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"Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain" opens at Pace Digital Gallery: Feb 15th


"Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain": an exhibition of digital artworks by China Blue, Suzan Dionne, Mark Esper, Jaakko Heikkila, Richard Humann, David Opdyke, Marcin Ramocki, and Marina Zurkow opens at Pace Digital Gallery on February 15 (Thursday). The artists will discuss their work; panel discussion / artist talks run 3:30-5:00 pm.

...the artists clearly convey that the significance of networks, both social and technical, now are central to the production and dissemination of contemporary art, ~ Jill Conner, from the exhibition catalogue.

the link to pdf of the exhibition catalogue
essay by Jill Conner, curated by China Blue

163 william street, NYC
between beekman and ann streets

History/Tectonics by Marcin Ramocki (installation at Jamaica Center for the Arts)


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[Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte]



“Resonating-With-Light” (Video) by Edo Paulus is an installation that consists of multiple small electronic units in a natural environment with sunlight. Each unit collects solar energy and transforms this energy into a repetitive bouncing of itself onto a metal tube, thus creating a kinetic and acoustic reaction to sunlight.


“Scrollbars” (Video) by Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte.


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Rhizome 2007-2008 Commissions - Open for proposals until April 2, 2007


Lauren Cornell:


I'm pleased to announce that our 2007-2008 Commissions cycle begins today! This year, Rhizome will award commissions to eleven new works of Internet-based art. We are accepting proposals in two categories: 1) New works and 2) Community Project.

The deadline for submission is midnight April 2nd, 2007.

To apply:

For general information on our submission and voting procedures:

Please spread the word!

All best, Lauren

Executive Director Rhizome at the New Museum


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Community recommendations for Commissions


Lauren Cornell:

Dear Rhizomers,

Last year, during our 2006-07 Commissions cycle, we had some productive conversations on this list about how the process could be altered to benefit the applicants and voting members. Some of the suggestions that arose here were integrated into this year's cycle, and I wanted to report back to you about them.

For the first time, we are offering a commission to a 'Community Project' that is geared towards enhancing the communication, participation or experience of the site. We feel this is a way for the community to participate in the its own structure, and we look forward to seeing what ideas come in! We have also increased the number of commissions the Member vote awards, up from one to three, bringing the jury to member ratio to 8:3.

Another issue that arose last year was participants feeling like their works were being judged by the written descriptions, and not by their actual websites. To offset this, we shortened the possible text on the submission page, and put a voting tool on the actual website.

We have outlined the entire process clearly on our Submissions and Voting Procedures page:

For all those who contributed to the discussion, thank you! We look forward to this year's cycle.

All the best, Lauren

Executive Director Rhizome at the New Museum


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We made some prints for Rhizome…


…but you can’t get any unless you have already donated some dough to Rhizome.

“iPhil Stills”
edition of 10 (1 AP)
archival inkjet on watercolor paper

Background info here and here.


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Lines of Flight -- New York


Jon Thomson

Lines of Flight

Dates: Opening Reception Friday, February 16, 4-7PM
Exhibition Tour Saturday, February 17th, 1-4PM
Location: Hunter College Main Campus 695 Park Ave. NY, NY 10021
Main Lobby, West Building and 543 Hunter North Building 212-650-3415

Curated by: Celina Jeffery and Gregory Minissale

Sponsored by: The Leonardo Education Forum, The Hunter College MFA in

Integrated Media Arts and Film and Media Department, The Savannah
College of Art and Design and Bitforms Gallery.


Rafael Lozano Hemmer
Thomson and Craighead
Peter Horvath
David Crawford

Short description: Lines of Flight addresses the following themes:
the lines between technological, scientific and artistic practices
from differing cultural perspectives; the negotiated status of the
(networked) artist as an agent interacting and transacting in a
global context; the flight from the self in collective creativity;
spatial mediation suggested by open, interactive, and real time
systems; mediation between inclusions and exclusions, insiders and
outsiders; and processes of taking flight from the gravity of digital
capitalism, digital privilege, and stratification.


Read through for full post and directions.

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Recycling Entertainment System


the res Tonight at Filmbase in Temple Bar from 6pm as part of the Screenshow exhibition there'll be a rare opportunity to see (and play)Bnjmn Gaulon's RES -interactive music making system made from a converted Nintendo NES system - in action. Highly recommended.

The Screenshow screenings on Meeting House Square continue on Thursday February 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 25th 6pm � 10pm (7pm start on Saturdays)


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First Dorkbot Second Life meeting Feb. 18, 2007


Thomas Edwards:

First Meeting of Dorkbot Second Life

Sunday February 18, 2007
2-3 PM PST (LA, West Coast North America)
5-6 pm EST (NY, East Coast North America)
11-12 pm CET (Berlin, Europe)
7 - 8 AM (Feb. 19) (Tokyo)

@ Rhizomatic (

Don't get enough of Dorkbot in Real Life? Try it in Second Life!

Wirxli Flimflam (aka Jeremy Turner) from the avatar performance group Second Front and Ian Ah (aka Ian Murray), a pioneering canadian media
artist, have confirmed to take part at this small historical event.

Second Life is an Internet-based 3D virtual world with over 2.5 million inhabitants.

For more info:

And to get to Second Life, go here:


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Mute Vol 2 #4



Web 2.0 -- Man's best friendster?

Mute Vol 2 #4 - Web 2.0-- Man's best friendster? :: Web 2.0's democratisation of media produces a wealth of new perspectives. Some of those formerly excluded from the public sphere have the chance to make their voices heard. But this wave of participation is as important for business as it is for the newly included. Mute's Web 2.0 special uncovers the work in social networking and, behind the 'dotcommunist' spin, a centralisation of the means of sharing. Texts by Giorgio Agostoni, Olga Goriunova, Dmytri Kleiner & Brian Wyrick and Angela Mitropoulos. Additional articles by Brian Ashton, John Barker, Paul Helliwell and Merijn Oudenampsen

Swarm Forms: On Platforms and Creativity by Olga Guriunova :: Will the 'hive mind' of social networking replace classical forms of knowledge production? Comparing Web 2.0 and small-scale, self-run cultural platforms, Olga Goriunova maintains the possibility for originality in both contexts, while identifying how the same old commercial and institutional pressures still operate.

The Long Tale by Giorgio Agostoni :: Web 2.0 relies heavily on identikit forms of self-representation and sociability. Parallel to the 'authentic', self-promoting personae of MySpace, multi-user virtual worlds such as Second Life (SL) appear to offer a more malleable, playful version of life online. But as the imperatives of commercial exchange penetrate deeper into the networked imagination, is the gap between RL and VR what it used to be? Giorgio Agostoni reverse engineers material from across the net to construct a fictional readymade suspended between self-reinvention and self-management.


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Quote of the day


From Flat against the wall, Olia Lialina's essay for the Media Art Undone panel at transmediale:

"Comfort for all parties is a feature of Contemporary Art. New Media does not know this word. In New Media artists fight, curators suffer, audience gets angry. And that's how it should be."


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