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Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty is an interactive installation by Claudia Hart and Michael Ferraro (2005) offering an alternate approach to virtual, sexual corporeality.

From the artists: Sleeping Beauty is an interactive odalisque, using a projected 3D animation that responds to a viewer's presence. Portraying the compressed time and space of painting, Sleeping Beauty shows a dreaming character whose slow, drowsy movements articulate all of the minutia of a single moment. This “painting” is life-sized in scale, constructing a representation that is more personae, penetrating a viewer's space whose actions may awaken her. When awakened, Beauty opens her eyes to gaze at the viewer, in a moment of transformation, allowing the object of our gaze to subject us to hers.

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cool stuff: terrorpilot



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ECOARTTECH - Practical Quicktimes


Cary Peppermint:
The Department of Ecology, Art, & Technology

Recent Works -------------------

Wilderness Trouble V1.0, 2007 (9.2MB) A Quicktime video and DVD, inspired by William Cronon’s article entitled “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature.” This article, which was critical to ecocriticism’s recent shift from deep to social ecological models, argues that the concept of “wilderness” has no basis in nature but is a historical and cultural construction. Cronon points out that the U.S. preoccupation with conserving “natural” spaces untouched by humans was a guise of American colonialism (throwing indigenous people off their land to make national parks), and his concern is that it fails today to imagine new, healthy, and sustainable relationships between humans and their environments. This meditational DV attempts to add a consideration of the digital to this reevaluation of wilderness—by refusing to separate modern human life from relatively “natural” environments and by thinking about nature and the digital technologies that make this work possible in the same frame.


Wilderness Information Network, Summer 2006 (31.8MB)

Quicktime documentary of an installation at the intersection of artist-curation and collaboration. Initiated by Cary Peppermint, this project included sound-art works from over thirty international artists. WildInfoNet encouraged artists to create sound works in the “voice” of ecological other, or to make works in which the artists’ considered themselves as human animal; beings within “nature” producing sound for unknowable others. The project was located 173 miles northwest of NYC, in the Catskill mountains of New York state, Hikers to the back-woods installation used wireless technologies and transistor radios to receive the information-art via .mp3 downloads and radio transmissions. This documentary is featured on DVD ...


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As-Found - Presidential Runner-ups


Presidential Runner-ups 1789 - 2004 Collected by Rafael Rozendaal


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lectures online! last night i watched a lecture by johnathon keats, a conceptual artist who tried to genetically engineer god.


Since its inception in Spring 1997, the Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium at UC Berkeley has presented numerous evening lectures from invited artist and media theorists. Through its international mailing list, web pages and posters, the series has established an international reputation for fostering intellectual dialogue at the intersection of Art, Technology, and Culture. Ken Goldberg (Professor, College of Engineering) initiated this lecture series with Kevin Radley (Art Practice).

Since 2001, BAM/PFA's Conversations program, in collaboration with the Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, has been proud to produce and present this online video archive of Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium talks

These talks are available in both QuickTime video format, for watching online, and MP3 audio format, for downloading and listening offline.

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Festival HTMlles 8: CROWD CONTROL



Call for Contributions

Deadline : EXTENSION to 15 January, 2007 :: Festival HTMlles 8 - Oct. 2007 :: CONTROLE DES MASSES | CROWD CONTROL :: The HTMlles Festival for Media Art and Networked Practices is a biennale event held in Montreal. An initiative of StudioXX feminist digital art and resource center, the HTMlles Festival is now entering it's 8th edition under the thematic title of "Crowd Control".

'Occurrences of inclusions and exclusions can be observed when tracking a migrating person, object or concept through time and theory, as well as space. The ability (or inability) to migrate is an invisible measure for the capacity to move. Who/what is able to move? What information is kept and what is left out? What is transferable and what is not? What are possible options for controlling the inclusions and exclusions ?'

The festival has developed into a vibrant International forum, bringing together women and active feminists working with technology. Originally founded as a 'web art' festival, the HTMlles maintains a focus on works and dialogs related to networking.

The HTMlles festival invites guest projects and presenters and extends a call for submissions of works to be selected by jury. HTMlles 8 : Crowd Control will be held in Montreal in October 2007. The call for project submission will close on January 5, 2007

The HTMlles festival is directed by curator Kyd Campbell in collaboration with the team of StudioXX, a programming committee and a dedicated festival staff.

links to further information and the online application forms:


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Any dorkbot-er in Berlin?


0dennandpatrk.jpgIf you're in Berlin on January 29 --to attend Transmediale or if you live here-- and if you're "doing strange things with electricity" then let us know. C-base is putting together its annual dorkbot. The programme is pretty defined but Gregor just told me that we could squeeze in one more project.

Send proposals to me (in comments or at reg at this domain) or to:
dorkbot at c-base dot org

Oh! Btw, what is a dorkbot? It's a group of affiliated organizations whose purpose if to nurture the electronic arts community and to encourage emerging, and established, artists to present new works for informal peer review.

Image from last year's edition of dorkbot made by Sascha.


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Via: Marieke Istha
Manifestation from 18 January - 17 March 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond
Netherlands Media Art Institute de Appel
Maison Descarte

Art in the New Field of Visibility is an event which aims to explore the complex interactions between art and media, within the context of the debate about the role and the function of image in our society. The program consists of a series of exhibitions, screenings and talks organized by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, the Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond, de Appel, Maison Descartes, Institut Fran���§ais des Pays-Bas, Institutul Cultural Roman Boekarest and the Goethe Institut Amsterdam.

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo / Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 6237101
F +31 (0)20 6244423


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under.ctrl: KONTROL Online Magazine



The Pornography of Fabricating Fear

KONTROL online magazine launches its first issue! :: Perspectives on control in the course of contemporary art, culture, technology, information channels and politics.

KONTROL is designed as an online magazine in English, featuring articles, interviews and reviews specifically on issues of control. The magazine has developed as part of the �under.ctrl� project by NOMAD. The editors of KONTROL are Basak Senova and Yane Calovski. The materials which are assembled for each issue will be structured around a sub-theme, include articles, reports, analytical studies, interviews, art projects, and photographs.

The sub-theme of this first issue is �the pornography of fabricating fear�. Contributors of the first issue are Inke Arns, Daniele Balit, Taeyoon Choi, Sebastian Cichocki, Maia Damianovic, Christoph Draeger, Marina Grzinic, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Glenn Ligon, Geert Lovink, Suzana Milevska, Ceren Oykut, Igor Stromajer, Tul Akbal Sualp, Zaneta Vangeli, and Ana Vujanovic.

KONTROL is designed by and hosted by NOMAD.


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Bodies Without Organisms


U-Ram Choe is a Korean artist whose work employs and toys with the language of sculpture. His large-scale, pseudo-scientific objects mirror lifeforms while imparting them with the almost-cliche adornments of machine aesthetics, including shiny metal, hard edges, and ambiguously curvy bodies. The organic nature of his 'active sculpture' is thrown into paradoxical relief by his balance of hard and soft, round and sharp, and machine-made versus hand-made. The artist recently installed an exhibition at Bitforms Gallery that marked his New York debut. The exhibition is up through January 20 and visitors to the show will find thoughtful meditations on the nature of movement and evolution, as it is materialized in metal and plastic. The works on view are given witty titles which seem to parody the vocabulary of the science community, and are complemented by narratives composed by the artist. The end result of this work is something which is, in fact, very body-like: clunky, self-conscious, and yet beautiful and romantic in its own poetic way. - Irene Wu