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Jonathan Vingiano is an internet surfer based in Brooklyn, NY and he graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a degree in Experimental Media. He recently completed a project for JstChillin's "Serial Chillers in Paradise" and will be in an group show opening January 15th at Tompkins Projects in NYC. He is the hype-man of the rap trio LIONSHARE. Jonathan is Rhizome's Technology Associate.


Right Here, Right Now - HC Gilje's Networks of Specificity


This essay was originally commissioned by Hordaland Kunstsenter (Hordaland Art Centre) in Bergen, Norway, to coincide with HC Gilje's solo exhibition blink. Thank you to Mitchell Whitelaw, HC Gilje and Hordaland Kunstsenter for allowing us to republish it to Rhizome News.

HC Gilje's work arises from a moment when the anything-at-all of digital video was just opening up, thanks to a combination of new real-time tools, cheap computing power, and some key interdisciplinary influences. Drawing on experimental sound and music, improvisation and performance became important solutions; working live in a specific situation, artists would gather, process, generate, and recombine material. In work from the late 1990s and early 2000s, from Gilje and his collaborators in 242.pilots, as well as video ensembles such as Granular Synthesis and Skot, the result is abstract and intense, a flow of layered digital texture. In performance it saturates the body and senses; big screens, big speakers. Instead of the narrative transport of cinema, which takes us somewhere else, this work creates - and is created in - an intensified sense of presence, what Gilje calls an "extended now". This methodology is vital; it focuses the open-ended generality of digital media in to a point: on this, rather than anything-at-all.


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Travess Smalley is an artist who lives in New York City. He is currently showing work in Art Since the Summer of '69's show "Objects, Furniture and Patterns", and is part of internet collectives Loshadka and Computers Club. He is also one half of the design duo Poster Company. He is an intern at Rhizome.

► Pumajaw - Jacky Daw

20 Jazz Funk Greats strength is in their rampant use of cosmic and cryptic verbs. "Jacky Daw" by Pumajaw presents a combination of CAN grooves and pagan howls.

► Kingdom - October Mix for Discobelle

Kingdom's own mp3 blog Patent Leather Daddy has had its share of amazing mixes and posts this year (hello Latin Freestyle & Gym Jams). But he also made a phenomenal mix for The last 15 minutes give me goosebumps.

Further listening: Lower End Spasm - BOK BOK b2b KINGDOM - Night Slugs Show - Sub FM 27 . 06 . 09 and Nguzunguzu's Mix for Discobelle

► Synergy - Delta 2

Synergy's Larry Fast is best known on Rhizome as the music in Ron Hayes Delta Videos. I found this song on Momus's livejournal, Click Opera, before finding Aesoteric Sounds had uploaded a vinyl copy of the full album.

► VC People - Dance Macabre


► Iasos - Jeweled Space

Crystal Vibrations consistently posts rare and ethereal new age and meditation music from gem spas and yogi shops around the world.

► Kwau Kese - Kwakwa

Sounds of Our Time, a compilation by Hammer. Ghana club music from 2004, quite relevant to English and American dance music in 2009.

► Clara Mondshine - Caesar In Camerun

Found on Travis Hallenbeck's tumblr, Mondshine is an electronic musician from the 80's. You can find Clara Mondshine's discography on Mutant Sounds, the godmother of all mp3 blogs.

Further Listening: Doris Norton - Personal Computer

► So Bone Mini-Mix for ...


Top 5 - 10



Régine Debatty is the founder and editor of the art, design and technology blog we make money not art. She also writes for several European design and art magazines, curates, and speaks about art and technology at various conferences and festivals.

For this list, Régine pulled together her favorite PDF-based resources from the past year.

► Manipulating Reality
To be honest i won't see this one until early January but Strozzina always organizes great shows that integrate tech and non tech-based artworks. Plus, they upload all the essays of their catalogs online.

► Awake Are Only the Spirits
Reason 1: HMKV in ugly Dortmund has the most exciting program of exhibitions and events in Europe. Reason 2 can be summed up in 3 words: Supernatural and technology. Reason 3: The PDF of the exhibition guide is online.

► LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre's press dossiers
Laboral is located in a tiny city in Northern Spain, the closest airport offers about one to two international flights. But the press dossiers of its exhibitions make up for Laboral's deficiency in plane connections. They are available as PDF and are so informative, I sometimes confuse them with the real catalogues.

► Fashion-able. Hacktivism and engaged fashion design
Otto von Busch (the only man I've ever met who is more elegant than Audrey Hepburn)'s brilliant thesis is from 2008, but he kindly put it online a few months ago.

► Brody Condon - Known Planes of Existence
I fell in love with Brody Condon's video game take on religious Medieval paintings at the LOOP video art fair in Barcelona. Brody Condon - Known Planes of Existence, a small catalog about his work is waiting for your click over here:


Top 5 - 10


Loud Objects Noise Toy

Nick Hasty is Rhizome's Director of Technology

Here's my top 5 list of DIY audio art kits to keep you busy in 2010.

► Arduinome

Open source, Arduino-based version of the monome controller interface that utilizes usb midi and open sound control. Great for controlling instruments, installations, and performances.

► Casper Electronics Drone Lab

Peter Edwards' Drone Lab is a 4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor. A great kit from one of the kings of circuit bending.

► Loud Objects Kit

Simple but powerful kit from the Loud Objects performance group. You can easily integrate your own code to write new low-bit jams.

► Triwave Picogenerator and other assorted kits by 4ms

4ms has been making a wide variety of wonderful and novel instruments for nearly 15 years. These guys are pros and extremely nice to boot.

► the x0xb0x

Open-source version of the Roland TB-303. What more could you ask for?