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Guthrie Lonergan's research blog is an online sketchbook, containing projects in varying stages of completion, as well as ideas and found material. TIMELINE 1 is a very brief outline of music history, according to the artist, that starts with "pre-1960s" and winds up to 2006.

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A lab is a lab is a lab at The Kitchen, NYC


For Immediate Release

The Kitchen presents A lab is a lab is a lab

The Kitchen presents an evening of live-cinema featuring unique collaborations between sound and image makers. Utilizing unusual instruments and sound sources including the theremin, brainwave monitors, oscilloscopes, contact microphones, anamorphic lenses, and the magic lantern, participating artists Maria Chavez, Angie Eng, Bradley Eros, Andy Graydon, Sarah Ibrahim, Zach Layton, Anthony Ptak, Joel Schlemowitz, Lary Seven, Ray Sweeten, and Keiko Uenishi will explore the subversions and rediscoveries connecting science, mystery, and desire. Organized by artist and curator Bradley Eros and Assistant Curator at The Kitchen Matthew Lyons, this event will take place at The Kitchen (512 West 19th Street) on Thursday, May 24 at 8pm. Tickets are $5.


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net art, 2002


There are some old school net art pieces to be found here... ~mo

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Tom R. Chambers' MY DEAR MALEVICH is part of aniGma-4, the Fourth Novosibirsk International Festival of Digital Imaging on exhibit at the Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia [May, 2007].

This homage to Kasimir Malevich is a confirmation of Chambers' Pixelscapes as Minimal Art and in keeping with Malevich's Suprematism ... the feeling of nonobjectivity ... the creation of a sense of bliss and wonder via abstraction. Chambers' action of looking within a Malevich photo to find the basic component(s) ... pixel(s) is the same action as Malevich looking within himself ... inside the objective world ... for a pure feeling in creative art to find his "Black Square", "Black Cross" and other Suprematist works.


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Upgrade! Paris


Igor Stromajer
Ballettikka Internettikka

Mediator: Anne Roquigny
Date: Friday, June 1 at 7:00PM (Paris)
Place: Ars Longa, 67, av Parmentier, 75011 Paris, M Parmentier
Streamed (video & audio)

Ballettikka Internettikka, by Igor Stromajer and Brane Zorman, is a serial of tactical art projects which began in 2001 with the exploration of internet ballet. It explores wireless internet ballet performances combined with guerrilla tactics and mobile live internet broadcasting strategies.

Igor Stromajer is an mobile intimate communicator. He researches tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech strategies. He has shown his work at more than a hundred exhibitions in forty-two countries and received a number of awards. His works are included in the permanent collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia; Computerfinearts Gallery, New York and others.


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<p><img src="" /></p><p>Botborg present live audio-visual performances using a complex feedback web, consisting of audio and video mixers, screens and camera. In this web, sound and vision are blended into a self perpetuating synaesthesia of interdependent colour and rhythm, generated (in real time) entirely by device feedback.

All performances are completely improvised and no outside source material is used in addition to the no-input feedback system.

Botborg performances fuse sound and light into intensely visceral experiences which do not fit into the established categories of cinema or music, and explore the boundaries of analogue and digital technology; art and science; reality and magic.

Botborg is a practical demonstration of the theories of Dr Arkady Botborger (1923-81), founder of the 'occult' science of Photosonicneurokineasthography - translated as "writing the movement of nerves through use of sound and light". Botborg claim that sound, light, three-dimensional space and electrical energy are in fact one and the same phenomena, and that the capacity of machines to alter our neural impulses will bring about the next stage in human evolution.

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“GalleryDrive: Experiencing Art The New-Fashioned Way”


(GalleryDrive, Roy & //////////FUR////), 2007)

Here's some more info on Gallery Drive a new artwork collaboration between Niklas Roy (who I profiled for Gizmodo last month) and //////////FUR//// (who I also profiled for Giz back in Sept. 2005). From the description, 'Gallerydrive is a completely automated drive-through art exhibition. It combines the spatial experience of viewing art in gallery spaces with the determined dramaturgy of time based art disciplines. Gallerydrive is an open and discipline crossing project. Artists with any background are invited to contribute works for the course and to enlarge the system by building their own Gallerydrive vehicles.' It's a pretty interesting concept and one I would definitely be curious about trying out at some point. I'm wondering how specific it is for each person and what unique experiences people take away from it as a whole.


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Conference Report: Futuresonic 2007 Festival


Jonah Brucker-Cohen:

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Conference Report: Futuresonic 2007 Festival
Social Technologies Summit, May 10-12, Manchester, UK

by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

2007 marked the 12th year of Futuresonic, a festival that began as a sound art/ music festival and has morphed into a media art/ mobile communications-themed event with concerts, exhibitions, talks, and screenings staged all over the city of Manchester, England. This year's festival focused on topics ranging from "Free Media" to "Urban Playgrounds" to "Network Infrastructures" and featured a wide array of speakers, artists, musicians, and thinkers from around the globe converging on this urban landscape.

[Click-through for full conference report.]


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Travelling Light Exhibition


Travelling Light is an exhibition put together for the Mexican Art Biennale Arte Nuevo Interactiva07 at the Galleries of Peon Contreras Cultural Complex, Merida, Yucatan from June 15. The show will premiere at the Dreaming Festival, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia June 9-12.

The short screen-based works presented by cyberTribe are bursts of light between 2 and 5 minutes with powerful messages. Here work from 2 Australian Aboriginal Artists is featured alongside 2 Canadian Aboriginal Artists under the curatorial axis of memory and idea. The exhibition title also references the idea of nomadism and other more current irregular migratory movements and is presented in small, portable DVD format: what we can carry with us.


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LX 2.0 new comission: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries


Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporanea launches next Thursday, May 24th, LX 2.0 Project's new comission: Manhã dos Mongolóides (Morning of the Mongoloids) by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries.

For LX 2.0, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries created the Portuguese version of Morning of the Mongoloids, the laughable, yet tragic (and extremely ironic) story of a white man who wakes up after a night of “drunken partying” to find himself no longer who he used to be. Without any motive or underlying logic, the man wakes up and gradually realizes he is Korean. He looks Korean, he speaks Korean and he lives in Seoul, when just the night before he was a white man living in a western country. The piece is a delightful insight on the prejudiced views towards Asian cultures and specially, Korean culture. Not only are we faced with the main character’s stereotypes of Asian people, as he gradually comes to terms with the improbable change, we, westerners, are confronted with our own biased views of the rest of the world.

LX 2.0

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries


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