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Prix Ars Electronica 2007 - Call for Entries


beate zurwehme:

The 21st Prix Ars Electronica 2007 - International Competition for Cyberarts has a few new features.

The new Hybrid Art category, a new prize for Media.Art.Research, and the integration of Net Vision into Digital Communities are the most visible signs of the intensive work that is being done on the definition of the competition's categories. As always, the aim is to continually keep the Prix Ars Electronica updated in line with leading-edge developments in the dynamic field of cyberarts.

Prix Ars Electronica 2007 Online Submission Deadline: March 9, 2007

Computeranimation / Film / VFX, Digital Musics, Interactive Art, Hybrid Art, Digital Communities, u19 - freestyle competition, [the next idea] grant, Media.Art.Research Award

All details about the categories and the online submission are available online only at: <>

Total prize money: 122.500 Euro

DIGITAL MUSICS Contemporary digital sound productions from the broad spectrum of "electronica" come in for consideration in the "Digital Musics" category, as do works combining sound and media, computer compositions ranging from electro-acoustic to experimental music, as well as sound installations. Regardless of the media or style utilized by the respective artist, utmost consideration is given to the entry's musical qualities and sound artistry.

Please feel free to forward this to all interesting/ed parties.

best regards Iris

Contact: Iris Mayr Project Manager Prix Ars Electronica

AEC Ars Electronica Center Linz Museumsgesellschaft mbH Hauptstraße 2 A-4040 Linz Tel. ++43.732.7272-74 Fax ++43.732.7272-674


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Mediamatic Arduino Unplugged workshop


Image from the last Arduino - Wearables workshop by Sascha Pohflepp

Mediamatic Arduino Unplugged workshop
12 | 13 | 14 | March 2007

Tiny chips, cheap sensors and the possibilities of emerging smart fabrics, conductive yarns and cheap wireless communication (bluetooth or even rfid) make wearables easier and cheaper to make. Arduino boards are small physical computing platforms: Arduino developed a fairly simple integrated development environment to deal with the small portable input/output board.
In this workshop we will have a look at wireless Arduino's (Bluetooth Arduino's).

Massimo Banzi a.k.a. Mr. Arduino, is one of the founders of Arduino. He currently teaches Physical Interaction Design at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and is a consultant on interaction design projects that involve electronics and technology.

This workshop is intended for Computer scientists, hardware hackers, art students, fabric experts, product developers, nerds, dancers - everyone is welcome. However, note that some technical affinity is required. Some experience in programming and electronics will come in useful, specifically in soldering and java, but is not strictly necessary.

You can register online:
The Arduino Unplugged workshop costs 125 euros. Dutch students receive a discount of 50 euros.

Where and when?
March 12 | 13 | 14 between 10.00 and 17.00 hrs.
Mediamatic, Post CS building, Oosterdokskade 5, 5th floor, Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 6389901

Upcoming workshops:
Radio–to-Go workshop February 14 | 15
Machinima workshopFebruary 27 | 28 | 01 | 02
Arduino Unplugged workshop March 12 | 13 | 14
Hybrid World Lab workshop Dates to be confirmed


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"Corrosion" is based on eth0, a library that is capable of sniffing a network and could be classified as a hacker tool were it not for the purpose of the library, which is auralization and visualization of underlying network data flow. eth0 allows to use the heartbeat of an underlying network in order to trigger realtime audio and video generation (and possibly a lot more). the video and audio data that is transformed, triggered, altered and spit out by corrosion comes entirely from peer to peer networks. Video: Martin Pichlmair. Audio: Thomas Grill.


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Snap Preview Art


A new service that is spreading across cyberspace like wildfire [...] is Snap Preview Anywhere. Created by IdeaLab [...], is a service that when a user hovers over a link, provides a preview of the target page. Fun and nifty. However, the reason for this post is to direct you to an atist implementation. Code artist Mez has integrated the system into this poem, utilising the preview as a kind of layered stretchtext or stretchimages:



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Flesh and blood avatars


During two weeks four avatars in flesh and blood will attend your orders at the Mediamatic gallery in Amsterdam.

The Girlfriend Experience, a work by Martin Butler, will let you choose a human avatar and make him or her walk around the space. You can observe them live in their villa. All that from the comfort of your home.


The project is of course a comment on online avatar communities, be they Second Life or World of Warcraft. In The Girlfriend Experience you have first to "explore" each other. Player and avatar examine how they like each other and the avatar has to think about how far he or she wants to go to comply with your wishes. In fact who's in command is not always clear. You get ten minutes to play with your avatar, then someone else take your place.

The title of the project, The Girlfriend Experience, refers to the paradoxical nature of online social behaviour. On the one hand, the avatar provides you with a sense of anonymity. On the other hand, a close look at the characteristics of your avatar can reveal a part of your intimacy and the secret desires you might have.

Be a puppeteer from 26 January 2007 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 20.00 till 23.00 via the Mediamatic Internet site.

Btw, Mediamatic has a few interesting workshops coming up soon: Radio-to-Go, on February 14 and 15; Machinima, on February 27-March 02; Arduino Unplugged, March 12-14.

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Jillian Mcdonald and Carlo Zanni at artMovingProjects


Aron Namenwirth:

We invite you to artMovingProjects  166 N. 12th St, between Bedford and Berry Sts., Williamsburg (917-301-6680, 917-301-0306).  Subway: L to Bedford Ave. Thu- Sun, 1pm - 6 pm. 

Jillian Mcdonald. January 27th 7-9pm  through March 18th  Opening Night Performance 8pm   

Zombie Loop 2-channel video, 2006 - My new body of work, Horror Cycle concentrates on the manufacturing of fear as entertainment that the horror film genre accomplishes. Unlike contemporary horror films, this work offers no extreme violence, little gore, no character development, and zero plot. These are stripped away in order to highlight the protagonists and their dilemmas. The zombie, among other "undead" monsters, is the definitive horror creature thanks to its abject existence - robbed of identity, neither fully dead nor fully alive, neither clever nor resourceful, and driven only by its hunger for flesh. The central dilemma of the sub-genre of zombie films is that the survivor must outrun and therefore outlive the zombie. Victims turn into zombies, therefore to be caught and find oneself zombified is the most horrifying resolution. The sub-genre plots survivors on the move and ever vigilant, or temporarily holed-up and sleeping with one eye open. It is impossibly difficult to escape zombies, despite the fact that with little exception they move agonizingly slowly. Although it should be easy to escape them, the earliest victims are those paralyzed by their own fear. Zombie Loop is a two-channel video in which projections on two opposing walls position the viewer in the center of a visual loop, wherein a gruesome zombie endlessly pursues a running survivor. On screen, I "play" both zombie and survivor. The video tracks are the same length. The zombie, prepared with professional make-up and filmed from the front stumbles, expressionless but threatening, towards its goal of catching ...


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Bodies Without Organisms


U-Ram Choe is a Korean artist whose work employs and toys with the language of sculpture. His large-scale, pseudo-scientific objects mirror lifeforms while imparting them with the almost-cliche adornments of machine aesthetics, including shiny metal, hard edges, and ambiguously curvy bodies. The organic nature of his 'active sculpture' is thrown into paradoxical relief by his balance of hard and soft, round and sharp, and machine-made versus hand-made. The artist recently installed an exhibition at Bitforms Gallery that marked his New York debut. The exhibition is up through January 20 and visitors to the show will find thoughtful meditations on the nature of movement and evolution, as it is materialized in metal and plastic. The works on view are given witty titles which seem to parody the vocabulary of the science community, and are complemented by narratives composed by the artist. The end result of this work is something which is, in fact, very body-like: clunky, self-conscious, and yet beautiful and romantic in its own poetic way. - Irene Wu


under.ctrl: KONTROL Online Magazine



The Pornography of Fabricating Fear

KONTROL online magazine launches its first issue! :: Perspectives on control in the course of contemporary art, culture, technology, information channels and politics.

KONTROL is designed as an online magazine in English, featuring articles, interviews and reviews specifically on issues of control. The magazine has developed as part of the �under.ctrl� project by NOMAD. The editors of KONTROL are Basak Senova and Yane Calovski. The materials which are assembled for each issue will be structured around a sub-theme, include articles, reports, analytical studies, interviews, art projects, and photographs.

The sub-theme of this first issue is �the pornography of fabricating fear�. Contributors of the first issue are Inke Arns, Daniele Balit, Taeyoon Choi, Sebastian Cichocki, Maia Damianovic, Christoph Draeger, Marina Grzinic, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Glenn Ligon, Geert Lovink, Suzana Milevska, Ceren Oykut, Igor Stromajer, Tul Akbal Sualp, Zaneta Vangeli, and Ana Vujanovic.

KONTROL is designed by and hosted by NOMAD.


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Via: Marieke Istha
Manifestation from 18 January - 17 March 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond
Netherlands Media Art Institute de Appel
Maison Descarte

Art in the New Field of Visibility is an event which aims to explore the complex interactions between art and media, within the context of the debate about the role and the function of image in our society. The program consists of a series of exhibitions, screenings and talks organized by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, the Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond, de Appel, Maison Descartes, Institut Fran���§ais des Pays-Bas, Institutul Cultural Roman Boekarest and the Goethe Institut Amsterdam.

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo / Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 6237101
F +31 (0)20 6244423


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Any dorkbot-er in Berlin?


0dennandpatrk.jpgIf you're in Berlin on January 29 --to attend Transmediale or if you live here-- and if you're "doing strange things with electricity" then let us know. C-base is putting together its annual dorkbot. The programme is pretty defined but Gregor just told me that we could squeeze in one more project.

Send proposals to me (in comments or at reg at this domain) or to:
dorkbot at c-base dot org

Oh! Btw, what is a dorkbot? It's a group of affiliated organizations whose purpose if to nurture the electronic arts community and to encourage emerging, and established, artists to present new works for informal peer review.

Image from last year's edition of dorkbot made by Sascha.


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