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news-controlled rice cooker


a rice cooker that tracks Internet news about genetically modified rice. for each new report about GM rice, a quarter cup of rice is dispensed into the cooker. when the cooker has enough rice for a meal, water is added automatically, the cooker is switched on & an email is sent out to inviting people to eat the rice.

the project is designed to create awareness to issues surrounding genetically modified organisms by producing excessive amounts of cooked rice & attempting to feed people with it.

see also news casualties as candy.



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Joywar in Harpers


Hey Rhizers.

Yup, check out the Feb 07 issue of Harper's for a brief overview of "Joywar" from both Joy Garnett and Susan Meiselas’s sides of the coin. Joy gives a big shout out to the list. (I’d post a link but it’s not up yet.)

Also, the issue has a great article on “plagiarism” by Jonathan Lethem.

…old media thinking about new media ideas? rock.


For those unfamiliar, Joywar was a situation in which the artist Joy Garnett received a cease and desist letter accusing her of copyright infringement for a painting she had made based on a photograph she found on the Internet. Throughout the back and forth negotiations with the lawyer that followed, Joy was supported by the Rhizome community, who advocated on her behalf.   Images that illustrate Joywar can be found at the following link:

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Oliver Laric: 787 Cliparts


Piece, by artist and editor of art blog VVORK, that blends clip art images into an uninterrupted stream. Included in Character Reference show, opening tonight at Bryce Wolkowitz gallery in New York.


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Blue Tube


Blue "Tube". 2007, .... click "watch again" a few times to get the full effect,.....Embed Code ---> '>


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Upgrade! Paris



Eduardo Kac

Upgrade! Paris: EDUARDO KAC :: Friday, January 19th at 7:00 pm :: ARS LONGA: 67, avenue Parmentier, 75011 PARIS :: Metro: Parmentier (3) or Saint-Ambroise (9).

Eduardo Kac presents his recent work on Biotopes, his poetic work and his approach to the evolution of Bio Art. Biotopes are living pieces that change constantly in response to internal metabolism and environmental conditions. Each of Kac's biotopes is literally a self-sustaining ecology comprised of thousands of very small living beings in a medium of earth, water, and other materials. The artist orchestrates the metabolism of these organisms in order to produce his constantly-evolving living works. With Annick Bureaud.

The Upgrade! Paris sessions are organized by They are public and monthly. Artists, researchers, architects, theorists present during one hour their recent work. Partners: CITU, Ars Longa, Upgrade! International.


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Dance Code


US-based Austrian artist Ursula Endlicher has developed a Butoh dance vocabulary for the html codes that give structure to websites. Each tag has its own corresponding movements, allowing users of this vocabulary to act-out or 'impersonate' the source code of websites. These impersonations are archived on Endlicher's website, the 'html-movement-library.' In this case 'library' is a perfect term, as it's essentially an archive of texts, even if they are read through the medium of a martial arts-infused dance. Recently, new media organization commissioned Endlicher to perform 'HTML Butoh,' a choreographed series of actions determined by the code in the 'Global Top 500,' the 500 most popular websites on the internet, as determined by the Alexa organization. The principle behind Butoh is one in which the performer becomes 'an image through her movements,' which mirrors the process by which a web browser translates strings of code into a visual interface. Endlicher's spin, however, is a bit more kinetically-enriched. Log-in and see (or dance) for yourself. - Irene Wu




M U L T I M E D I A L E p r e v i e w

M a r k C o o l e y | A r t i s t T a l k

I n t r o d u c t i o n b y M u l t i m e d i a l e c u r a t

o r N i e l s V a n T o m m e
c u r a t o r ' s o f f i c e
t h u r s d a y, j a n u a r y 1 8 7 p m

curator's office
1515 14th street nw
suite 201
washington, dc 20005


curator's office is pleased to present a free preview program for
the upcoming Multimediale festival in April of 2007. Mark Cooley is a new genre artist interested in exploring politics,
economics, power, identity, and visual rhetoric in American popular
culture. His work has been shown internationally in online and
offline venues such as Exit Art, Postmasters Gallery, and

Multimediale is an innovative four day new media art festival
curated by Niels Van Tomme that brings together a multiplicity of
people and ideas around the theme, ‘Art as Mediation’. The festival
will run April 19-23, 2007 and will be headquartered at Provisions
Library and American University, Washington DC. (online soon)

Called the hippest tiniest gallery in town by Jeffry Cudlin of "The

Washington City Paper", curator's office is a micro-gallery

dedicated to presenting progressive works and ideas.

But we are a small space, so RSVPs are essential.
info@curatorsoffice ...


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Neural 26 is waiting for you


0neuu56.jpgThe new Neural issue is out.

As usual there are interviews of some of the most interesting personalities of the new media art world (Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Golan Levin, Exonemo), of the hacktivism scene (Heath Bunting, Rick Silva, etc.) and of the e-music planet (John Oswald, Geir Jenssen/Biosphere and Brian Mackern).

You'll also find reports from festivals and exhibitions and various news about what's making the new media art/e-music/hacktivism scene buzz today. You might have read about some of them on the online version of neural, but there's plenty more to discover in the magazine.

And reviews of books, dvd and cd-rom written by people who know what they are talking about (as opposed to haha! amateurs like me.) There's also a centerfold Annual Checkup by Lisa Erdman.

Go and grab it in store or subscribe to the magazine.

No one has ever managed to publish anything that looks even remotely like Neural, so if you don't know the mag yet, it's time to catch up and get a Back Issues Pack.

Btw, Alessandro Ludovico, founder and editor of Neural will be in Amsterdam on Friday January 19th as part of a panel about Offline � Online Publishing: The Love for Print in an Age of Electronic Media. There will be a live webcast and a podcast.


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Feedback: The Video Data Bank, Video Art, and Artist Interviews
January 25�31, 2007

Taking place on the occasion of the publication of Feedback, The Video Data Bank Catalog of Video Art and Artist Interviews and MoMA�s The Feminist Future symposium (see pg. 36), this exhibition offers screenings of video art and interviews with women in the arts drawn from the Chicago-based Video Data Bank. The Video Data Bank (VDB) was started in 1976 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a collection of student productions and interviews with visiting artists. Around the same time, VDB codirectors Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsfield began conducting their own interviews with women artists who were underrepresented critically in the art world; these interviews soon became part of the archive. In 1980 VDB began distributing video art due to the growing need for artists� representation. Over the past thirty years both collections have grown and are annotated in their newly published catalog. For this presentation, interviews and videotapes were chosen to reflect women�s art making and the evolution of feminist theory over the past thirty years. Interviews are by Kate Horsfield and Lyn Blumenthal, and the videos are produced in the U.S. unless otherwise noted.

For program, go here


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Rhizome Promotion: Happy Hosting


What were your new year's resolutions, this year? If they included introducing yourself to the world wide web or perhaps expanding your existing online presence, then Rhizome has an offer for you. Thanks to a partnership with Broadspire, we offer affordable web hosting plans with a variety of options that will make setting up virtual shop in 2007 easier than singing Auld Lang Syne. For a low $65 annual payment, you'll get 350MB disk storage, 1GB data transfer a month, POP email, free setup, and daily content back-ups. Broadspire also offers roomier plans and a range of options for those whose 2007 ambitions are slightly larger. So realize your resolutions early this year by signing up with Broadspire and uploading those art works, writings, bottled-up opinions, photo feeds, or vlogging impulses, today! Each sign-up will drop a dime in the Rhizome donation box, and we'll say thank you by listing your name and URL on our front page, alongside supporters from years past! -