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Love, technology, etc.


One of my last posts about the Design Interactions work in progress show in London. People who checked my images of the show are writing to complain that they are frustrated to see intriguing images without any explanation. So here you are, my friends, three projects that investigate ideas and ideals of love and commitment:

With Love, Only Better, Thomas Wynne Morgan looked at the way commitment is affected by chemical and hormonal balances in the body, but also by changes in society.

The nature of male and female is changing, roles are changing, behaviors are changing and in this fluid and complicated society how and by what means will we adapt? How might emerging technologies be appropriated to elicit subtle forms of control and how might these changes affect out current societal norms?


He was showing two ties, one for each person in the couple. Sensors in the pants of the wearer would make the tie raise whenever attraction to another person is detected.

Ivo Vos is fascinated by the personality of Eric Wilson. Wilson has a business called "The Love Locker, Inc.," which is operated out of his garage. He also works part-time for the local police force.

Eric crafts and sells sex machines. He believes that these machines saved his marriage. His wife had fantasies of making love with two guys so he built her a machine that would do the trick and bring sparks back to their marriage. More about Wilson in this PDF excerpt from Timothy Archibald's book Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews.

0aericder.jpg 0aurnnn2.jpg

After creating the Love Machine to deal with his sexual problems, Vos imagined that Eric would build the Immortality Machine to secure his after-life concerns. His heart still ticks in his urn, getting aroused when his wife Jenny is close-by. The ...


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Upgrade! Tel Aviv-Jerusalem



On Sound 2

Upgrade! Tel Aviv-Jerusalem :: February 13, 2007, 8:00 pm :: Barbur, Shirizli st. 6, Nachlaot, Jerusalem :: Free Entrance On Sound 2: Two presentations: Tom Tlalim (IL/NL): "Quantasonic" (Tlalim / Johansons) >> Live Performance >> Eran Sachs: "Critical Narrative and the Semantics of Sound Installations" (IL).

Tom Tlalim - computer musician, composer and improviser. Created unconventional musical structures, explores noise overdrive and feedback in the digital domain. He holds MA from the Royal conservatory of The Hague, the Netherlands, where he lives and works since 2000. Tlalim has performed extensively in Europe and outside of it, among others at ResonanceFM (UK), Huddersfield contemporary music festival (UK), Piksel FLOSS event (NO), BimHuis(NL), Night of the unexpected (Paradiso, NL), State-X new forms (NL), Gaudeamus live electronic festival (NL), Audio Art Festival (PL), Int. Oud festival (IL), Cerkno jazz festival (SLO).

He co-curates events in collaboration with POW ensemble, TAG, Noisecape festival, Edits and presents UCON - a radio show together with Jan Truetzschler, Tlalim has collaborated with many artist and musicians including Joseph Bowie, father of the funk-noise combo Defunkt, DJ DNA of the Urban Dance Squad, composer and sonologist Richard Barrett, noise artist Gilles Aubry, visual/sound artists Voldemars Johansons, Joost Nieuwenburg, saxophonist Keir Neuringer, turntablist Takuro Mitsuta Lippit a.k.a DJ sniff, dutch improviser Luc Houtkamp and others.

Quantasonic: development of the installation by Voldemars Johansons and Tom Tlalim: a performance and composition environment for organization of audiovisual processes using n-dimensional space as a control metaphor. The environment introduces a novel approach to control over masses of data deriving from granular synthesis concept, according to which all matter, including sound and light, comprises of particle motion in space. This concept is applied to abstract data structures which are interpreted as particles in a multidimentional space and rendered as ...


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an inky tribute to them


The Philadelphia Inquirer has a new column by Katie Haegele: DigitaLit. As you might guess, it is about digital literature. The first one introduces the concept and the online novel Mortal Ghost, by Lee Lowe.


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Fyrall Comptur: Circuit Bent From Scratch



This appears to be one of the coolest kits. It's circuit bent awesomeness in a wooden box.


The board is beautiful. It's got rhythm that you mess with by touching contact points.

It sounds really cool, take a listen and check the video! - Link


Wander round the site while your at it for some circuit bent inspiration. I've been looking through all this stuff for a while and I'm itching to fire up the soldering iron. - Link


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ART TECH MEDIA 07 art call


montse arbelo:

International Artist Call Art Tech M e d i a 0 7

1st International Congress Art Tech Media
8-9-10-11 th may . Madrid. Spain

Calling on all creatives of the world to participate.
Submissions will be accepted from the following categories:

- Video art
- Net-art
- 2D & 3D Computer Animation
- Blog, videoblog
- Creation for mobile platforms
- Digital Music
- Videodance

- Digital Communities
- Geospatial storytelling
- Artificial Life, Software art, Transgenic art, Generative art

In a globalised world, dominated by communication technologies, with countless questions concerning a future that affects our everyday life, it is essential to make this analysis and to consider, from different perspectives, how our polyhedral, altered reality is being effected by the widespread use of new technology as a support for new ideas and possibilities that are almost infinite. We need to investigate how this occurs in different societies and cultures and to propose models that may go beyond what has been known until now.

The First International Art Tech Media Congress has been set up in order to reflect upon and analyse questions currently being raised about art and new technological media within an international context.

Within this context, an intensive debate needs to take place on the influence and transformations that new media is producing in art, there needs to be a greater understanding of the foundations for more effective cooperation between the different sectors linked to digital art, and proposals need to be devised for the development of national and international collaborative networks in order to improve production, research, exhibition and promotion.

Last year, Art Tech Media 06 encounters had been held at nine Spanish museums, and given the great participation and the opinions collected, its seems clear that this is an ideal time to celebrate the First International Art Tech Media ...


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[no title]


Tempest 1 and Quantum 1. These photographs are long exposures taken while playing video war games of the 80's created by Atari, Centuri and Taito. By Rosemarie Fiore.


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Dan's Pictures


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Media Matters


Curators, conservators, registrars and media technical managers from New Art Trust, MoMA, SFMOMA, Tate, have formed a consortium to establish best practice guidelines for care of time-based media works of art (for example, video, slide, film, audio and computer-based installations). Effective approaches to the stewardship of electronic art rely on the blending of traditional museum practice with new modes of operating that derive from and respond to the complex nature of these installations.


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The Many Sounds of Silence


For as long as sound art has been a bona fide genre, silence has been an important medium. Countless avant garde composers have worked the 'absence' of sound into their work, and today's artists have taken many a turn at responding to and initiating their own work of a similar vein. In the exhibition parenthetically titled '[silence]' at New York's Gigantic Art Space, seventeen artists 'address the futility of the chase, the beauty of absence, and the rich potential of an empty signal.' The exhibition includes sculpture, installation, composition, works on paper, and time-based media, all of which was created in the last ten years, during which time the show's organizers, Free103Point9, have operated as a transmission arts organization. Free103 supports artists whose works 'harness, occupy and respond to the airwaves that surround us.' In this case, those artists include Pablo Helguera, Pierre Huyghe, Tarikh Korula & Tianna Kennedy, LoVid, Douglas Repetto, Stephen Vitiello, and other pioneers in this field. Their contributions are historically-informed, form-conscious, and manage to balance poetics, beauty, and action in a way that reveals the sonic richness of every experience. If one will forgive the analogy, the show is also a 'moment of silence' for Gigantic Art Space, who will close after this exhibition comes down. GAS's four years of exhibition programming were often marked by collaborations with musicians and sound artists, and this show seems a fitting requiem. - Marisa Olson


Dispatx - New Edition : Improvised Maps


David Stent:

Dispatx - New Edition : Improvised Maps

We're pleased to announce the publication of the sixth edition of Dispatx, which coincides with a complete redesign of the website. Curating and developing works from poets, photographers, painters and writers, for this edition we once again present an extremely diverse set of responses to the notion of Improvised Maps. These works - which can
be seen in Show ( - include a dozen projects developed online over the last five months and seven additional submissions including work from Gonzalo Puch, Denis Masi, Andrea Brady and Enrique Vila-Matas.

In addition we would like to announce that the exploration of the theme Eminent Domain can now be followed on a daily basis. Until June 2007, the Make area of the site ( will feature the work of seventeen projects chosen to explore the theme. These include works by Emanual Licha, Juan delGado, and Paulina Varas. Through making comments on the artists' process in Make, site visitors forms a part of this organic process.

We have provided a series of tools specifically for the visitor, allowing you to create private collections, leave comments, and subscribe to RSS feeds for the projects that interest you the most. To familiarize yourself with these changes, please take the site tour ( Dispatx provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature.

Visitors are invited to interact with the artists via the online display of their working processes, and to create unique private collections of the finished works. Through this process we seek to establish a new curatorial discourse based on artistic working practices.

Dispatx is a curatorial platform that provides the tools of a socialised internet ...


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