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"Victoria Vesna (1959, Washington D.C. ) is an artist, a lecturer, and the chair of the Department of Design | Media Arts at UCLA, School of the Arts and Architecture . Her work can be defined as experimental creative research that resides between disciplines and technologies. Since the 80s she has been exploring digital and virtual worlds and the relationship between art and science.

New realities are generated by the meeting among artistic, humanistic and technological disciplines. Victoria Vesna is also the Director of the brand new UCLA Art|Sci Center and of the UC Digital Arts Research Network . She realized 16 personal works, she exposed hundreds of collectives, she published more than 20 researches and she has been participating in various conventions for years. She has an extremely strong and dynamic but also rigorous and creative personality. Her research is mainly aimed at exploring the relationship between art and science in an innovative and appealing way.

[Click-through for interview.]


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[Claude Closky]



Best (2006).


Television Pour Internet (2003). Both projects by Claude Closky.


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Laser Tagging System


The Laser Tagging System is the lattest creation of the Graffiti Research Lab. Using a Green Laser, a camera, a projector, and custom-made software, the Laser Tagging System lets its users tag and write on surfaces from a great distance. The custom-made software is created using open source code, and can be downloaded for free together with a thorough description of the other components necessary, and information on how to set up the system.

Citizens of Rotterdam were able to experience the world premiere of the Laser Tagging System at the KPN Telecom Building in Rotterdam from February 7 to February 10.

Check out the video.

Via Interactive Architecture dot org.

Users can write on and tag buildings from a great distance.

The system consists of a Green Laser, a camera, a projector, and custom-made software.


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Opening at HTTP Gallery: Do It With Others (DIWO).


DIWO logo

marc garrett:

You are invited to attend the gallery opening of . . . Do It With Others (DIWO): E-Mail-Art from the NetBehaviour List.

HTTP Gallery, London : Thursday 1st March 7-9pm

Exhibition dates: 2nd March - 1st April Gallery opening hours: Friday - Sunday: 12noon - 5pm

Directions to HTTP Gallery:

For information about the DIWO co-curating event this Sunday (25th Feb) please see

The Do It With Others (DIWO) E-Mail-Art exhibition aims to highlight the already thriving imaginations of those who use social networks and digital networks on the Internet as a form of distribution. Just like Mail Art, E-Mail-Art bridges the divide between artists and non artists to share a freely accessible form of distribution.

The Mail Art projects of the 60s, 70s and 80s demonstrated Fluxus artists' common disregard for the distinctions of 'high' and 'low' art and a disdain for what they saw as the elitist gate-keeping of the 'high' art world. They often took the form of themed, 'open calls', in which all submissions were exhibited and catalogued. Mail Art has always been a useful way to bypass curatorial restrictions for those who wish to create active and imaginative exchange on their own terms; this form of activity usually flourishes outside of the gallery system.

This E-Mail-Art exhibition, intends to follow the spirit of past Mail Art endeavours by asking those submitting their works to open themselves to a shared dialogue as part of the process and medium on the NetBehaviour mail list, as a playful platform for experimentation together at the same time.

The theme of this E-Mail-Art project is Do It With Others (DIWO).

This project suggests that we extend the DIY ethos of some early net art and ...


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Show Some Love, Score Sweet Deals


Valentine's day has come and gone but it's not too late to show a little love for Rhizome--and your pocketbook! Sweeter than those truffles you eyed last week are the sweet deals Broadspire's offering on hosting! For a low $65 annual payment, Rhizome's beloved host will give you 350MB disk storage, 1GB data transfer a month, POP email, free setup, and daily content back-ups. Broadspire also offers more robust plans for those with higher bandwidth needs. So whether you're looking to splurge on yourself or that someone special in your life, Broadspire will fulfill all your digital desires. Signing up is as easy as saying 'Be Mine' and each mention of Rhizome will drop a dime in our heart-shaped donation box. We'll also share the love by listing your name and URL on our front page. It's a match made in heaven! -


Cybernetic Serendipity; London, 1968.


«Cybernetic Serendipity» and presented at the ICA in London in 1968. It was the first exhibition to attempt to demonstrate all aspects of computer-aided creative activity: art, music, poetry, dance, sculpture, animation. The principal idea was to examine the role of cybernetics in contemporary arts. The exhibition included robots, poetry, music and painting machines, as well as all sorts of works where chance was an important ingredient. It was an intellectual exercise that became a spectacular exhibition in the summer of 1968. Jasia Reichardt London 2005.

Cybernetic Serendipity; ICA, London, 1968.


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Rhizome 2007 Commissions: Open Now!


Rhizome is pleased to announce that in 2007 we will commission eleven new works of Internet-based art with awards ranging from $1000-3000. The deadline for proposal submission is April 2! This year, we are funding in two categories: (1) New Works of Internet-based Art and (2) A Community Project. In the first category, the works may manifest offline, in an exhibition space, on a handheld device, or on other media, but must use the Internet as a primary source. The second commissions category is new this year and will be awarded to one artist or group whose project will benefit our community by enhancing communication, participation, or the user experience on the Rhizome website. The commissions are awarded both by jury and by Rhizome Members through a community voting process. In addition to receiving an award, the commissioned art works will be exhibited on, installed at the New Museum of Contemporary Art for a celebratory event, and archived in our ArtBase archive of digital art. We encourage you to get involved and spread the word! -


Call for Residency Applications Summer 2007


Eyebeam is now accepting applications for six-month Residency opportunities. Artists, hackers, designers, engineers and creative technologists are invited to apply to be Residents at Eyebeam, to work for six months on projects or research of artistic endeavor or creative expression. The ideal Resident has experience working with and generating innovative technological art and/or creative technology projects and has a passion for interdisciplinary exchange. Application deadline has been extended to March 5.


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Eyebeam - Job Openings


Perry Lowe:

There are two great full-time positions Eyebeam is currently seeking to fill:

Technical Manager and Director of Communications & Marketing

The Eyebeam Technical Manager is a senior position in the Technical and Production Team at Eyebeam. S/he oversees the Audio Visual Technical requirements of the three Labs operated by Eyebeam, ensures that the technical needs of all Eyebeam Fellows and Residents are met to the best of our ability, oversees technology installation requirements for all exhibitions, public programs and special events and ensures that equipment in the labs is well maintained.

The Director of Communications & Marketing is a results-oriented, creative individual familiar with the contemporary art and new media/technology worlds who will assume a key role in strategically repositioning Eyebeam as it approaches its 10th anniversary. Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of Eyebeam's marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. Must use both traditional and non-traditional methods to develop and implement a comprehensive program. Oversees generation of all necessary materials and services, as well as relevant staff and consultant relationships.

For more information and application instructions please visit


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Podcasts of my lectures on Sociable Web Media



This semester I will publish selected lectures for my Sociable Media course. Podcasting is great but it is also a bit petrifying to hear my Germano-British accent. Listening to it, I had to confront my occasional generalization but it's a rich pesentation that,  I think, will be worth your while. You can subscribe to this podcast series of lectures. If you listen to it in Itunes or Jukebox you'll miss the presentation slides). Alternatively, you can download the video of the first lecture here (34 MB, 45 mins, m4B file opens in Quicktime or VLC).


A great opportunity to hear Trebor Schultz speak about Sociable Media.

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