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Explosive Political Spectacles!


Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung's work combines internet art, interactive installation, video, sound, and performance art. Born in Hong Kong, he studied art in San Francisco, where this blending of genres has become a genre of its own, and he now lives primarily in New York City. Overlapping and juxtaposition are, in fact, at the heart of Hung's work. His large-scale images are rich collages that represent elaborate tableaus. Like his humorous videos and often DIY installations, the images Hung constructs are allegorical in form and create semi-fictional relationships between political figures, corporations, and other mass media iconography. For instance, his recent video, 'Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People,' merges internet imagery and original animation with 80s pop and psychedelic graphics to situate George W. Bush and the members of his cabinet in relationship to American pop cultural figures ranging from Britney Spears and the cast of the TV show Friends, to Terminator to Lord of the Rings. Ultimately, the work comments on the spectacle of political rhetoric--something Hung is clearly skilled at dissecting and reassembling. His website is a treasure trove of smart, funny work. - Marisa Olson


Mr.T1 - Determine Your Bandwidth Speed With Mr.T.


Here's some information on version 1.0 of Mr.T1, a new project I am launching that fits into the larger theme of 'parastic networks' (both hardware and software) I've been working on. 'Mr. T1' is a bandwidth meter detector/monitor that runs as a standalone, cross-platform (OSX, Linux, Windows) application. The project constantly checks the current speed of the connected network and if it reaches that of a standard T1 line (1.5mbit/sec) or higher then a Mr.T sound sample is triggered in the form of 'I Pity The Fool' or one of Mr.T's other various sayings. The project playfully examines the metaphorical connection between fictional characters from mainstream entertainment media and the naming conventions of modern communication systems such as the Internet. It also stems from my experience of working in many different lab environments where bandwidth speed has always been an issue concerning people using shared Internet resources.

You can download version 1.0 of the application from the project page.


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Teri Rueb: Core Sample



Core Sample by Teri Rueb :: Art on the Harbor Islands (Boston) :: June 23 - October 8, 2007 :: Spectacle Island & ICA Founders Gallery.

Spectacle Island was recently transformed into a publicly accessible landfill park after serving the city of Boston as a dump for nearly a century. Core Sample is a GPS-based interactive sound walk that evokes the material and cultural histories contained in and suggested by the landscape of this very unique island environment. Visitors take the 15 minute journey to Spectacle Island via the Harbor Islands Express Ferry from Long Wharf and borrow headsets free of charge at the Spectacle Island Visitor Center. Sounds play back automatically in response to each visitor’s unique itinerary. Thematic sound content shifts with the changing elevation contours of the path system suggesting the vertical layers of a metaphoric core sample. Abstract sounds and spoken word blur surface and core, natural and artificial, industrial and organic, past, present and future.


The installation has a corollary presence in the Founders Gallery at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art where a ninety-nine foot sound sculpture appears as an architectural element installed along the length of the gallery which offers panoramic views of Boston Harbor. The two sites are engaged dialogically as each references the other abstractly through the disjunction between what is seen and what is heard.

Art on the Harbor Islands is a multi-sensory discovery of the Boston Harbor Islands’ remarkable resources--water and sky, sand and city, historic sites and new trails, all just a ferry ride from the heart of Boston. This national park area, home to beaches, marinas, walking trails, picnic sites, and wildlife, provides inspiration for four new contemporary art projects. Leading artists and architects who examine our relationship to the spaces around us-whether abandoned buildings, progressive design, or the natural world-present ...


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[getty images’ hollywood (phony) by Joel Holmberg]



getty images’ hollywood (phony) by Joel Holmberg.


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NEW WORKS////////

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20th century foxes


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UPGRADE! Tijuana - July 25, 2007



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TEXT a::minima Feature on Molleindustria


Download PDF file

Molleindustria is a project that takes aim at starting a serious discussion about social and political implications of the videogames. Using simple but sharp games we hope to give some starting point for a new generation of critical game developer and, above all, to test pratices that can be easly emulated and virally diffused. So far we have published nine games (four of them are available only in italian), some theoretical essays and other web-based project like Mayday NetParade or

A spectre is haunting the net: the spectre of political games. Small and viral online games able to spread dissonant messages. They emerge and disappear in the ever-changing world of the blog, forum and mailing lists. Sometimes they are blended into the undeground gamedesign scene, sometimes they pop in the glossy pages of popular magazines, sometimes they are disguised as works of art.

I’m talking about a spectre because political games don’t exist, or better, they have always existed: every video game - as every cultural product - reflect author’s ideas, visions and ideologies. Every video game is essentially political.

Why super Mario is a plunder? Has anybody ever seen him fixing a pipe? He probably fit better into the shoes of a rampant Wall Street broker, a social climber who attack every being that comes across his path. His eternal dissatisfaction, his continuous run, his orderliness in killing enemies sounds suspicious. In the typical level-based structure of arcade games we can recognize some qualities of the yuppie ideology: success is like a ladder that gets harder and harder to climb. There are many partial achievements but the whole plan is often difficult to understand. Individualism, competition an accumulation of useless points are constant. It's the neo-liberal short-sightedness, the means that becomes the ...


This PDF file is released in collaboration with a minima:: new media magazine, published in English and Spanish. For more information on the publication, please visit

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Bard College Tech/Action: Games Conflict Simuation


ed halter:

For those of you near Bard College, please come by this weekend for our mini conference Games Simulation and Conflict, part of the College's Tech/Action series, presented by The Human Rights Project the dept of Film and Electronic Arts, and the Science Technology and Society program.

All events are free and open to the public.

Friday includes an enactment of Buckminster Fuller's World Game, a screening of the documentary 8 Bit, and musical performance by gameboy maestro Bitshifter.

On Saturday, talks and presentations by Eddo Stern (Darkgame, Waco Ressurrection), McKenzie Wark (author of the recent Gamer Theory) and Alexander Galloway (Gaming, RSG), Bard students (and real world bloggers!) Bonnie Ruberg and Scott Jon Siegel, as well as yours truly. Plus: Whiffle Hurling!




Click-through for the full program.

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PopRally on July 24:


The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
8:00 - 11:00 p.m.

In conjunction with MoMA's media exhibition Automatic Update, PopRally, presents an evening of live performances, art, and music with the artist collective Paper Rad, featuring Cory Arcangel and special guests. PopRally is a series of events for young New Yorkers.

Influenced by 1980s mass media and pop iconography--from Garfield to Gumby to Trolls--Paper Rad (Jessica Ciocci, Jacob Ciocci, and Ben Jones) playfully combines found footage from TV and the Internet with original animations to create utopian, rainbow-filled environments of throwaway technology and images that have permeated the last two decades.

This event will feature music and multi-media performances by Ben Jones, Cory Arcangel, Slow Jams Band, and DJ Jazzy Jexxx. The artists create a psychedelic landscape where viewers can tune in, tune out, revel, and reflect on the ways in which the new-media era of the recent past has changed the way we comprehend art, music, and culture.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 8:00 - 11:00 p.m.

TICKETS: $10 and are available at MoMA's lobby information desk and Film desk, or online through


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Call for Projects VIDA 10.0


VIDA 10.0 is an international competition created to reward excellence in artistic creativity in the fields of Artificial Life and related disciplines, such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence.We are looking for artistic projects that address the interaction between "synthetic" and "organic" life". In previous years prizes have been awarded to artistic projects using autonomous robots, avatars, recursive chaotic algorithms, knowbots, cellular automata, computer viruses, virtual ecologies that evolve with user participation, and works that highlight the social side of Artificial Life.

Please find the call for projects here


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