February/March 2007


Spratch is On the Rise
Hein Bekker:

ICEBOX is a collaborative festival of contemporary creativity in audio/visual art. With the focus on the electronic, open and South African, the festival combines music, film, video and interactive media through a programme of screenings, multimedia performances, club nights, workshops and an online exhibition.

Liquid Fridge, partnered by MTKidu and rustpunk, presents ICEBOX 02 in February/March 2007 in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa. The festival is calling for the participation of established and emerging South African and international artists and professionals working in a broad range of disciplines including electronic music, sound art, digital film, animation, photography, video art, graphic design, interactive and generative media, Net art, video game art and electronics.



-Read through for more on the festival

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Vacuum cleaner music


Celeste Boursier-Mougenot's Harmonichaos is a sound installation made of 13 vacuum cleaners fitted with a harmonica in their mouth and a switch that turns them on/off. Each is connected to a sound frequency analyzer (a modified electronic guitar tuner).

0claenrsca1.jpg 0vaccum2.jpg

A microphone inside the analyzer reacts to sound frequencies, indicates their pitch and identifies single notes. However, the presence of several sounds at once, such as that which occurs when someone approaches a module, disturbs its analysis, and the module reprograms itself. The tuners generate acoustic activity in the harmonicas and react by producing unpredictable orchestrations of the modules' chords, prearranged by the artist/composer.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's Harmonichaos is on view until Oct 21, 2006 at the Paula Cooper Gallery,

Source: herald tribune, time out NY.

Two more installation with vacuum claeners: Staalplaat's Composition for 60 vacuum cleaners (and 2 cement mixers, 2002) and Wolf Vostell's Fluxus-symphony for 40 vacuum cleaners that dates back to 1976!

0vacuum3.jpg 0ovacuum11.jpg

More vacuum cleaning: Vacuum cleaner to capture goblins; dust stool; in Staalplaat's Sale Away, passers-by could use their mobile phone to conduct an "orchestra" that consisted of flute, organ and brass playing vacuum cleaners, rattling kitchen mixers, buzzing ventilators, radio playing toy trains, wobbling jigsaws, dancing tumble dryers, humming refrigerators and other misused household utilities; Hoovering the carpet away; etc.


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McCoys in WaPo



Our favorites, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, are profiled in the Washington Post today.

The article bounces back and forth from bio piece:

Kevin, who is 39, is in torn jeans, a plain black T-shirt and scuffed black running shoes. He has long, unruly locks and a mustache that crawls, sluglike, down the sides of his chin. He could pass for a stoner selling used guitars.

His wife, 38, is notably more tidy. She sits near him wearing fresh khakis, a flowery green vest over a clean white shirt (untucked, because she’s pregnant with their second child ) and sparkly little flats. Her straight hair is cut at girlish shoulder length.

To discussions of the art:
[Their recent show in LA] is typical McCoy. It’s built around the cultural theories they were both schooled in in France — structuralism and its descendant, deconstruction — which emphasize the constructedness of all experience. The theories insist, that is, that culture, including silly children’s books, conditions everything we think we know about our world, such as what counts as “special” and “scary,” and maybe also how girls and boys will “naturally” think. (The installations, say the McCoys, were partly inspired by watching Ginger, their 2-year-old daughter.)

But instead of mouthing off about such things, the McCoys’ art tries to flesh them out and test them: If our mental and cultural world is supposed to be constructed, then they’ll craft building blocks of sense and a machine that lets us watch them being put together into an edifice of meaning.

There’s a video accompanying the article that shows snippets of their work. It was a bit strange having to watch an ad for AT&T before seeing a clip of “Horror Chase,” but that’s what comes with main stream press I guess ...


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Olle Essvik & Mare Tralla at Threshold artspace


Olle essvik's 'Sun Clock'

Sun Clock by Olle Essvik Sweden
Eurogame by Mare Tralla Estonia/UK
Threshold artspace, Perth Concert Hall, Horsecross, Mill Street, Perth
Exhibition runs 1 - 31 October 2006. Open daily from 10 am for up to 14 hours. Admission Free.
Related event Olle Essvik: Artist�¢ï¿½ï¿½s Talk, 11 am, Wednesday 11 October 2006, Dundee Contemporary Arts Cinema, 152 Nethergate, Dundee. Admission Free but ticketed.

Download Sun Clock for your mobile phone

Threshold artspace at Perth Concert Hall continues its year long exhibition Players, showcasing the best in art games and sound toys. During October, Players introduces two new pieces, Mare Tralla’s Eurogame and Olle Essvik’s Sun Clock. Players has helped establish the Threshold artspace as the only public gallery in the UK with a consistent, year round programme dedicated to this emerging genre of contemporary art. The art games showcased as part of Players are interactive projects designed by independent artists who probe the possibilities created by digital platforms. The works introduce new meanings and messages; forge technical and aesthetic innovations and sometimes subvert the standards imposed by the mainstream gaming industry.

Dubbed “Estonia’s Tracey Emin” by critics, Mare TrallaÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½s works often tackle issues of identity. For Players, Mare was invited to revisit and update her ongoing work Eurogame, initially commissioned for the British Airways web site. With Europe continually changing and growing, her Eurogame takes on a new significance. Humorous and engaging, Mare’s art game starts with an outline of the map of the European continent. Scattered around the edges are the shapes of the various countries, as defined by their international borders. Visitors to the artspace can drag these pieces and try them for fit, like in a jigsaw puzzle. If one successfully gets ...


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Event: Live Chat



New Media Poetics and Poetry

Leonardo Electronic Almanac begins a live chat discussion and moderated list to accompany the electronic issue themes.

Current speakers on New Media Poetry and Poetics include:
:: John Cayley - 9 Oct 2006 @ 1400hrs EST
:: Loss Glazier - 10 Octo 2006 @ 1900hrs EST
:: Stephanie Strickland - 20 Oct 2006 @ 1300hrs EST
:: MEZ �� 17 Oct 2006 @ 0300hrs EST
:: Jason Nelson �� 24 Oct 2006 @ 1300hrs EST

Live chats will use jabber, an open, secure, service. The New Media Poetics chatroom is on the public server under the name "leanmp" and the password "leoalmanac.


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Turbulence Fundraiser



We Need Your Support

Dear Friends,

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA) is 25 years old. Turbulence is celebrating its first DECADE, the only program to consistently commission net art for ten consecutive years. Despite the expansion of our projects, the acceleration of our support for net artists, and the valuable resources we provide in our networked_performance blog and New American Radio archive, NRPA has seen a decline in its operating support. As a result, much of our hard work forgoes compensation. Please help us support emerging artists and technologies, and preserve our valuable archives.

Our deepest thanks to Annie Abrahams, Kate Armstrong, Diane Bertolo, Andy Deck, Onomé Ekeh, Jason Freeman, Tal Halpern, Peter Horvath, kanarinka, Steven Lam, Patrick Lichty, Michael Takeo Magruder, Michael Mandiberg, microRevolt, Mouchette, MTAA, Andrea Polli, Preemptive Media, Yoshi Sodeoka, Nathaniel Stern, Helen Thorington, and Jody Zellen for contributing books, DVDs, CDs, archival prints, T-Shirts and more.

Please indicate which piece you would like when making your contribution. If the piece you want is no longer available, please consider making a donation anyway. Use a credit card to donate via PayPal or, if you'd prefer to send us a check, please email us at turbulence at turbulence dot org for details: type "Donation" in the subject line.

Allow us until January 2007 to ship your art work; if you'd like it earlier, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it to you.

With Gratitude,

Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green


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// jonCates:

FRIDAY October 2006.10.13 - SAT 2006.10.15

hosted by Busker ++ dai5ychain
@ the Flowershop 2159 W. 21st Place Chicago IL .US

hackers * activists * artists * hacktivists * artivists

come join the first annual great lakes region chicago based hackmeeting!

presentations on free and open source software, workshops on independent media, hacktivist skill shares, socially engaged art projects, activist meetings, and more!

+view and discuss media including documentation of international hacktivist projects
+engage in critical conspiracy with local hacker/artist/activist (projects|platforms|concerns)
+learn how to (open|hack|subvert|detourn) consumer electronics
+share media, skills and experience
+free vegan food all weekend




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Yes Men & Mateik in Spherical Performances


Next Tuesday, October 17, the Guggenheim (NY) will play host to two rare performances by some of the most politically engaged, entertaining, and rapidly emerging artists in the media arts community. Both the Yes Men and Tara Mateik will present performative lectures that position pedagogy as an art form while instigating protest-oriented tactics that employ comedy in the service of more serious cultural critique. Their shared event, entitled 'Show & Tell,' was organized by Rhizome Editor & Curator Marisa Olson, in conjunction with the organization's 10th anniversary of supporting the new media community. This collaboration with the Guggenheim continues the museum's long-standing commitment to supporting contemporary, risk-taking, avant garde work. Mateik, founder of the Society for Biological Insurgents, works to 'overthrow institutions of compulsory gender