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Inappropriate Soundtracks are videos consisting of well known movie scenes that have been edited to (in most cases) juxtapose the tone of the original scene. The scene is played out as normal, the only editing done to the clip is that a new song is inserted over the original to create lulz...According to the majority of the youtube videos they are inspired from the Something Awful forums...While being somewhat popular on the SA Forums it failed to become widespread across the internet. Only with the uploading of these videos to youtube and other online streaming sites (where it is extremely accessible) was it then able to spread and become a popular meme. There are also several blogs posting about the meme within the last year or so. Examples include: Living Read Girl , Filmsight , Kottke and The Inquisitr .There are no Google insights available as there are not enough searches yet. When typing Inappropriate Soundtracks into the search field it comes up with over 100,000 results. Interestingly, searching for Inappropriate Soundtracks Braveheart yields nearly 5 times more results.



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Bad Beuys, Bad Beuys


The banlieue, ie. the French suburb, has always been at core of Bad Beuys Entertainment’s work. Originating from the Parisian outskirt Cergy-Pontoise, the collective has created a reputation for itself through their aesthetization and simultaneous critique of the banlieue as a symbolic system. The socially conscious element in their practice reflects the reference to artist Joseph Beuys in their name, whose work was closely allied with socioeconomic reform. Iconic images associated with the French suburbs, such as burning cars, council housing, and small-time gangsters reemerge as cardboard public housing (Babylone_by_us, 2003) or “self portraits” using stand-ins (Sauvageons (little savages), 2004). Bad Beuys Entertainment’s move to recover the popular representation of the banlieue in their work is apparent in the current show at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


Positive Mental Attitude (2009) - Stephanie Davidson









While Enhancing a Diminishing Deep Down Thirst, the Juice Broke Loose (the Birth of a Soda Shop) (2008) - Phoebe Washburn




Installation view from the 2008 Whitney Biennial, Mixed media, Overall dimensions variable (Images courtesy of Zach Feuer Gallery)

For this installation, Washburn grew flowers in tanks of golf balls, which were watered by an irrigation system pumped with Gatorade. From Washburn's entry on the 2008 Whitney Biennial site:

"Like artists such as Nancy Rubins, Vik Muniz, and Sarah Sze, Washburn composes her pieces with items from the world of manufacturing, and this choice seems to comment on the profusion and waste of consumer culture. But she says her recycling of refuse is not an ecological act: “A lot of my working process involves skimming off of other industries, but my decision to collect and repurpose materials was not born out of trying to make a statement at all.” She explains that her compulsion to accumulate discarded materials to feed her art is motivated by “greed” rather than notions of conservation. Yet her work continues to resonate with ideas about economy and sustainability."


LIT FROM WITHIN (2008-Ongoing) - Ryan Wolfe


(Image Courtesy of Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery)

In a sun-less room, plants thrive using light emanating from within their own living tissue. Technological and biological merge to create a unique hybrid living system which inverts the fundamental biological relationship between inside and outside. Clusters of Equisetum Hyemale (Common Horsetail) surgically-embedded with LEDs radiate the equivalent of internal sunshine, enabling photosynthesis in darkness. Sunrise and sunset programmatically occur from within each plant, allowing viewers to navigate a field of organisms flourishing off their own internal sun cycle.



Junior Return (2005) - Philip Ross



Junior Return is a set of glass capsules that provide a miniature, computer controlled hydroponic environment; the plants’ roots are submerged in nutrient-infused water, while LED lights supply the illumination required. These pods are tethered by electrical wire to a battery pack that supplies the energy for all of the plan's requirements. A digital timer counts the seconds that remain until a small pump is activated, briefly moving air to the plant and the water that bathes its roots. Then, with little notice, a few bubbles appear in the water, the only resolve of the anticipation.

The system keeps its enclosed plant in a dwarf state by supplying only enough resources to survive but not thrive. I kept a broccoli seedling alive for almost three years using this technique, and wanted to formalize this behavior in a device. The plant in this container could flourish in the most meager of environments, but would also be invisible to us in significance and aesthetic consideration.


Note: Read an interview with artist Philip Ross. (Originally published in Rhizome News.)


Call for Submissions


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VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver is currently seeking submissions by artists and curators for their Signal & Noise festival, which will take place May 27-29, 2010. Next year marks the tenth anniversary of this contemporary media and sound art festival, which showcases single and multi-channel audio & video works, live performances and immersive installations. The deadline for applications is January 10, 2010. For more information and to apply, visit the link below.


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(3,4) 3D T K (2009) - VERSELEY



A (3,4)-3D fluid torus knot rendered by Apple Grapher. GIF