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Experimenta Playground


EXPERIMENTA PLAYGROUND: International Biennial of Media Art

25 August - 23 September
Opening night Friday 24 August, 7pm

The Arts Centre BlackBox
100 St Kilda Rd (River Terrace, rear of Hamer Hall)
Melbourne, VIC Australia
Open daily 12noon-8pm

Escape into an exhibition of unique art and creative technology that transforms the gallery into a place of delightful discovery.

Featuring innovative and playful artworks by Australian and international artists, this art begs to be touched and invites your interaction. This is cutting-edge, sophisticated, beautifully designed art that steps out from the shadows of computer games and leaves mouse, keyboard and joystick behind. Rediscover sensuousness in contemporary art. Experience the evocative, pure emotion and the absurd through interactive artworks, video installations, and extreme art on screen.

Featured artists include:
Shaun Gladwell (Australia):: Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey (Australia)::Gavin Sade, Matt Dwyer, Priscilla Bracks (Australia)::Angela Barnett, Andrew Buchanan, Darren Ballingall, Christian Rubino, Chris Mackellar (Australia)::Shu Lea Cheang (Taiwan/Paris):: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy (USA)::Philip Worthington (UK):: Hiraki Sawa (Japan/UK)::June Bum Park (Korea)::Peter Fischli & David Weiss (Switzerland).

For more information, visit


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Semeiotic is an autonomous biorobotic plant which climbs up a living tree and forms a symbiotic relationship with it. Its purpose is to achieve an intimate and balanced relationship between the artificial and the natural.

The installation consists of a water collector in place of a tuber, solar panels instead of leaves, rubber tubes and an artificial fruit. Inside the fruit there is nutritive soil in which microorganisms reproduce. After gradual ‘ripening’ the ‘fruit’ is released due to excessive pressure. It falls down, where it fertilizes the host tree. A ’seed’, which is actually a SD card is placed inside the fruit. All the data necessary for the breeding of a new symbiont is put into the card. A microcontroller guarantees the accuracy of the growth process and is in control of the whole procedure. Symbiont offers nutrients, which promote growth of the host plant, in exchange for a better access to light (i.e. Solar panels in the treetop).

Originally seen at Organism.

Note: For similar works and ideas see Parasitic networks and opportunism in urban space, Eco-related networks and More on eco-related networks.


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Torrent Raiders


Torrent Raiders is a dynamic network visualization realized through the idioms and aesthetics of arcade-style video games. Driven in real-time by the activity of bit torrent swarms, Torrent Raiders takes place on the ad-hoc networks created by bit torrent users. Torrent Raiders was created by Aaron Meyers for his MFA thesis project at the USC Interactive Media Division.

Via info aesthetics


Torrent Raiders is a 2007 Rhizome Commission.

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Troyano Collective Stream


Eduardo Navas:


Troyano Collective's presentation at Calit2/CRCA, which originally took place on May 29th is now online.

Direct link to realplayer:

I would like to thank CRCA and Calit2, in particular Helena Bistrow, Todd Margolis, Toshiro Yamada, and Matthews, Alexander, as well as CRCA's director Sheldon Brown for their ongoing support with my research.



Info about Troyano below: -----

TROYANO Collective presents their publication Art and Digital Culture

The Chilean Collective TROYANO will present their recent bilingual publication, Art and Digital Culture, at CRCA on UCSD campus, on Tuesday, May 29th 4-7 PM in the Main Auditorium in Atkinson Hall.

TROYANO's members, Alejandro Albornoz, Ignacio Nieto, Italo Tello and Ricardo Vega, will discuss their past projects which have made possible their recent publication. Moderator for the panel is Eduardo Navas.

TROYANO is an artist collective from Chile which formed in 2005 to do interdisciplinary research on art and digital culture. Their recent publication, Art and Digital Culture, brought together work from contributors as diverse as artists and theorists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, and the U.S. This publication grew out of two major conferences TROYANO organized in 2005 and 2006 with the support of the Spanish Cultural Center and the Museum of Contemporary art in Santiago, Chile: Elena (2005) and Updating, Art and Technology (2006).

TROYANO's presentations in Southern California are made possible by the joint efforts of:

Telic Arts Exchange ( ) The UCLA Latin American Center ( The interdisciplinary working group, Visiones: Art & Activism in the Americas The Center for Research in Computing in the Arts (http://crca.ucsd ...


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CLUI exhibit - Pavement Paradise: American Parking Space


ryan griffis:

Begin forwarded message:
Now on display -

Pavement Paradise:
American Parking Space

An exhibit about the liminal, substanceless, and static space of

automotive transience.

In the Los Angeles exhibit space beginning June 1, 2007

This exhibit is made possible in part by The Department of Cultural

Affairs, City of Los Angeles

and the CLUI Transportation Program.


The CLUI Los Angeles Exhibit Hall is open noon to five PM,
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, or by appointment.
Admission is free.



The Center for Land Use Interpretation
9331 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
310.839.5722 office
310.839.6678 fax
support (at) clui (dot) org


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The virtual bleeds into the real


While computer graphics, animation and games get more 'real', far more interesting to me are the cases where the virtual bleeds into the real.

The best recent example of this was "Modern Japanese Classic" the wire-frame sculpture of a Subaru Impreza by artist Benedict Radcliffe. It was recently parked outside a gallery in Mayfair which was showing more work by Radcliffe inside.

The wireframe car, sits impassively, unexplained, a ghost from the virtual. It marks a point of slippage between the world and a mirror world. It certainly confused the hell out of local parking wardens, who issued it with a number of tickets.

This slippage between the real and the virtual - sometimes called Hybrid reality - is also the work of artist Aram Bartholl. In the installation Speed, he faithfully recreated the track marker arrow from the computer game Need for Speed in Bremen, Germany.



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Turbulence Commissions: Mixed Realities


Turbulence Commissions: "Mixed Realities"
Venues: Ars Virtua (Second Life); Huret & Spector Gallery (Emerson College, Boston); and

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of "Mixed Realities," an international juried competition and exhibition. The five commissioned works ($5,000 each) will be exhibited simultaneously at Ars Virtua (Second Life), Huret & Spector Gallery (Boston), and in spring 2008.



REMOTELY COUPLED DEVICES by Usman Haque, Georg Tremmel and Neill Zero

NO MATTER by Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott

THE VITRUVIAN WORLD by Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker and David Steele

CATERWAUL by Pierre Proske, with technical assistance from Artem Baguinski and Brigit Lichtenegger

The competition was juried by Yasmine Abbas, Founder, Neo-Nomad; Michael Frumin, Technical Director Emeritus, Eyebeam; James Morgan, Director, Ars Virtua; Trebor Scholz, Founder, Institute for Distributed Creativity; and Helen Thorington, Co-Director, Turbulence.


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Art in Advanced Capitalism


This week, the Italian city of Venice will host more than just the famous Biennale and its roster of established artists. The Laboratorio Occupato Morion, an independent cultural space located in the historical area of Venice, presents Challengers, an event occurring from June 7-9, that includes several projects, from screenings to lectures and conferences. Concurrent radio broadcasts on the organization's Sherwood Radio station will link the work on view with the events unfolding simultaneously at the G8 summit, in Germany. This effort to keep the art world VIP's visiting Venice aware of the events in Rostock conveys the organizers' intent to highlight politically-engaged work. The best example is the video program 'art-e-conomy,' selected by curator Marko Stamenkovic, that brings together works by six artists and artist collectives that examine 'labor' as an ideology and a practice in advanced capitalism. Topics such as work conditions, unemployment, corporate ethics, and social security figure in the featured pieces. For example, Carlos Motta's 'SEPTEMBER 22' documents an illegal street vendor evacuation action by Sao Paulo police, creating a powerful metaphor of migrant policies worldwide. Also notable is Julia Klaring & Nils Olger's '[ ]' that reveals the routine of a company's female worker as well as her thoughts about it, constituting a poetic reflection on office life. By critically exploring the economic models that shape contemporary society, these artists present ways of structuring human existence in new, alternative systems, placing utopia at the front of their artistic output. - Miguel Amado


Passage Oublié



Let's Talk About Rendition Flights

Passage Oublie is an interactive artwork allowing the public to send messages to a touchscreen kiosk located in Toronto Pearson's International Airport. Messages received are animated along flight trajectories on a map featuring airports involved in rendition flights. Passage Oublie invites citizens of the world in transit at Pearson's International Airport to send messages (sms and web) relating to these questions: Are rendition flights an acceptable means of dealing with new terrorism threats? How does their use affect a country's credibility as a defender of liberty? Does the end justify the means when it comes to pre-emptive war on terror? Are we compromising on the liberal democracies' cherished principal of innocent-until-proven-guilty?

How to send a message: 416 300-7669 (sms starting July 1st; the airport wireless hotspots provide free access to this URL). All messages will be curated by the artists: Maroussia Levesque, Jason Lewis, Yannick Assogba and Raed Mousa at Obx laboratory for Experimental Media.

With the support of Year 01, Concordia University, Hexagram.


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Mobile Phone Video Art Classics


[From the linked site:]

E:ventGallery is delighted to present an exhibition of work by Mark Amerika.

Private View: Thursday 5 July, 7-11pm

Mark Amerika's recent artwork has investigated the emergence of digitally constructed identities, theoretical fictions, meta-histories, and collaborative networks. In his new artwork, Mobile Phone Video Art Classics (MPVAC), the artist composts various art personas and artworks into a narrative sequence of mobile phone video images that conjure up both the spirits of the past as well as hauntological actors of the present.

Part DVD installation, part Powerpoint presentation, and part blog performance, MPVAC reedits art history using low-tech mobile phone technology and simple iMovie software. Starring Salvador Dali, Bruce Nauman, Mark Amerika, Nam June Paik, Baby Jane Holzer, Susan Sontag, Marilyn Manson, and Madonna as themselves.

Amerika returns to the UK this summer to undertake a collection of media interventions. These include a visiting artist residency at iRES, University College Falmouth, Cornwall. As part of this residency he will deliver a keynote address at the 'Disrupting Narratives' symposium at Tate Modern on July 13th. Amerika is also launching his latest book 'META/DATA' (MIT Press, 2007).



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