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Call for Proposals



Last week, I posted a Call for Applications for transmediale's Award, and now the annual art and digital culture festival has just announced a new award in collaboration with Mozilla, the Open Web Award 2011. You can read more about this opportunity below, or visit the original call. Deadline for applications is July 21, 2010.

The transmediale Open Web Award is a new platform for radical, creative and innovative art works and projects that: are on the web and about the web; that use open source, free, libre or other non-proprietary technology (may they be soft- or hardware); and that incite participation

They can be critical, celebratory or both. Projects should have the potential to demonstrate and/or objectively critique the potential of open web issues, and those employing the creative use of HTML5 and other developing ‘open’ technologies will be given specific consideration. The point is to play with both the idea and materiality of the (open) web in ways that spark new thinking and practice.

The winner(s) of the Open Web Award 2011 will receive a total prize of 5000 EURO, and be given the opportunity to have supported status on Drumbeat Beyond the specific Open Web Award criteria, the same rules, conditions and application procedures apply as the transmediale Award 2011


Animated Gif Mashup 2.0 (2010) - Evan Roth


Evan Roth's Animated Gif Mashup 2.0 allows users to mash-up animated gifs found on the web into a collage and add sound. It's a bit like YTMND except you can pile on an unlimited amount of gifs.

Roth launched Animated Gif Mashup 2.0 last week at SPEED SHOW vol.1: TELE-INTERNET curated by Aram Bartholl.

Originally via F.A.T. and today and tomorrow.


On A Mountain Top (2010) - Alex Fuller (with Noah Bernsohn)



At its most basic form, I believe social media is a dialogue. allows users to say whatever it is they want to say with no accounts, no friends and no poking. Once the user’s entry fades to white, their words are gone forever. Just as one’s voice echoes into the valley from a mountain top. Pure poetry.


Via Pocketmonsterd


Shana Moulton Talk at EAI Tonight


Shana Moulton, Whispering Pines 7, 2006. (Video still)

Video and performance artist Shana Moulton, whose series "Whispering Pines" Brian Droitcour profiled here on Rhizome recently, will speak at EAI tonight at 6:30pm. This is her first artist talk in New York City, and it includes a screening of her newest additions to "Whispering Pines." This should be worth checking out, plus, it's free to the public! More information here.


Interview with Katie Paterson


Katie Paterson is an artist whose work spans installation, sculpture, transmission, and sound. Her work presents the viewer with a deeper sense of the passage of time and the evolution of nature and the cosmos. Technology often factors into this line in her practice, where it is used to bring about an awareness of its own restrictions as well as our limited ability to sense and experience natural cycles and movement. She is currently showing History of Darkness in the group exhibition “Cage Mix” at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, up until September 19, 2010. Her series "Every Night About This Time" also opens this weekend at the Whitstable Biennale.


Tools@Hand (2008) - Micah Schippa





[Hand woven, computer assisted cloth approx. 24'' square.]


soundw(e)ave (2004) - Christy Matson


soundw(e)ave installation1.jpg




[Jacquard Woven Cotton, Each 34" x 54"]


Google Tea Towels (2007) - Thomson & Craighead


[Source: Arc Projects Flickr]

A beautifully crafted set of four tea towels sporting a series of authentic search engine results returned to a user when the criteria, 'Please Help Me', 'Is Anybody there?', 'Please listen to me' and, 'Can you hear me?' were entered into the search field, while using Google in Netscape 4.7 on Mac OS 9.2 or Netscape 6 on Windows 98.



Knitoscope Testimonies (2006) - Cat Mazza





Knitoscope Testimonies is the first web based video using "Knitoscope" software, a program that translates digital video into a knitted animation. Knitoscope is a moving image offshoot of microRevolt's freeware knitPro. Knitoscope imports streaming video, lowers the resolution, and then generates a stitch that correspondes with the pixels color. The title "Knitoscope" is based on Edison's early animation technology the kinetoscope, which was a "coin operated peep show machine…watched through a magnifying lens". The "Testimonies" in this piece are from various professionals who work against sweatshop labor.



Patience Module (2008) - Ben Fino-Radin



[Hand embroidered yarn on plastic canvas, wood]