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TRANSITIONERS, an exhibition by Societe Realiste at ZDB, Lisbon


an exhibition by Societe Realiste,
at Ze dos Bois, Lisbon.

23rd June =96 22nd September 2007
Opening: Friday, 22 June, 22 h

Societe Realiste's Transitioners is a trend design agency specialized in political transitions. Transposing the principles of prospective design, generally used by "fashion trend agencies", to the field of politics, Societe Realiste questions the revolution (transition?) as a central category for the contemporary western society. Transitioners surveys the mutations of the revolution as a form. How a "democratic transition" can be produced? What is the role of design in the permanent conversion of politics into mythology? How the effect of an event on people can be transformed into a controlled affect?

The project was conceived has a series of exhibitions, already presented this year at Kunstpavillon (Innsbruck), at MKTTK for the 2nd Moscow Bienale and at Mains d'Oeuvres (Paris). In 2006, the project had been launched at Trafo Galeria, Budapest.

Societe Realiste is an artistic cooperative created by Ferenc Grof and Jean-Baptiste Naudy in June 2004. They work and live in Paris.

ZDB is an independent structure created in 1994, which occupies a unique place in what concerns production and promotion of up and coming contemporary art in Portugal.

Further information:

Rua da Barroca, 59
1200-047 Lisboa
+35 213430205 / /


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Rhizome 2007-08 Commissions Announcement


Rhizome is pleased to announce increased funding for its Commissions Program. This year, eleven emerging artists/ collectives have been awarded commissions, for a total of $23,000, in support of new works of Internet-based art. The commissioned works will be presented on and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as archived in Rhizome's online archive, the ArtBase.

The commissioned artworks were selected by Rhizome members and a jury composed of Suhjung Hur, Curator, Art Center Nabi; Rudolf Freiling, Curator of Media Arts, SFMoMA; Marc Garrett, CoFounder and CoDirector of Furtherfield; Christina Ray, Founder and Director of Glowlab and the Conflux Festival; and Lauren Cornell and Marisa Olson of Rhizome. Rhizome members awarded three of the eleven commissions including our first ever Community Award, a new category created to support projects that enhance participation and communication on This award went to (Tyler Jacobsen & Kim Schnaubert) for zHarmony (see below for details).

The Rhizome Commissions program is supported, in part, by funds from the Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support is provided by generous individuals and Rhizome members.

08 Commissions online at:

Descriptions and proposal urls are below.

Add Art ---- Member Selection
By Steve Lambert with Evan Harper at Eyebeam OpenLab
AddArt is a Firefox extension which replaces advertising images on web pages with art images from a curated database.

by Jack Stockholm
Eavesdropping is a networked audio system designed for guerilla performance to raise awareness of our ambient communication in public spaces. This project highlights the intentionality and exhibitionism of bringing our private actions ...


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Blogumenta opens today


Initiated by Robert Labossiere, Blogumenta is a response to the confluence of super-sized art events taking place in Europe at the moment: the Venice Biennale, the Muenster Sculpture Project, Art Basel, and of course, Documenta.

I call it a response, but Blogumenta is more than that - it is a different kind of art event entirely. It has no physical gallery to visit, but there is an image repository on the website and in Facebook, one of the most popular social networking websites. It has no curator, but it was initiated by Robert and he is also the "Admin" of the Facebook group. The work itself is not for sale, but in the "Shopumenta" online store, you can purchase a Blogumenta ringer tee.

From the Facebook group page:

"Blogumenta may be Facebook's first art gallery/art fair. Anyone can join and submit an artwork by uploading a photo or writing on the wall or any other way you can think of to contribute. Everything is subject to moderation by admin. Please be courteous.

Blogumenta has approximately 7 days to assemble an online exhibition comparable in scope to Documenta XII, arguably the most prestigious art fair in the world, held only every four years in Kassel, Germany. But enough about them! join, contribute, blog like you ment a."

Today is the opening ceremony of Blogumenta, and Facebook users are asked to change their profile picture to acknowledge this. A selection of images have been made available to Facebook users (examples here:, and slowly but surely, I’m witnessing the Blogumenta-fication of profile photos. If you're on Facebook, join the fun - and if you're not, visit to comment, submit images, or browse the Shopumenta store. ...


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Video Games: Now Americana, Pac-Man and Its Ilk May Gobble Auction Bids


In the near future video games may attain the exalted levels of cultural respect now reserved for pop jingles and situation comedies. When that happens, consumers and collectors alike may discover a reverence for artifacts from gaming's misty past (also known as the 1970s and 80s).

Sotheby's New York believes that moment is now. In its auction next Thursday, Fine Books and Manuscripts Including Americana, Lot 151 will be an archive of roughly 2,200 drawings, schematics, diagrams and other documents generated in the early 1980s by Atari, arguably America's most important video game pioneer.

Estimated sale price: $150,000 to $250,000.



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Rebirth in Bits and Bodies


Currently on view in Washington DC, and well-documented online, is Renascence, a juried exhibition of work by 'artists with disabilities who combine visual art and technology.' The show's title refers to a form of rebirth, and together, the work of artists Mary Behr, Hans Bernhard, Clovis Blackwell, Ju Gosling, Leon Kim, Lihua Lei, Chas de Swiet, and Kurt Weston investigates the role of new media in bringing the senses, and sensual perception 'back to life.' As such, the installations are not entirely about disability, but certainly filter the personal experience of disability through this lens, exploring its relationship to perception. For instance, Lihua Lei's installation, Phantom Pain, uses sculpture, light, film, and audio to explore the phenomena of phantom limbs. Taking up disability as both subject and metaphor, legally blind artist Kurt Weston's work explores audio-visual distortion, while Ju Gosling (a.k.a. ju90) uses multimedia performance to explore not only physical movement, but also the political movement surrounding disability arts. The show is organized by VSA Arts, an affiliate of the prestigious Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, with the mission of highlighting 'the accomplishments of artists with disabilities and promot[ing] increased access to the arts for people with disabilities.' An introductory essay to the exhibition, by artist and professor Patrick Lichty, also points to the fact that new media often present challenges to people with disabilities, for economic, ergonomic, and other reasons. The artists have clearly overcome these and other challenges, to present compelling work. This show is on view through June 28 in the Kennedy Center's Terrace Gallery. - Angela Moreno


onKawaraUpdate (v2)



MTAA has released a new net art project entitled onKawaraUpdate (v2).

This piece updates and automates the process-oriented nature of On Kawara’s date paintings. The artist’s labor is essential to process-oriented art. What happens when that labor is removed?

If the web site is visited by anyone on a particular day, a date page is created. If no one visits on a particular day, no date page is created.

It is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL. (Download the source code.)


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Live Stage: Zach Layton at Roulette [NYC]


zach2.jpgRoulette: Zach Layton :: June 26, 2007; 8:30 pm :: 20 Greene St. (between Canal and Grand) 2 blocks west of Broadway :: $15 at the Door :: Harvestworks, DTW members, students, seniors: $10 :: Roulette & Location One, members free :: Reservations: 212.219.8242.

Dense layers of low frequency oscillations, intersecting with synchronized abstract visualizations. Live interactions between electric guitar and laptop and a new work for multiple voices, winds, percussion and electronics by Ray Sweeten (synthesizer) and Bruce Tovsky (laptop) with text written and narrated by Vito Acconci.

Zach Layton is a New York based composer and artist interested in biofeedback techniques, psychoacoustics, perception and generative algorithms. His work investigates complex relationships created through the interaction of simple core elements like sinewaves or kinetic visual patterns. His interest in biofeedback led him into the research of music produced by human brainwaves, and he subsequently built a homemade Electroencephalagrah (EEG), which he sometimes uses in performance.

Zach’s work has been performed by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and he has performed experimental electronic music and exhibited at the International Congress for Performance Art in Berlin, Neue Berliner Initiative, Bushwick Arts Project, St. Mark’s Ontological Hysterical Theater, Dumbo Arts Festival, New York Digital Salon, Monkeytown and many other venues in New York and Europe. He also is the curator of Brooklyn’s monthly experimental music series “darmstadt: classics of the avant garde” which features leading composers and improvisers from around New York City. Zach has received grants from the Netherlands America Foundation and the Jerome Foundation and is a student at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.


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Neural n. 27



Celebrating 10 years

The new printed Neural issue in English is available. celebrates 10 years of activity! Please check it and subscribe to RSS feeds, if you want :: 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! 3 issues + EXCLUSIVE DVD BY GRENZE (Helsinki, 2006); Europe 24,90 Euro - World 38.97 U.S. Dollars :: BACK ISSUES:

Neural n. 27 contents: . Cornelia Sollfrank (interview) . Arthur Kroker (interview) . news (Mire.project, Journal, Wordie, Email Clock Independent Robotic Community) . reviews (Book of Imaginary Media, In Human Format, City2City, Electronic Literature Collection 1, At the Edge of Art Words in Flux, GameScenes, Designing Interactions) . centerfold: 'netPong' by Oriol Ferrer Mesia. . Girl Talk (interview) . Kim Cascone (interview) . Alex McLean, Live Coding (interview). news: (SoniColumn, Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir, Ambient Addition, Breadboard Band, Forester) . reviews: (Vj, RT-32 Acoustic Space Lab, Synken, We Are All Drifting, 7ft_Konka, Women Take Back The Noise) . reviews cd: (Muslimgauze, @C, Funkstorung, Johan Johannsson, Kim Cascone, Nathan Davis, Mattin, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rosy Parlane, Strange Attractor vs Disinformation, Eric La Casa, Freiband, Flim, The Alps, Cagesan, Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen, Peter Rehberg, Marc Behrens and Paolo Raposo, Nick Didkovsky, Blotnik Brothers).

hacktivism: . Pirate Bay legal response style . Thieves of the Invisible . An Education and Labor Dispatch, by Trebor Scholz . news (PigeonBlog, Fake Progress Bar, View Finder Heatmap, Ad Generator, Logo.Hallucination) . reviews: ([the] xxxxx [reader], M.White - The Body and the Screen, H. Wagenbreth - Cry for Help, 36 scam Emails from Africa, F.Snelting+P.Westenberg - The Language of Sharing, T. Hansen - What Does Public Mean?)


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Dubious Views: questioning institutional representations


Dubious Views is an online exhibition funded by the Virtual Museum Project of Canada, and produced by Gallery TPW.

Dubious Views interrogates institutional representations in tourism, surveillance, and mapping, and is divided into two halves: "Subversive Souvenirs" and "Subversive Cartography".

Curators: Michelle Kasprzak, Michael Alstad, Shawn Micallef

Artists include: David Rokeby, Surveillance Camera Players, Michelle Teran, Proboscis, Sylvia Grace Borda, Janet Cardiff, Eugene Atget, Nikki S. Lee, Charles Marville, Roger Minick, [murmur], N.E. Thing Co., Shelley Niro, Louise Noguchi, Mitch Robertson, Ed Ruscha, Camille Turner, Jin-me Yoon, and more.

To access the exhibition, please visit the Virtual Museums of Canada website:


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“Google Image Search“, 2004. Working from a list of around 70 words, covering a wide range of references and pre-conceived notions




Google Image Search“, 2004. Working from a list of around 70 words, covering a wide range of references and pre-conceived notions, Google’s image search feature was used to find the 20 most viewed images for each word, which were appropriated to create 60 second slide show-style videos. By Sandy Smith.


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