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DIGITAL BROADWAY is now seeking applications to its DIGITAL COMMISSIONS


Digital Broadway Commissions

DIGITAL BROADWAY is now seeking applications to its DIGITAL COMMISSIONS.

Broadway Cinema and Media Centre Nottingham has launched DIGITAL BROADWAY, its new exhibition programme of digital art and moving image. Broadway now has 4 distinct areas to exhibit moving image artwork within the building:

The Glass Screen - Large scale projections on the glazed front of the building. Viewable from the street and inside the Mezzanine bar

The Bar Screen - large projections in the popular ground floor cafe bar space

The Small Screens - an LCD screen network located around the building

Cinema Screen - Monthly screenings of artists' film and video (last Tuesday each month)

We are looking to commission exclusive art work for Broadway's Bar Screen and Glass Screen.

DIGITAL BROADWAY's visual direction is ambitious and iconic and we are interested in work that goes beyond the cinema screen, animates the widely used public building and creates links between the cinema, moving image and digital art.

Please download the Call for Entries and application forms from the Broadway website:

Deadline: 1 August 2007

Anna Petry
Digital Arts Development Officer
Broadway Cinema and Media Centre
14-18 Broad Street


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Intermedia Art Show



Public Performedia Collective

Intermedia Art Show (a collaboration between the International Festival of Contemporary Art, Experimental Art I.M.A.N. and Gallery Zero Berlin) :: Performance: July 7, 2007 ; 8:00 pm :: Artists: Alexandre A.R. Costa & Jorge Fernando dos Santos: Public Performedia Collective & Lucky Zulu + Hugo Paquete (sstfm) :: Portugal.

Public Performedia: This Project combines a live performative act, done In-Situ (City of Berlin), with a post-concert within the realm of electronic music / Experimental Intermedia Art Show. This Performance that begins a continuous process, and that culminates in an Intermediate experimental art show, will be established by the contextualization of the artists and their performative actions within emblematic buildings of Berlin (interiors and / or external sites).

Project Description (Live Art Work): Immobility, silence and disguises are key - concepts in this process, developed through an interrogative perspective of the daily social paradigm of our days in the deep of the wild "Business world", metaphorically referenced by the elements that these are holding and let fall and for the movement of the city itself, collected in the show in video audio and worked in digital Interfaces in real time.

Conclusion: Intermedia Art Presentation (Post-Live Art Work in Berlin):
In conclusion there are clearly two phases in question: the first one happens in a perspective of an investigation In-loco and In-Situ (during which Video Audio recordings are performed with the participation of audiences and the performing intervention of the Artists). The second moment happens with the Intermedia Presentation / Concert.

The video audio registrations on the mentioned action are worked in real time in an audio-visual/ Intermedia presentation (a minimal performing proposal and a subscription through the universe of electronic music) as exemplified by the following registrations included in the demonstration DVD herewith.


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Time For Some Art Speak


Time-based art has a long history and its pulse continues to tick, as they say. As diverse as time-based media may now be, it tends to lack much mystery (afterall, time--like space--is something we humans have studied... forever), except in the occasional narrative reliance on 'mystery' as a structuring element, and as such the medium is ripe for problematizing. This is precisely the accomplishment of Time Travelers, an exhibition and major spectacle of a panel discussion curated by Amelia Winger-Bearskin at Polvo, a Chicago-based alternative space founded by the Polvo artist collective. Winger-Bearskin's curatorial statement stakes out the show's territory, in declaring, 'Time Travelers recognizes that NEW MEDIA has incorrectly been identified as the repository for all art technologies utilizing a video camera, a computer, and an electrical outlet, but insists that as artists, first and foremost, we can use any f*&%@!’n media we want!' Included in the exhibition are emerging artists Artur Augustynowicz, Christopher Borkowski, Dietmar Krumery, Donata Napoli, and others, including the curiously-named artist(s) Haircuts by Robots and Universe of Junk. Last week, the space hosted a discussion on the present themes, which paradoxically predetermined, 'Each time a loaded art word is used, two or more universes will be created in which differing ideas become the dominate paradigm.' [Sic.] The self-described 'ridiculous blend of word-salad artspeak' no doubt dribbles over into the Free Manifestos advertised on Polvo's website. Look into the exhibition any time between now and July 28. - James Petrie


Eyebeam Fellowship Applications online!


Overview of Eyebeam Fellowships

The application process for Eyebeam's 2007/08 Fellowship program is currently open. The deadline for applications is August 6, 2007. All applicants will be informed of their application status by October 1, 2007. The program duration is for 11 months, running from November to September.

Fellowships will be offered in the R&D OpenLab, the Production Lab and the Education Lab. The focus of the Fellowships varies depending on the tools and skills available and the creative objectives and philosophy of each Lab. Up to five Fellowships will be granted for 2007/08.

For all of the Fellowships we are seeking applications from artists, hackers, designers, engineers and creative technologists to come to Eyebeam for a year to undertake new research and develop new work. The ideal Fellow has experience working with and making innovative technological art and/or creative technology projects and has a passion for collaborative development. Fellows will bring this experience and working approach to their own independent projects, projects initiated by other Residents or Fellows and projects conceived collaboratively during the Fellowship period.

Fellows are selected from an open call. International applicants are welcome to apply although we do not have the resources to provide travel or accommodation. We are happy to work with selected applicants, where required, to help them to secure funds to cover these expenses. International Fellows are responsible for securing their own visas for the Fellowship period.
Fellows receive a $30,000 stipend and health benefits during their stay. They are able to take on additional external teaching or consulting work, but there is an expectation that Fellows will be working at Eyebeam a minimum of four days a week.

Collaborative partnerships at Eyebeam will be fostered though ...


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1st YouTube Open Mic @ monkey town


1st YouTube Open Mic @ monkey town
Hosted by Lee Wells

Friday July 13, 2007, 12-3
Sign up at 11:30 pm

The YouTube Open Mic invites you to be one of the first to show us what you have found, made and remixed.

As Internet 2.0 fully comes into its own space, the rapid growth of video on the net through websites like YouTube, Revver, Veoh and many others continue to democratize the medium and the messages.

So come down to monkey town and join in on the fun with your favorite links, keywords and video sites. Asking everyone to create a favorites in your youtube profile labeled Friday the 13th.

Flyer at:
For more information contact: lee<at>leewells<dot>org

About Lee Wells
Wells is an artist, curator and co-founder of Perpetual Art Machine.

About Monkey Town
Monkey Town, founded in May 2003 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a restaurant space that privileges video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries. It hosts live music, dance, and a regular resident series of video and sound installations.

Monkey Town
58 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
phone 718 384 1369


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Becoming Animal by Minimaforms


Becoming Animal is an interactive performance piece developed by Minimaforms for this years Faster than Sound Festival in Bentwater's K9 building in Suffolk, England.

The project develops the story of the mythical three headed beast Kerberos, guardian of the underworld. The objective of the piece is to create an environment of performance through the collective participation and conversation of the Kerberos and participants in the event. Each participant’s presence stimulates the three heads of the Kerberos triggering behavioral interactions and exchanges. Interactions are expressed through sounds, facial expressions and general activity of the Kerberos. The continued dialogue between users and the Kerberos will demonstrate emotions such as love, hate and anger. Participants are given custom dog masks and are encouraged to interact with the Kerberos and each other. This collective playfulness will construct interactions that evolve and Become Animal.

For Images and More info:


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Museums in Libya 2.0


After several months of intense and exciting work, the project Museums in Libya 2.0 ( is already available on the Internet.

lamusediffuse is a nonprofit research group proposing the use of Social Web tools for the inclusion of non-dominant cultural expressions in the scopes of culture diffusion on the Internet. Accordingly with this objective, the project “Museums in Libya 2.0” is focused on two starting facts, the first is the lack of information about Libyan museums available in the website of the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) ( and the second is the apparent lack of museum websites in this country. As a consequence of this, the objective of our project has been overcoming both realities through the following actions,

Overcoming the gaps of Web 1.0 by using a methodology based on Web 2.0 tools as a flexible, interactive and participative alternative option of information exchange,
Proving Social Web academic usefulness and its tools as a valid and effective research tool,
Palliating the lack of contents on Libyan museums on AFRICOM website by compiling, contrasting and structuring the information available on the Internet about the subject,
Elaborating a reference map where gathering and locating the museums of Libya,
Raising awareness about the online institutional forgetfulness situation of Libyan Museums at the present time in comparison with others in the rest of the world,
Creating a methodological model for small museums and museums of developing countries or under conflict situations, reasonable in economic and maintenance terms,
Encouraging museum professionals to Web 2.0 tools use as an economic, simple and effective solution to overcome any lack of computer science personnel or tools and digital technology,
Emphasizing the importance and role of the Jamahiriya Museum of ...


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26th-28th July 2007
Starting time: 8pm
Quartiere Fieristico, Galatina (Le)

The StreamFest is the first international new media festival in South-East Italy, an event whose aim is to present the creative applications of the most advanced technologies in the Salento, an Italian region selected as a special location for the European cultural summer.
Running from the 26th to the 28th of June 2007, the Fair District of Galatina will host a sample of interactive installations and audiovisual experimentations by some of the forerunner of a research path which tends to conjugate images and music through the creation of VJ sections stretching beyond the usual modalities of live concerts and music videos.
Among the internationally acclaimed protagonists, the StreamFest will present the already historical HASCII CAM from Jaromil, the free radio war experience of Cecile Landman with SteamTime, the ambient installation of Scenocosme, the Italo-austrian duo with Salentinian roots, Casaluce-Geiger, the music of North-Europe with Lacklaster from Finland and Felix Randomix together with Carsten Schultz from Germany. The Italian VJ scene is represented, among others, by Flxer, Kinotek and Claudio Sinatti. During the StreamFest, a project created by the Master in Digital Environment of the NABA-Milan will also be presented.

StreamFest is a project of the Cultural Association “sud-eStream” (art director Antonio Rollo, with the consulency of Carlo Infante and the Performing Media Lab, Luca Barbeni from the Share Festival, and Giulia Mainent) in collaboration with Ente Fiera Salento S.p.a, supported by Regione Puglia, and with the patronage of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce and ITAS “G. Deledda” in Lecce.

The first edition of the StreamFest looks towards the future of the Salento region with the awareness that it is possible to conjugate technological development and the love ...


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Art makes a scene on Second Life



"One of the Best Places for Artists, Curators and Dealers to Meet"

With over 7m registered users, Second Life is an online virtual world complete with land, residents and a growing economy developing one of the largest art communities on the internet. The site's money-making and marketing potential to reach a new, younger audience is already being tapped by major corporations such as BMW, Adidas and Sony, which all have a presence there. Entire countries have also established virtual outposts. The Maldives was the first nation to open an embassy on Second Life's 'Diplomacy Island,' where visitors can consult an ambassador about visas, trade and other consular issues. It was quickly followed by Sweden, while online embassies for the Philippines and Macedonia are under development.

Museums, universities and non-profit-organisations are getting involved as well. In the art world, the Andy Warhol Foundation has helped fund exhibitions and projects in Second Life, such as 'Mixed Realities,' an annual juried competition set up in 2004 with, a group that has supported art on the internet since 1996, to commission five new online art works.

Continue reading Art makes a scene on Second Life: The online virtual world is becoming one of the best places for artists, curators and dealers to meet, by Helen Stoilas, July 4, 2007, The Art Newspaper.


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The immersed figure in an endless ground


Some photos of Blind Light, one of several installations by Antony Gormley now on view at The Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London till 19 August 2007.

As decribed by The Guardian, it's a 10-meter glass box fitted with "oscillating ultrasonic humidifiers to create a dense vapour reducing the visibility inside."

Says the artist, "Architecture is supposed to be the location of security and certainty about where you are. It is supposed to protect you from the weather, from darkness, from uncertainty. Blind Light undermines all of that. You enter this interior space that is the equivalent of being on top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea. It is very important for me that inside it you find the outside.'

Obviously we won't be able to physically experience Gromley's foggy exterior-interior, so at best we can only remark here how it reminds us not only of Philip Johnson's recently opened Glass House, arguably one of the finest examples of landscapes wherein the interior and exterior spaces are collapsed together quite harmoniously, and, curiously enough, of certain 18th century French salles � manger decorated to resemble the outdoors, such as a forest glade, whereby the vault over the room appears to be formed by arcing tree limbs and the floor a grassy lawn (e.g., the upper-left rump room in Ribart's elephant-house-fountain), but also of the borderless, architecture-less void prison in George Lucas' THX 1138 to where the eponynous rebel gets imprisoned and tortured, becoming, to use Gromley's words, "the immersed figure in an endless ground, literally the subject of the work "of a different, decidedly sinister kind.


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