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ITU Seeks Two Game Profs


Gamer academics, take noteL T.L. Taylor sends word that ITU-Copenhagen is now looking for two game development professors. The university’s building is even cooler-looking than in the illustration below, and don’t worry - it isn’t that dark most of the time. Animations of the building, hopefully the same ones that had the great techno soundtracks, are also available.


The IT University (, home of the Center for Computer Games Research (, is seeking applicants for two positions as Associate or Assistant Professor of game development. The faculty will teach in our international English language program that focuses on game design, analysis, and technology ( Relevant areas of research and teaching are:

- Game AI,
- Game Interface Design and Playtesting,
- Game Development and Project Management,
- Software Engineering for Game Development,
- Game Systems Architecture,
- Game Graphics and Animation

For full information about the positions and application procedures please visit Application deadline is 16 April 2007 at 12:00 noon. Questions about the position can be directed to Associate Professor T.L. Taylor (tltaylor _at_


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Interactivity/Information/Interfaces/Immersion (Frankfurt, Oct 24-26, 2007)


Via: Geert Lovink

I4: Interactivity / Information / Interfaces / Immersion
International Research Conference
J W Goethe University
Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology
Organized by the Research Network for Media Anthropology / FAME
October 24-��26, 2007

The I4 International Conference addresses the emergence of complex collaboration and community software. We assume that all human sensory and mental capabilities and the ability to abstract, conceive and implement things are, and have been, involved in the development of human ability to use media.
The concept of media encompasses perception, abstraction, storage, rules for the retention of information � of texts and holytexts, the great sagas, manifestations of cultural memory � and progression beyond existing knowledge paradigms. It is impossible to determine how perception and interaction will impact on media, either qualitatively or quantitatively.
The conference will be devoted to questions surrounding digital environments and the technology-based generation of cultural patterns in four areas: Interactivity / Information / Interfaces / Immersion

We invite submissions which explore these issues and offer answers to
such questions as:

What connections can we currently identify between software development and cultural evolution? What significance can be attached to co-evolutionary processes in perception, abstraction, forms of virtualization, digital technologies and communication capabilities? What kinds of virtual spaces are developing? How are digital communication spaces influencing urbanization processes and the architecture of buildings? What significance does game software have in creating new social and cultural contexts? What kinds of cooperative and collaborative processes are developing? What are the defining properties of an explicit model of social constructs in a technology-based media environment? How are means of digital communication influencing children'��s and adults� living spaces and interior architecture? How can a transition from the idiocy of the masses and the knowledge ...


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Emergency Room NYC



PS.1 in New York City is currently exhibiting a project called Emergency Room. For this one-room exhibition on the third floor, over thirty artists have been asked to create and install works which are directly reacting to events of the previous 24 hours � a rhythm that recalls the daily news cycles of printed media.

On each day, an artist will install a new work, the pieces stay on view until the next day at 12.30 when they are moved to an adjacent archive space and replaced by something fresh. Artists include Susanne Schuricht from Berlin, Peter Lind, Mike Estabrook, Raphaele Shirley and Vandana Jain. PS.1 have also put up a blog along with the project.

Through March 19th 2007.


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Rhizome party during CAA 07


Hello. If you plan to be in New York during CAA's 2007 Annual Conference, please consider attending a reception on 2/16 at Foxy Production gallery, in celebration of Rhizome's exhibition, Networked Nature.

On view until February 18th, the show was selected as this year's CAA Annual Exhibition. It also concludes our 10th Anniversary Festival of Art & Technology.

Networked Nature presents works that inventively explore our understanding and representation of "nature," from the perspective of networked culture. The artists included are C5, Futurefarmers, Shih Chieh Huang, Philip Ross, Stephen Vitiello, and Gail Wight.

The reception will be on Friday, February 16, from 6-8pm. Foxy Production is located in Chelsea, at 617 West 27th Street, on the ground floor. More information can be found here:

Please join us!

+ + + Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art


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Picture 11


what the internet thinks of Doug Aitken's "sleepwalkers" via rsg


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Every Icon Project


John Simon 1997. I'd like to see something like this slowed down and randomly going through


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Lazer Tagging - Graffiti Research Lab


If your in Rotterdam at the moment, get down to the Graffiti Research Lab's most recent offering. I got to see a sneak peak while I was at Eyebeam in New York a few weeks ago and I'm really pleased to see it working so well at its current venue, the 'KPN building' which incidentally was designed by Renzo Piano. Saturday 10th (tomorrow) is its last showing so if you can make it, be there for around 2200 hours.

KPN Telecom Building
Wilhelminakade 123


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electric sweat



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'Invisible' Artworks Look Back at Viewers


Gravity. Physics. Lines of sight. Reflections. This is the sort of 'invisible' imagery that forms the focus of this year's Leuven-based STUK festival, and even if you can't attend, the fest's site is worth perusing for its curation of works that hinge on tensions between visibility and invisibility, or presence and absence. Classic internet art works like John F. Simon Jr's 'Every Icon' and Vuk Cosic's 'ASCII History of Moving Images' join important media art works by Zoe Beloff, Jim Campbell, Michael Snow, Sam Taylor-Wood, and others. In total, seventeen artists will present installations from February 13-18, including newer works by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Wim Janssen, Victor Kossakovsky, and Workspace Unlimited. Their projects take up special effects, optical novelties, and often paranormal subjects and ephemera. STUK will also feature a symposium on locative media and live art by thirteen international new media performance artists. The organizers say that 'STUK is filled with empty, but promising spaces, images and constructions.' Certainly this emptiness offers much to behold, and it's promised that many of the interactive art works will return your gaze. - Elizabeth Johnston


Call for entries: Slowtime 2007


Wilfried Agricola de Cologne:

Call for entries
Deadline 31 March 2007
Slowtime 2007 -
Quicktime as an artistic medium
Cinematheque -
is the centre for streaming media in the framework of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -, and will open in 2007 - Cinema_C by launching the new show, entitled:
"Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium".
Already in 2003, Cinematheque was exploring the artistic potential of the popular streaming videoformat
Quicktime as it can be visited in Cinema_B (access via the Cinematheque site). As Quicktime was undergoing a rapid technological development during the past years, it is time again for exploring the current state of Quicktime and its use as a medium for artistic expressions.
Cinematheque is inviting artists, video and film makers to submit up to three videos in Quicktime format - originating from 2004 or later, preferably sized 480x360 px, but not smaller than 320x240 px, a maximum duration of 6 minutes and make them available online on a separate webpage for review and download.
Please find the call, the regulations and entry form on
Cinematheque at MediaCentre
powered by
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
the experimental platform for art and New Media operating from Cologne/Germany.
info & contact
info (at)


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