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Interview with Angelo Vermeulen


Angelo-Vermeulen-foto.jpg[....] Originally trained as a biologist (PhD at the University of Leuven, Belgium), he also followed a photography training at the Art Academy of Leuven. Moved to London to work with Nick Waplington. Back in Belgium he took up post-graduate studies at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) in Antwerp.

Blue-Shift-[LOG3.jpgAfter that traces of his activities appear online. Most notably, his installation Blue Shift [LOG. 1], introduced last Summer at Isea2006, aims to question the status of the utilitarian in art and science and push interactive installation art into Darwinian realms (detail of the installation on the right). A community of single-cell algae, water fleas, fish and water snails is set up in the exhibition space. Visitors induce a gradual microevolution of the - genetically determined - light-responsive behavior of the water fleas. When the system is in standby, yellow lights illuminate the aquaria from the top. The water fleas are attracted to this light and swim towards it. Whenever a visitor is detected in proximity of the installation, blue spotlights are activated. Water fleas, repelled by this color, flee downwards and pass through holes in a false bottom in the aquaria... where fish are waiting to wipe them out.



This is a very interesting interview. Click-through for the whole thing. ~mo

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Currency Logo from Neil's MySpace Page



MySpace page logo from Neil, excellently interpreting this earlier post. Neil says he'd like to meet fakeisthenewreal.


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Forward Compatible Video


I finally put up this video for my Forward Compatible project, a parasitic object attached to a Wi-Fi or fixed network router. The device monitors network traffic and when packets are sent, they are converted to audio, in the form of a 2400 baud modem dialing up and connecting, and played through the device’s on-board speakers. The focus of the project is to historically inform the way we think about network connectivity in public spaces by disrupting the supposed serenity of modern technology with a reminder of the past. Currently working on more of these in the series.


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Center for Social Media


The Center for Social Media showcases and analyzes strategies to use media as creative tools for public knowledge and action. It focuses on social documentaries for civil society and democracy, and on the public media environment that supports them. The Center is part of the School of Communication at American University.


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Visual Music Marathon



12-hour screening of time-based art works

NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY TO HOST VISUAL MUSIC MARATHON: BOSTON, Mass. - Northeastern University will host the first-ever Visual Music Marathon, a 12-hour screening of time-based art works that reflect the convergence of musical composition and animated images, as part of this year's Boston Cyberarts Festival. The Marathon will be held on Saturday, April 28 from 10am to 10pm, in the University's Raytheon Amphitheater, located in the Egan Research Center on Forsyth Street.

"Visual music is an interdisciplinary artistic genre with roots dating back hundreds of years," says Northeastern professor Dennis Miller, the event's artistic director and principal curator.

"The emergence of film and video in the 20th century allowed this genre to reach its full potential, with Walt Disney's Fantasia serving as a groundbreaking example. The artworks we are screening all take a modern perspective on this idea."

Northeastern has received over 300 artist submissions for the Marathon, representing works from 34 different countries. The Marathon will showcase historic and new works, as well as live video performance art. All new works presented at the Marathon will be included in a special permanent collection that will be housed in Northeastern's Snell Library. Larry Cuba of the Iota Center, Los Angeles, and Bruce Wands of the New York Digital Salon and School of Visual Arts will also curate portions of the event.

The Visual Music Marathon is a joint effort between Northeastern's Department of Music and the Multimedia Studies Program. For a preview of works to be shown at the event, visit


About the Boston Cyberarts Festival: The 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival will take place from April 20 to May 6 at museums, galleries, theatres, universities, and public spaces in and around the Boston ...


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[Siegrun Appelt]




'114 kW' - On entering the installation, museum visitors and passers-by are exposed to the focussed radiant power from a total of 114 kW lighting energy. Illuminance of the installation is 150,000 lux. Illuminance of the sun on a sunny summer day is 100,000 lux. By Siegrun Appelt.


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The Plants Have Your Number



A small group of plants in a building in New York City is quietly exchanging information. They make phone calls.

Botanicalls allows thirsty plants to place phone calls for human help. When a plant on the botanicalls network needs a lot or a little water, it can call a human and ask for exactly what it needs.

Botanicalls opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species cohabitation and understanding. Well of course.

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Takuji Kogo at the MoMA


MediaScope 2007: An Evening with Takuji Kogo.

Takuji Kogo founded Candy Factory, an alternative Yokohama gallery that operated from 1998 to 2000. He exploits the Internet to explore the meanings of globalization, especially through sites left deserted when the economy of multinational companies fails. Kogo playfully interlaces photography, animation, and sampled music, and he invites the participation of Web denizens. An Evening with Takuji Kogo is part of Out of the Internet, an international festival featuring cultural content emerging from the Asia Pacific regions. The project is realized through MAAP Multimedia Art Asia Pacific. Program approx. 90 min.

Monday, February 26, 8:00. Titus Theater 2.

For more info about Takuji Kogo, please visit Candy Factory.

MediaScope 2007 - Ongoing
Dedicated to experimentation with cinematic form and content, MediaScope presents emerging and recognized artists who discuss their work with the audience. The program explores filmmaking and videomaking, as well as Web-based, installation, and digital art practices. MediaScope is supported by Jennifer McSweeney.

The Museum of Modern Art
(212) 708-9400
11 West 53 Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues
NY 10019-5497

Images: Candy Factory screenshot, January 26, 2003, and Set for Fox 9 News, February 6, 2003. Photo: Cameron Wittig.


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Photos Are Dead-Long Live Photography


Read closely, the announcement for the McDonough Museum of Art exhibition, Modeling the Photographic: The End(s) of Photography, is perhaps a bit morbid. The double entendre in the show's title may indeed refer to a looming expiry date for the medium of photography, but moreover, the organizers call the digital image 'photography's doppelganger,' implying that the former is but a ghost-like presence haunting photography, in its last throes of life. In reality, new technologies have always impacted visual representation--photographic or otherwise--and even more than death, embodiment, or ephemerality, this timely exhibition is about that ongoing entanglement. This is a photo show in which 'few, if any of the artists included actually make photographs in the traditional sense of camera and darkroom, [though] all use photography as their reference.' The aim is to suss out the ongoing influence that photography's tools, aesthetics, and models of spectatorship have on the new media that, in turn, impact photography. If this sounds like a tautology, then you're reading closely. Like the show's circuitous premise, the works themselves--by James Welling, Barbara Probst, Fabian Marcaccio, Joseph Nechvatal, Curtis Mitchell, Matthew Buckingham, and Penny Umbrico, and others--evade claims to 'truth' or other benchmarks of clarity, to dive headfirst into the murky phantasmagoria of contemporary practice. Curated by Saul Ostrow, the show will be open February 23-March 23, at this Youngstown State University (Ohio) museum. - Elizabeth Johnston


Minsk 606


So I’ve been doing some YouTube video remixes as sketches for this Turbulence project I have coming up. And I did this ‘Minsk 606′ piece this morning, as a response to Olia’s post over at NastyNets.

I used to run this list called Macrosound, and on the list the Evolution Control Committee once explained how their infamous track, and possibly the first ‘mashup’ ever was a perfect mix, how they took the Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band track and the Public Enemy acapella and laid one on top of the other without changing tempo or pitch or anything, and it worked like mashup-magic! I had that same kind of magical experience with the Minsk 606 piece today, the YouTube video and the Kid 606 track were exactly the same length and the dancing n beats are almost perfect tempos!


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