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ZEE (2008) - Kurt Hentschlaeger


ZEE: Kurt Hentschlaeger [STRP 2009, Eindhoven] from mediateletipos on Vimeo.

Documentation of the installation ZEE by Kurt Hentschlaeger from this past weekend's STRP Festival. Footage by/from mediateletipos.

ZEE is a "mind-scape" in which artificial fog and stroboscopic light fully obscure the physical installation space, resulting in an almost complete disconnect from the without and offering an entry towards a surprise within.

Stroboscopic- and pulse light filtering through the thick fog augment an impression of a luminescent kinetic sphere wherein the environment acts as the seeding stimulant and you synthesize the impression.

Based on the research and findings with FEED, the performance, ZEE is expanding on composing with multiple interfering strobe lights amidst fog and the effects those have on a human perception and decoding apparatus: the brain.

A surround sound-scape synchronizes to interference phenomena - of what could be described as a psychedelic architecture of pure light.



X X (2005) - D-L Alvarez


graphite on paper, 18 x 17.5 inches


Building (Hotel, Pyongyang) (2008) - Sean Dack



Unique digital c-print, 39.7 x 30 inches


Rehoboth Beach (2008) - Kathy Grayson



Oil and acrylic on panel, 42 x 60 in


Get Your "Paintings" Here.


Image: Anders Nordby, Asger Jorn's Grave, 2009

Curator Hanne Mugaas launched a new pdf exhibition in collaboration with Private Circulation this week, "The "Painting" Show." Much like ASDF's For a Brief Time Only, the curator sends the exhibition personally to the viewer, who then has complete control over its display. While For a Brief Time Only delivered the show's 24 photos off to a local lab for print and pick up, thus examining the ease and accessibility of photography's circulation in the age of Walgreens, "The "Painting" Show" looks at the distribution of painting, or rather, "painting". By inserting the quotation marks around "painting", Mugaas signals that this isn't the real thing, but perhaps a new sort of something, stating,"the results are not paintings, not pictures of paintings, but 'paintings'." The show's 10 "paintings" by artists AIDS 3-D, Kerstin Bratsch, Charles Broskoski, Marcel Dionne, Aleksandra Domanovic, Anders Nordby, Guillaume Pilet, Hayley Silverman, Anne de Vries, and Ulrich Wulff are a painterly spin-off of the standard brush, paint and canvas combo, coming from sources such as computer programs, video, and scanned versions of paintings on paper, and the show's only instructions are that these images be printed on 32lb paper. Although much more expensive to produce, I would've liked to see these "paintings" actually repainted again, perhaps by oil painting "manufacturers" such as Canvaz, thus pushing painting or "painting"'s claim to originality even further.


SUNRISE (2009) - Petra Cortright




Splashback: Rhizome's Splash Pages, 1998-2002


Image: Mark Tribe, Alex Galloway, and Martin Wattenberg, Starry Night, 1999


Rhizome is pleased to announce the launch of “Splashback: Rhizome’s Splash Pages, 1998-2002,” an online exhibition featuring the 39 splash pages commissioned over a four-year period. “Splashback” offers a brief overview of online art and design practices from ten years ago through a nearly obsolete medium, the splash page.

Artists include: Annie Abrahams, Daniel Garcia Andujar, Ben Benjamin, heath bunting, Gregory Chatonsky, Shu Lea Cheang, Andrew Childs, Curt Cloninger, David Crawford, Mark Daggett, Joshua Davis, entropy8zuper, Andrew Forbes, Valery Grancher, Matthew Hoessli, Olia Lialina, David Lindeman, jimpunk, JODI, Yael Kanarek, Lucas Kuzma, Antonio Mendoza, Mouchette, MTAA, Robbin Murphy, Nettmedia, Scott Paterson, Pavu, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Reinis, Satellite01, Sigma6, Starry Night, Eugene Thacker, Jake Tilson, Maciej Wisniewski, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

“Splashback” is organized by Brian Droitcour, Rhizome Curatorial Fellow.
Site built by Elise Roedenbeck, Technology Assistant.


Kelly's Appolo (2006) - Joseph Bennett



Migrating Forms Kicks Off Today!


Video: Migrating Forms Trailer by Michael Robinson

Migrating Forms, an offshoot of the defunct New York Underground Film Festival, runs tonight through Sunday at Anthology Film Archives in lower Manhattan. The five-day program is book-ended with feature-length films -- a 1960s-flavored, episodic satire of religion, philosophy, and criticism (Owen Land’s Dialogues) and a documentary about creationist geologists who offer evidence that the world is 6,000 years old (Michael Gitlin’s The Earth Is Young). In between there are almost one hundred long and short works to suit every taste. If you can’t get enough YouTube appropriation, montage, and computer effects, try going Saturday at 7:15 for "Mixed and Maxed," a program featuring Animal Charm and Oliver Laric, or Sunday at 4:45 for "Mature Audiences," with works by Jesse McLean and Takeshi Murata. At Saturday night’s "Tube Time!" tournament, audience members will decide which contestant found the weirdest footage online. The full schedule is here. Single tickets cost $10, and a festival pass costs $50 -- or you can get one free by being the third person to email info[at] with Rhizome in the subject line!


50,000 Dollar Delicious


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