Final Day of Rhizome's Annual Community Campaign


Today is the final day of Rhizome's Community Campaign! We are incredibly close to reaching our $25,000 goal. If you have not made your contribution yet, we ask that you please do so now. It takes only a few moments to make a donation but it makes an impact that lasts an entire year.

Throughout our history, Rhizome has brought together a forward-thinking, international community of artists, writers, curators, technologists and new media enthusiasts. Together, we can continue to promote this emerging artistic field!

Donations are essential to the operation of our programs and artist initiatives here at Rhizome. With the support from our community, we are able to bring you more content on the blog, bigger and better programs, and new features on the website.

We have been overwhelmed with the generous support from the nearly 300 individuals who have contributed to the campaign. Please consider taking a moment to join the list of Rhizome supporters today.



Extreme Animals Pictureplane Remix and Video


Pictureplane "Body Mods" remix by Extreme Animals from Jacob Ciocci.

Support a community of forward-thinking artists, writers, curators and technologist and receive Extreme Animals's limited edition ringtone by making a $25 donation during Rhizome's Community Campaign.


Rhizome Community Campaign: SymbiosisC


SymbiosisO on Vimeo.

Kärt Ojavee & Eszter Ozsvald's SymbiosisO project is a collection of textile interfaces that react to the human touch. SymbiosisC is a low-tech member of the collection, a cushion that responds to heat and body warmth by changing its color, and is available now during the Community Campaign.

The geometry of these textiles are generated with Voronoi tessellation algorithm and utilizes the conducive properties of felt as a substrate material. A heat sensitive coating is applied to the felt and activated by electronics embedded into the material. 

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Ben Fino-Radin Rhizome's Digital Conservator on Supporting Preservation


Ensuring that a piece of software will always work; capturing the subtleties of aging technology; extracting content from the clutches of closed platforms – none of these are simple feats, yet this is what Rhizome does on a daily basis. Since the ArtBase was founded in 1999, it has grown to become one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of it's kind. Today, the ArtBase is a free collection providing documentation and access to over 2,500 art works spanning nearly two decades. We need your continued support to keep the ArtBase free, open and permanent - Please make a contribution today!

I joined Rhizome this past August, and it has truly been a pleasure to become part of a team that is saving a significant moment in art history from the void. We work hard every day to ensure that future generations will be able to study the work of our time.

Thanks to your support the following is only a tiny selection of what we have accomplished recently:

• Archive and restore lost video assets to Lev Manovich's "Little Movies" (1994)

• Restore access to "VVEBCAM" (2007) by Petra Cortright, after it was censored and removed by YouTube

• Support new additions to the collection, including Travess Smalley, Esther Hunziker, Richard Vijgen, Mouchette, Dave Gerber, Sterling Crispin, and Andrew Norman Wilson just to name a few recent additions

• Begin collaborations with online exhibition spaces to archive and preserve their output

Simply put, we are only able to do this because of your continued support. The fact is we can't do it without you.  Your donation today enables Rhizome to be a greater advocate for the preservation of a unique moment of art history. With your support, we can take bigger steps toward solving the complex challenges posed by preserving digital ephemera. On behalf of everyone at Rhizome, and on behalf of the artists whose work we preserve, I hope you will consider making a contribution to our Campaign today!



Rhizome Community Campaign: A Message from Jason Scott


"Of the many forms of artistic expression, digital works are among the most easily preserved, and the most fragile. Easily preserved, because with a simple digital copy across media or networks the artworks are duplicated perfectly. And yet also fragile, because the nature of computers and technology ensure constant change, shifting standards, and a propensity to make that which came before unusable and unworkable.

The efforts of Rhizome and its ArtBase project are to recognize this environment and work with it, not in spite of it or ignoring it. By capturing what they can of digital works, bringing in statements and context of the artist and art, and making this effort publicly available, they ensure a greater longevity and audience for all the items in their archives. While nothing lasts forever, the short and sometimes obscure life of born-digital works can be extended with attention, passion and effort, which this group provides." - Jason Scott

To support Rhizome and the ArtBase, make a contribution today – become a member to renew and receive a limited edition artwork as a thank you gift!

Jason Scott is an American archivist and historian of technology. He is the creator, owner and maintainer of, a web site which archives files from historic bulletin board systems. He is also the creator of a 2005 documentary film about BBSes, BBS: The Documentary, and a 2010 documentary film about interactive fiction, GET LAMP. Recently Scott has taken a position as Adjunct Archivist at the Internet Archive.



Rhizome Community Campaign: Brody Condon


We're midway through Rhizome's Community Campaign! Thank you to all of our supporters who've contributed so far! To mark the occasion, we are pleased to announce two, new limited edition artworks from Brody Condon now available during the Campaign! 

In this series of limited edition prints donated by Condon, images from fantasy and science fiction illustrations confront strange, haunted geometries.

Experimental Ethnography (2011)

Cats Green (2010)

Condon is an artist based in New York. His work frequently incorporates modified computer and role-playing games to explore the obsession with fantasy in contemporary culture. In the past year, he has staged exhibitions and performances at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA, CCS Bard Hessel Museum, NY, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia, LevelFive Liverpool, UK, and Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, among other spaces.

Become a member or join today to receive a limited edition artwork of your choice. 


Rhizome Community Campaign: A Message from Christiane Paul


"Since the mid-90s Rhizome has been an invaluable resource for critical explorations of net art, media arts, and network cultures. As the new media world evolved, Rhizome always ingeniously reinvented itself, building its programs and community. Rhizome's ArtBase, with its more than 2,500 works, by now has become the supreme model for the collection and study of online art forms." – Christiane Paul


This Week on Rhizome Community Boards: The East Japan Earthquake Archive, New Jobs, Events, and More



Nagasaki Archive announced their just launched project: The East Japan Earthquake Archive

The East Japan Earthquake Archive (3D Photo-overlays of The East Japan Earthquake)” is a mash-up content to understand the real state of affairs of the Japan Earthquake that cannot be understood by inspecting individual photographs. Users can view over 100 photographs from New York Times and others using google earth, and compare sceneries before / after the earthquake. All photographs are overlapped with three-dimensional geographical features, so the damage situation of the Sendai airport and the Fukushima nuclear power plant and others can be understood three-dimensionally. And also, Google's imagery update of Japan is included, users can switch latest and past satellite image by radio-buttons. We will add more photographs as much as possible.


Call for Submissions:




Rhizome Community Campaign: A Message from Ed Halter


"Rhizome's blog is essential reading for anyone interested in the present, past and future relationship of art and technology. There is no other publication, online or elsewhere, so fully and deeply dedicated to this crucial topic." – Ed Halter

To support Rhizome's editorial program, make a contribution today – become a member or renew and receive a limited edition artwork as a thank you gift!

Ed Halter is a critic and curator living in New York City. He is a founder and director of Light Industry, a venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently curating the film and video program for the 2012 Whitney Biennial.


Rhizome's Director of Technology on Why You Should Give Today to Help Rhizome Innovate!


We're almost midway through our annual Community Campaign and grateful for the generous support we've recieved from our members. However, we are still far from our $25,000 goal so we ask that you please make a donation today to help support Rhizome into the next year!

Below, Nick Hasty Rhizome's Director of Technology, provides insight on how our community's support is vital to innovation at

Technology-wise, with the launch of our new website and art archive, 2011 has been a transformative year for Rhizome. This kind of ambitious, large-scale development is a massive challenge for an organization with Rhizome’s staff size, and we couldn't have done it without support from our membership.

The Rhizome website is a complex platform, containing some 220,000 lines of code and, with over 15 years worth of content, more than 125,000 individual pages as indexed by Google. These numbers are a considerable sum for any website, but for a non-profit with a single developer / sysadmin, they represent a challenge that's simultaneously both exciting and daunting. Like the rest of the staff, I am motivated by the daily engagement the site receives, whether by artists, academics, or technologists eager to learn more about our field.

Since launching the new site, community engagement has boomed. From overall site traffic to announcements to portfolios, we've seen tremendous growth in all the service we offer, and we're thrilled to know that our community finds great value in Rhizome. We plan to continue listening to your feedback, improving our offerings and creating innovative tools for documenting, archiving, promoting, and researching digital art.

In the coming year, I anticipate growth and innovation in the following areas:

+ More collaborations with artists to create ...