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Today: #Downing_St, a Twitter Play by Eva Weinmayr


Work from the series Todays Questions by Eva Weinmayr.

NARRATOR (@Narra_DowningSt): She pushes her bike to the front door of No 10 and rings the bell. Samantha Cameron answers the door, smiling. #Downing_St

EVA (@Artis_DowningSt): Can I leave the bike in the hallway? #Downing_St

SAM (@Sam_DowningSt): Of course. Just lean it on the Giacometti. #Downing_St

The above lines are from the opening scene of Downing Street, a Twitter play created by artist Eva Weinmayr (of The Piracy Project) in response to the artist’s real-life brush with the eponymous halls of power.


Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Privacy Exposed To Radiant Light


"...what is art? Privacy exposed to radiant light."

— Mu Xin, Chinese Landscape Painter

Undef, User 632 (2013). Animated GIF documentation of real-time visualization of data collected from passersby.

A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the Web around the theme of privacy and surveillance. The projects listed below are tied to these themes in different ways: some take positions or raise questions on the new technological environments, some offer solutions for a world in which "just like the animals, we need to start adapting new ways to conceal ourselves from the autocratic predators" [source], while others collect and re-purpose ambient data in creative ways.


Magda Sawon on the High Line


For their group exhibition Busted, High Line Art are commissioning a new work of art honoring a person to be chosen by members of the public. Magda Sawon, founder of Postmasters Gallery, one-time board member of Rhizome, is among the finalists. Vote today! (H/T: Artfcity).



Surf Report: gURLs


Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's shoes during her 13-hour filibuster on June 25, 2013.

Jennifer Steinkamp, from the seires Sexist Slides (1989). Slideshow projected on a street in Hollywood at EZTV.

Molly Soda, Inbox Full (2012). Ten-hour reading of questions sent to the artist from her Tumblr askbox.


Performance GIFs 9: Dwayne Strike


This is the latest in an ongoing series of performance GIFs curated by Jesse Darling. Previously: Maja CuleLegacy RussellJaakko PallasvuoCreighton BaxterGenevieve BelleveauJennifer ChanMarisa Olson.

Brett Ratner, director. These Boots Are Made for Walking (2005). Still from music video for song performed by Jessica Simpson.

I Know What Boys Like
Dwayne Strike, 2013

The artist's description:


(networked) every whisper is an echo on my heart


On Arcadia Missa's new exhibition series, the limits of precarity, and the subjectivity of networks.