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James Whipple


James Whipple


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“Teleklettergarten” - The facade of the art university in Linz was converted into a climing wall with oversized keyboard keys and buttons as a input interface for a computer. The visitors who participated in Teleklettergarten passed through a trainee programm and where trained as software developers. Through physical commitment the climbers and the programmers collaboratively inputed code into an oversized programming environment. In a week-long performance the collaborators programmed codes, scripts and tools and demonstrated various software functions. A collaboration between Bitnik and the group FOK.


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Vicente Matallana:



A week more sometimes is a present.

Following the rutine of these events, we extend the inscription deadline of the ARCO/BEEP NEW MEDIA ART AWARDS in the OFF-ARCO category until the 18th of January.

We hope this new deadline allows you to recover the time and health lost in Christmas.

Regards and good luck,

Vicente Matallana Secretary of the Jury


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Upgrade! Boston



ShiftSpace and OPENSTUDIO

UPGRADE! BOSTON: ShiftSpace and OPENSTUDIO :: A panel discussion with Mushon Zer-Aviv + Dan Phiffer (ShiftSpace) and Kyle Buza + Brent Fitzgerald + Amber Frid-Jimenez + Takashi Okamoto (OPENSTUDIO); moderated by kanarinka. Join us in Second Life.

WHEN: January 11, 7 pm (EST) :: WHERE: Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Drive, at the corner of Prospect Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Free parking in the lot on the corner or take the T to Central Square and walk 1 block.

ShiftSpace provides a transparent social layer above any website. It is an open source (and free software) platform that enables users to comment, add to, and modify websites. ShiftSpace allows users to experience the web as a continuous public space rather than a collection of isolated and privately-controlled islands. Through ShiftSpace artists, developers, poets, activists and others can freely meet, play, create art, debate protest and enjoy the full potential of their online freedom.

OPENSTUDIO is web + art + community + economics. It is an open ended experiment that couples a very simple drawing tool with an economy of artists, curators, collectors, dealers and viewers. Members can create and modify drawings, set prices and licenses, exchange and exhibit work, view financial records, and commission one another. Grounded in economic reality, OPENSTUDIO is a declaration of several ideals: transparency, community, and cooperation. It asserts that through collaborative effort, creativity and intelligence can bring about positive change.

Upgrade! Boston is curated by Jo-Anne Green for in partnership with Art Interactive. It is one of 22 nodes currently active in Upgrade! International, an emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. If you would like to present your work or get involved, please email jo[at]


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Dune & Devil



Tracking Vienna + Tokyo through Dune+ Devil

Dune & Devil (2003-present) explores a space- and time-based phenomenon through communicational technoculture. The aggregation of «» applies different structures like global positioning systems, audiovisual media, mobile technology, tele-communication tools and specialized software, to experience the stereotopographical synchronization of two individuals in different urban situations. We are trying to translate this spatial experiment under the condition of a unique geosocial application to translate this individual, cultural and technological impact in our DIY-habitat. The project produces a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality which can be observed through the interface of


We are using two handheld computers with additionally installed open source java virtual machines (btw, thanx to mr. freebeans/japan for preparing mysaifu!) on a windows mobile operating-system. A specially, for this project, self-developed java application, is used to interconnect the two mobile computers via UMTS/GPRS for communication and navigation. The incoming GPS-data is streamed to a mysql database which collects all data produced (both outputs: Dune/Vienna and Devil/Tokyo). At last, the database provides the flash application for the visualization of the project «» on the website.

Public space is constantly ehanced with new infrastructures of communication such as GPS, wireless internet, telecommunication protocols, location based services, mediatectures and many more. This modification of reality happens through the new possibilities of information-technologie, interface-culture and interaction. The basic goal of the communication based sychronization-system «» is tracking digital processes in two different cultural situations (vienna & tokyo) through two different observers (Dune & Devil), and to merge this into one sensation. We are trying to translate this spatial experiment under the condition of a social application in a creative process of constructing new ways in media and art. Dune & Devil will incribe themselves into these connected, synchronized, totally different realities. This change of perspective through individual selection, dependent on the attention and the cross-link of these two realities, explain how space andt time are related to the observer and the system of observing.


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Networked Nature at Foxy Production


For the last five months Rhizome's been celebrating our tenth anniversary with a major Festival of Art & Technology. This Thursday we embark upon the grand finale of that fest, with the opening of Networked Nature, an exhibition of work that looks at our perception of science and natural systems, through the perspective of digital culture. Open through February 18 at Foxy Production, the show includes works by C5, Futurefarmers, Shih-Chieh Huang, Philip Ross, Stephen Vitiello, and Gail Wight that employ media ranging from plants and slime molds to digital video and audio, LEDs, GPS, robotics, and hydroponics. C5's beautiful photos document nation-wide locations identified as 'sublime' by a vast network of geo-cachers. Futurefarmers' non-electric Photosynthesis Robot is a three-dimensional model of a possible perpetual motion machine driven by phototropism, while Shih Chieh Huang's inflatable installation employs everyday household electronic devices and physical computing techniques to create a jellyfish-like creature whose tentacles flap up and down. Philip Ross' Juniors Returns are self-contained survival capsules for living plants--ironically overwrought biospheres for seedlings that would otherwise grow out of sidewalk cracks. Stephen Vitiello's Hedera (BBB) is a sprawling ivy installation from within which speakers broadcast 'percussive sounds woven from the speeches and private conversations of George W. Bush and Tony Blair.' Finally, Gail Wight's Creep is a three-channel time-lapse video of the growth of dyed slime mold. In a nod to science's stature as one of the earliest of photographic subjects, Wight and her peers in the exhibition celebrate the beauty inherent in [networked] nature. Thanks to support from the College Art Association, Rhizome also published a full-color catalogue of this exhibition, which marks a major stride forward in our programming. Please visit the show, if you're in New York! -


Exibition Piemonte Share Festival2007


Event: “Piemonte Share Festival 2007” Festival of culture and arts linked to the new media and digital technologies When: from Tuesday, 23rd January to Sunday, 28th January 2007 Where: Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti main premises Via Accademia Albertina, 6 - Torino website: e.mail

INAUGURATION: Accademia Albertina Tuesday 23rd January 2007 from 6 to 10 pm With aperitif and live performances

EXHIBITION: Share Award 2007 From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January 2007 Accademia Albertina Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from: 10 am – 8 pm /Saturday, Sunday from: 2 –8 pm

The works of the six Share Prize 2007 finalists will be exhibited in the Accademia Albertina exhibition rooms. The works that have been selected for the final phase are: [more...]


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creative sparks: the artistic lives of machines


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One of the earliest known philosophical inquiries into the nature of creativity was Plato's Theory of Ideas, which ascribes all creativity to the supernatural. Only the gods had the power to create, and new ideas were planted in the minds of people by divine forces- a fire that burned within every human that we could tap to solve problems. While the idea of the supernatural origins of creativity doesn't enjoy a great deal of currency these days, what has remained is the notion that-save for few paint-happy chimps and elephants - creativity is fundamentally human. The course of every civilization can be described as a succession of innovations driven by human creativity. Our capacity for continuous improvement through creative exploration and expression is one of the hallmarks of the species.


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dolly zoom



dolly_zoom on wikipedia


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Announcing Berkeley Digital Art Symposium


Richard Rinehart:

Hello Rhizomers, you are invited to...

New Media & Social Memory Jan. 18, 2007 UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is proud to present New Media & Social Memory, a public symposium to discuss strategies for preserving digital art at a time when digital technologies are evolving and becoming obsolete at an astonishingly rapid pace. While focussing on digital art, the symposium will also address larger concerns about the long-term conservation of our increasingly digital culture, including how we decide what digital materials - from Web sites to video games - are worth saving. The full day of presentations and panel discussions by leading experts in the field of digital preservation, including Stewart Brand and Bruce Sterling, will be held in the museum theater on Thursday, Jan. 18.

This symposium is open to the public free of charge; however, due to limited space, online registration is required. See attached image for program. For more information or to register, visit --

Richard Rinehart

Digital Media Director & Adjunct Curator Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

University of California, Berkeley

2625 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA, 94720-2250 ph.510.642.5240 fx.510.642.5269


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