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4. International Pixelstorm-Award


The International Pixelstorm-Award is a digital competition, in which all submissions are visible immediately on the web.

A large number of designers and artists from all areas of the world compete with each other and submit entries every year.

The main price – the golden pixel – is assigned by an international jury and given to the winners during the pricegiving ceremony. The ceremony is broadcasted on the Web through several Webcams and an online chat.

The pixelstorm-award will be announced for the fourth time very soon. The deadline for participation will last from Jan 8th 2007 until Jan 30th 2007. The pricegiving ceremony will take place on Feb 24th in two locations in Basel and Zurich, and – of course – on the web.

The highlights of the last years, and the recordings of the awards-ceremonies can be seen here:


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Auction Art Accumulations


Artists have been using since the online commerce website began. Many have performatively sold their souls, ethnicity, gender, and life's possessions, making the site a very public platform for internet-based narratives and meditations on the nature of public exchange. Generally, however, the artist plays the role of seller. It would seem, in fact, that the only other (and much less popular) option is to play the role of buyer. William Boling does neither in his net art project, 'Peel.' He's simply an observer, interested in the very hermeneutics of his transaction-less observations. On Peel, Boling presents his collection of jpg images, scraped from product pages. He says of the highly-popular site, 'In 2006 it is reasonable to infer that more than a billion pictures were made for eBay sells and were examined in many instances multiple times. The vast majority of these images are confected for the purposes of the sell and will be erased.' Boling keeps the jpegs in circulation while presenting them in haiku-like trios, hinting at their discarded context and concocting a new narrative, in the tradition of dialectical montage. Whereas the images once had a narrowly-restricted, easily-read meaning, they now signify in new ways. Yet, ultimately, Boling is not so free from the constrictions of economic models. His curation of sixty images, out of a personal collection of thousands, puts his 'consumption' on display, creating a material trace of his net-surfing habits. Fortunately, the objects he collects aren't subject to escrow. - Marisa Olson


Upgrade! Seattle



annie on ni wan + eunsu kang

Upgrade! Seattle :: 7 pm Thursday January 11, 2007 :: 911 Media Arts Center - 402 9th Ave N - Seattle, WA.

Annie On Ni Wan is a young activist in audiovisual performance, interactive art and an innovator in interactive technologies. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, in 2002. She has lived in Singapore, London, Brighton and Gothenburg (Sweden), earned a Master of Science in Art and Technology at Innovative Design, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in 2005. Her work includes locative media, audiovisual performances and interactive installations.

Eunsu Kang will talk about her media art work such as videos, interactive installations and interactive performances. These are her attempts to represent her consistence subjects; Alien, who is someone or some creature has been shunned by "normal" communication method, Unknown Zone and the new forms of communication which will open more channels among aliens and others. She explores a new form of communication in the form of Art, especially Media Art that concerns communication in the matter of theme and modality simultaneously.



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Dune 4.0 - Daan Roosegaarde


Dune 4.0 by Daan Roosegaarde is an interactive landscape which physically changes its appearance in accordance to human presence. Placed in the main corridor of Montevideo, Dune 4.0 is composed of hundreds of fibers which react in correspondence to the movements and sounds of the visitors.  Daan described this as a "hybrid of nature and technology " which "functions as a platform on which the relationship between visitor and the existing architecture is enhanced. By means of looking, walking and interacting, visitor and space merge into one coherent environment which could be best interpreted as a kind of Alice in Technoland”.

Dune 4.0
is part of a series interactive installations I make called ‘Liquid constructions’. There is Liquid Space, 4D-Pixel, Liquid 2.0, Wind 3.0, Dune 4.0 and for the U3 Triennale in Slovenia his is building Flow 5.0. Check out Regine’s recent interview with Daan about Dune 4.0 on wmmna.


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Catherine Perret in conversation with Joseph Nechvatal


CP: The most important contribution for art of the so-called New Technologies is that they introduce and/or let appear new process and forms of thinking. Is it possible to define them and their characteristics?

Do you think that New Technologies reveal these forms of thinking or that they introduce some kind of innovation in terms of methodological thinking?

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Cell Phone: Art and the Mobile Phone


0puiniok.jpg Cell Phone: Art and the Mobile Phone , at the the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, will explore some of the groundbreaking works that are being created by artists today using cell phone technologies. These works engage such features and technologies as camera phones, video phones, GPS, Bluetooth, ringtones, and messaging.

Cell Phone features 30 artists and artist collectives representing the range of artworks being created with and for a mobile phone device.

Some of the works in Cell Phone take the form of a sculptural object, like Beatrice Valentine Amrhein's Videos Lustre which features dozens of cell phones hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier, each running a short film on the cell phone's screen. Other works, like TXTual Healing by Paul Notzold, or cell:block by URBANtells, invite the audience to contribute content to a work through SMS or photos sent from their cell phones.

0mobilediscioj.jpgAnother category of works include those that involve downloading a program, a video, or an image to your mobile device. Angie Waller's, for example, expands the communicative possibilities of cell phones through a series of narrative animations that can be downloaded and sent to friends instead of a text message. Other works like Mark Shepard's Tactical Sound Garden or Blast Theory's Uncle Roy All Around You allows audience members to participate with others in an interactive performance. Making a call from a cell phone will connect visitors with yet another group of works in the exhibition. Talking on a cell phone while walking through Informationlab's room-sized installation Cell Phone Disco, for example, will make visible the aura of an active cell phone's signal by creating a trace of blinking lights on the gallery walls. In other works, a phone number will be given to access pieces ...


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Time-lapse video of Picasso making a painting, from start to finish


Time-lapse video of Picasso making a painting, from start to finish. Tinselman has more info on the video.


In 1955, French director, Henri-Georges Clouzot had the most amazing idea. He would film Pablo Picasso as he painted 20 artworks, ranging from quick sketches to widescreen color oil paintings.

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3-D Dark Side of the Moon


3D model of the Dark Side of The Moon cover


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Please announce: Chicago Motion Graphics Festival 2007


We are happy to announce:
Motion Graphics Festival 2007
The Premier Midwestern Event catering to 3D and Compositing Effects
January 25-28th 2007, various locations downtown Chicago

This four-day festival pairs daily educational opportunities with nightly industry events.

[ Thr ] Screen Magazine's Star Awards (see the nominees, )
[ Fri ] Motion Graphics Interactive Mixer @ Bridges Media Group
[ Sat ] Two Hi-Def Screenings of Festival Winners @ the Chicago Cultural Center
[ Sun ] Forward thinking online event in the virtual worlds of

The educational conference hosts workshop, lectures, panels and classes on all four days. Check the website below for a complete list of topics and presenters.

Also check out our website below for Festival Badges and individual tickets on sale now!

Also, Join us Wednesday night for our free informational Pre-party and DVD launch on Wed, Jan 24th @ Dulcene, 1431 N. Milwaukee Ave. from 7pm - 12am.

Also check our website for a poster: Feel free to post it at work places and message boards.

Thanks for your assistance,


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XT - Performance | Ã1 Kunstradio Webcast


michael mastrototaro:

We cordially invite you to our upcoming event, either as visitor on site or via internet:

Performance and Live-Webcast
as part of the exhibition
CROSSOVER III - photography and media art

Thursday, Jan 11th 2007, 7 pm (CET)
Währinger Straße 59/WUK, A - 1090 Wien

The process of crosstalking (XT) is the point of departure for the conjoint performance of the artists' collectives alien productions (Martin Breindl, Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka) and Machfeld (aka Sabine Maier und Michael Mastrototaro).

In telecommunication and telephony, crosstalk is often distinguishable as pieces of speech or leaking from other people's connections - hence the name. The artists will use this - normally unwanted - effect and base their performance exclusively on spoken word. They use their voice to trigger technical devices like sythesizer, vocoder, stylus printers or granular synthesis programs which themselves start to "crosstalk". The original signal will be gated out for listeners and also for the communicating artists. What remains are the sound events, processed in real time.

The performance will be webcasted live on . It also will be used as material for a reworked radio-art version which will be broadcasted on ORF Oe1, Kunstradio-Radiokunst on Jan. 28th, 2007, 11.05 pm (CET)

alien productions -
kunstradio -
fotogalerie wien -


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