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E.A.T. Archaeology


The label 'pioneer' gets applied fairly liberally to artists working with emerging technologies or scientists pursuing aesthetic applications for their inquiries. This term would be an understatement when it comes to E.A.T (Experiments in Art and Technology), the organization founded in October of 1966, by Bell Telephone research scientist Billy Kluver. The group indisputably created the Ur-text for contemporary technology-enabled performance. Their '9-Evenings: Theater & Engineering,' was a program of work by 10 artists--including Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Yvonne Rainer--made in collaboration with a group of 30 engineers and scientists who tailored then-innovative equipment, such as fiber-optic cameras and Doppler sonar, to the artists' projects. As legendary as the events have become, documentation of the performances has been hard to find--until now. Beginning on February 27th, E.A.T., Artpix, and Microcinema International will begin releasing a 10-part DVD series that documents each performance with archival sound recordings and film. The first release will be Robert Rauschenberg's 'Open Score,' the historic tennis match played using racquets equipped with portable FM transmitters, which climaxes with infrared video footage of a crowd swarming the pitch-black court. The second disk in the series comes out on June 26, but in the meantime, clips on the project's website offer an interim fix of excavated and lovingly-assembled footage. - Bill Hanley


Hz #9


Hz #9 presents:


THE COMPOSITION-INSTRUMENT: MUSICAL EMERGENCE AND INTERACTION by Nobert Herber Composer and sound artist Nobert Herber explores the question "What kinds of compositional technique can be used to create a music" in the field of computer games and interactive digital media where the line between "composition" and "instrument" is increasingly blurred.

LeWITT’S IDEAL CHILDREN by Domenico Quaranta "Software art is conceptual art's acknowledged son" is the hypothesis around which art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta builds his anyalisis on genealogy of software art: "Is the history of conceptual art relevant to the idea of software as art?"

DISSONANCE, SEX AND NOISE: (RE)BUILDING (HI)STORIES OF ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC by Miguel Álvarez Fernández Composer, musicologist and curator Miguel Álvarez Fernández deconstructs the reading of history of electroacoustic music through the concepts of dissonance and noise.

BEHIND TECHNOLOGY: SAMPLING, COPYLEFT, WIKIPEDIA AND TRANSFORMATION OF AUTHORSHIP AND CULTURE IN DIGITAL MEDIA by Sachiko Hayashi With sampling as starting point, artist Sachiko Hayashi relocates several issues relevant to the culture of digital media.*

OPENING UP PUBLIC SPACE by Art Clay By "using wearable computing technology within global ubiquitous networks as an art tool," sound artist Art Clay's new project "China Gate" opens up our civic space for "one of the most important functions of public performance: social interaction."

TIME AND REAL-TIME IN ONLINE ART by Ewa Wojtowicz "If there is a navigable cyberspace – does it imply navigable time as well?" New Media Art historian Ewa Wojtowicz examines net art practice that employs time from various perspectives.

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15x15 by Richard Vickers

CITYSNAPPER_5[BERLIN] by Olivier Vanderaa


{TRANSCRIPTION} by Michael Takeo Magrude

Hz is an on-line journal published by the non-profit art organization ...


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Ars Virtua Artist in Residence



Brad Kligerman

Ars Virtua is pleased to announce it's first Artist in Residence (AVAIR) Brad Kligerman.

AV will be hosting a mixer for the Second Life arts community and Ars Virtua supporters to welcome Kliger Dinkin and to help connect him up with resources and artists in Second Life. The event will be at 2pm SLT Saturday January 13th in "Greenland" in Chima at

Brad will be documenting his experiences at

AVAIR is an extended performance that examines what it is to be a resident in a place that has no location. The residency is 11 weeks long and will culminate in an exhibit in this new medium.

AVAIR is a 2006 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.


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[Game Over]



"Game Over" (2003) by Bani Abidi.


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#003 Live Cinema | CONT3XT.NET #01.07




#a.en [Re: magAzine] | #003 Live Cinema

Depending on how you set the boundaries, Live Cinema could be anything -- from the visuals of the VJ in the club last night to sophisticated realtime performances based on complex interaction between musicians and visual artists at renowned festivals. Generally it may be defined as a recently coined term for realtime audiovisual performances. In issue #003 of [Re: magazine] by CONT3XT.NET, Solu (a.k.a. Mia Makela) -- an active Live Cinema performer -- talks about her thesis (Live Cinema: Language and Elements) investigating the principles of this genre.


Abhaengig davon, wie man die Grenzen setzt, kann Live Cinema alles moegliche sein - von den Visuals im Club vergangene Nacht bis hin zu ausgereiften Echtzeitperformances, die auf der komplexen Interaktion zwischen Musikern und bildenden Kuenstler fussen und auf anerkannten Medienkunstfestivals gezeigt werden. Am ehesten laesst sich Live Cinema aber als in Echtzeit aufgefuehrte, audiovisuelle Perfomance beschreiben. In Ausgabe #003 des [Re: magazine] von CONT3XT.NET spricht Solu (a.k.a. Mia Makela), eine aktive Live Cinema Performerin, ueber ihre Diplomarbeit (Live Cinema: Language and Elements), in der sie den Prinzipien dieses Genres aufs den Grund geht.

__ to the interview with Solu [ ]

__ to former interviews [ ] (Locative Media, Amazon Noir)


CONT3XT.NET culture. information. media. fruits of everyday life. zvr: 999765999 vienna, austria


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EVA E FRANCO MATTES (0100101110101101.ORG): LOL


The Fabio Paris Art Gallery presents

Eva and Franco Mattes (0100101110101101.ORG)

January 20 - March 3, 2007

OPENING: Saturday, January 20, 6 pm
Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia, Italy
Show curated and catalogue edited by Domenico Quaranta

On occasion of their second solo exhibition at Fabio Paris Art Gallery, and for the first time in Italy, EVA AND FRANCO MATTES (0100101110101101.ORG) are to exhibit the project for which they have been awarded the Premio New York 2006.

For over a year Eva and Franco Mattes lived in the virtual world of Second Life, exploring its terrain and interacting with its peculiar inhabitants. The result of this "video game flânerie" is a series of portraits characterized by the bright colors, artificial lighting, polygonal shapes and surreal perspectives typical of virtual worlds. Overall, the series draws on the technological developments which allow the creation of alternate identities within simulated worlds.

"LOL" carries on the work that began with "13 Most Beautiful Avatars", an exhibition project that involved the physical space of the Italian Academy in New York and the virtual space of Ars Virtua Gallery (curated by, and is set to continue in February with the Mattes’ second solo exhibition at Postmasters Gallery in New York.

"LOL" features five portraits and a triptych, all dedicated to female avatars. The title of the show is an expression much used by the online community to express amusement or jollity ("Laugh Out Loud" or "Lots Of Laughs") or as a closing greeting ("Lots Of Love"). The fact that the Mattes duo refuse to explain the meaning of this ready-made of web communications leaves it open for interpretation: an artificial language for artificial life forms? A touch of sarcasm towards attempts to interpret a work that should be assessed primarily from ...


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Announcing Berkeley Digital Art Symposium


Richard Rinehart:

Hello Rhizomers, you are invited to...

New Media & Social Memory Jan. 18, 2007 UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is proud to present New Media & Social Memory, a public symposium to discuss strategies for preserving digital art at a time when digital technologies are evolving and becoming obsolete at an astonishingly rapid pace. While focussing on digital art, the symposium will also address larger concerns about the long-term conservation of our increasingly digital culture, including how we decide what digital materials - from Web sites to video games - are worth saving. The full day of presentations and panel discussions by leading experts in the field of digital preservation, including Stewart Brand and Bruce Sterling, will be held in the museum theater on Thursday, Jan. 18.

This symposium is open to the public free of charge; however, due to limited space, online registration is required. See attached image for program. For more information or to register, visit --

Richard Rinehart

Digital Media Director & Adjunct Curator Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

University of California, Berkeley

2625 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA, 94720-2250 ph.510.642.5240 fx.510.642.5269


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dolly zoom



dolly_zoom on wikipedia


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creative sparks: the artistic lives of machines


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One of the earliest known philosophical inquiries into the nature of creativity was Plato's Theory of Ideas, which ascribes all creativity to the supernatural. Only the gods had the power to create, and new ideas were planted in the minds of people by divine forces- a fire that burned within every human that we could tap to solve problems. While the idea of the supernatural origins of creativity doesn't enjoy a great deal of currency these days, what has remained is the notion that-save for few paint-happy chimps and elephants - creativity is fundamentally human. The course of every civilization can be described as a succession of innovations driven by human creativity. Our capacity for continuous improvement through creative exploration and expression is one of the hallmarks of the species.


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Exibition Piemonte Share Festival2007


Event: “Piemonte Share Festival 2007” Festival of culture and arts linked to the new media and digital technologies When: from Tuesday, 23rd January to Sunday, 28th January 2007 Where: Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti main premises Via Accademia Albertina, 6 - Torino website: e.mail

INAUGURATION: Accademia Albertina Tuesday 23rd January 2007 from 6 to 10 pm With aperitif and live performances

EXHIBITION: Share Award 2007 From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January 2007 Accademia Albertina Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from: 10 am – 8 pm /Saturday, Sunday from: 2 –8 pm

The works of the six Share Prize 2007 finalists will be exhibited in the Accademia Albertina exhibition rooms. The works that have been selected for the final phase are: [more...]


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