Documentation from (RE)MAKE Tutorial # 1 (2009) - Paul Destieu


(RE)MAKE Tutorial is a multimedia piece entirely based on popular, free and available web found elements: a software for image retouching, an online music listening platform, and a picture found on internet.

Photography or video? This work appears as a “work in progress”, an accidental proposition, similar to a tutorial through its assembling process. (RE)MAKE Tutorial is a low tech adaptation which revisits one of the most traumatizing Hollywood’s cinema production: JAWS. The motionless sea is brought back to life thanks to the simple Photoshop selection tool.



Magnetic Movie (2007) - Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt)


Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have worked with digital animation to transcend the constraints of time, scale and natural forces; they explore the world beyond human experience, questioning our very existence.

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries. All action takes place around NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley, set to recordings of space scientists excitedly describing their visualization techniques. Magnetic Movie delves into Earth's inaudible surroundings, revealing recurrent 'whistlers' produced by fleeting electrons. Are we observing a series of scientific experiments, the universe in flux, or a documentary of a fictional world?



Miami Picks


Pae White, The Oceanfront, 2009

Miami art fair season is in full force. Projects falling into the art and technology category are somewhat slim this year, but here are a few things to check out:

► Open-air theater for Art Video by Pae White

Art Basel Miami Beach premiers the Oceanfront this year, a new space on the beach that will serve as the platform for Art Video, Art Film, Art Perform, and Art Basel Conversation. West Coast artist Pae White was commissioned by Creative Time and ABMB to design the space. She produced an ambitious interactive cityscape of large color blocks made from scaffolding and printed fabric. Comfy seating and spaces for eating add to the communal atmosphere of the installation.

► The Watcher and the Watched: Jill Magid and Kon Trubkovich

On Saturday, December 5th from 7 - 8:30pm, curator Meredith Johnson presents video works by Jill Magid and Kon Trubkovich that explore issues of surveillance and control. Magid’s show "Authority to Remove" is currently on view at the Tate Modern.

► SCOPE Film Program

This year the SCOPE art fair commissioned a handful of curators to select a single work to screen at the SCOPE theater. Below are the four remaining screenings:

Friday, December 4 | 11am-7pm
Kate Macnamara (curator)
Edgar Arceneaux, An Arrangement without Tormentors, 2004

Saturday, December 5 | 11am-7pm
David Hunt (curator)
Robert Boyd, Conspiracy Theory, 2008

Sunday, December 6 | 11am-6pm
Benjamin Godsill (curator)
Kon Trubkovich, Double Entrance/Double Exit, 2009

► Art Basel Conversations: The Future of the Museum: The Portable Museum

A panel considers future models for exhibition-making, with artists Raphael Montanez Ortiz, Pedro Reyes, Peter Saville and Katerina Seda. Moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Speakers available for informal discussion after the panel. 10-11 a.m.

Jenny Jaskey is Rhizome's Curatorial Fellow


General Web Content


Inappropriate Soundtracks are videos consisting of well known movie scenes that have been edited to (in most cases) juxtapose the tone of the original scene. The scene is played out as normal, the only editing done to the clip is that a new song is inserted over the original to create lulz...According to the majority of the youtube videos they are inspired from the Something Awful forums...While being somewhat popular on the SA Forums it failed to become widespread across the internet. Only with the uploading of these videos to youtube and other online streaming sites (where it is extremely accessible) was it then able to spread and become a popular meme. There are also several blogs posting about the meme within the last year or so. Examples include: Living Read Girl , Filmsight , Kottke and The Inquisitr .There are no Google insights available as there are not enough searches yet. When typing Inappropriate Soundtracks into the search field it comes up with over 100,000 results. Interestingly, searching for Inappropriate Soundtracks Braveheart yields nearly 5 times more results.



Interview with Mark Amerika


Amerika describes himself as a "thoughtographer", an "artist-medium", a "fictional philosopher", a "remixologist", a "network conductor", a wanderer who constantly changes identities and roles in a fragmentary world where time acquires an a-synchronic and non real dimension. By trying to express the complexity and the interest of contemporary digital reality, he delves into different aspects of himself and draws on elements and traits that he transfers to the characters of his works, by using the media, the technological platforms of our time. Developing projects on the net, filming with mobile phones, remixing common moments and figures of today's culture in a VJ-like audiovisual rhythm, Amerika redefines the characteristics of today's culture and opens up the possibilities for new interpretations and thoughts from the audience itself. -- "UNREALTIME" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens


Required Reading


Image: Shoveling pirated DVDs in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China, April 20, 2008

The poor image is a copy in motion. Its quality is bad, its resolution substandard. As it accelerates, it deteriorates. It is a ghost of an image, a preview, a thumbnail, an errant idea, an itinerant image distributed for free, squeezed through slow digital connections, compressed, reproduced, ripped, remixed, as well as copied and pasted into other channels of distribution.

The poor image is a rag or a rip; an AVI or a JPEG, a lumpen proletarian in the class society of appearances, ranked and valued according to its resolution. The poor image has been uploaded, downloaded, shared, reformatted, and reedited. It transforms quality into accessibility, exhibition value into cult value, films into clips, contemplation into distraction. The image is liberated from the vaults of cinemas and archives and thrust into digital uncertainty, at the expense of its own substance. The poor image tends towards abstraction: it is a visual idea in its very becoming.....

......The circulation of poor images creates a circuit, which fulfills the original ambitions of militant and (some) essayistic and experimental cinema—to create an alternative economy of images, an imperfect cinema existing inside as well as beyond and under commercial media streams. In the age of file-sharing, even marginalized content circulates again and reconnects dispersed worldwide audiences.



The Empire's Wait for Sunset (2009) - Les Liens Invisibles





Seen and Heard


There seems to be an unshakable division of labor between two of our major senses. 'Sight and Sound' and 'Audio and Visual,' are often paired as binary opposites, understood both as semantically and biologically distinct yet totally interdependent. “See This Sound,” an exhibition currently on view at the Lentos Museum in Linz, Austria, delves deeply into this co-dependent relationship. Far from another "art and music" show, the exhibition looks at numerous cultural, metaphysical, biological and neurological explorations of these senses - and how artists have mined them for decades. By highlighting their distinct and convergent streams of influence, “See This Sound” uses sight and sound as a metaphor for similar divisions and dependencies between "visual," "sound" and "media" art.


Forever Heath Death (2009) - AIDS 3D




NY Art Book Fair


While combing through the tables and displays set up by artists, book publishers, periodicals, small press bookstores, non profit arts organizations, collectives and presses who participated in the NY Art Book Fair over the weekend, I could not help but recall this past summer's No Soul For Sale festival. Both events succeeded in fostering a feel good environment, while also serving as an inspiring reminder of the number of independent, DIY initiatives out there.

I managed to take some photos yesterday, below. Even if I had camped out in P.S.1 for the entire fair, I would not have been able to see everything. Perhaps the subheader for this post should be "Incomplete Highlights" or "Some Stuff I Saw." As always, if readers want to share information or link to projects I missed, please do so in the comments section.

Artist Amy Prior playing the record from the book/record set Slumber Party she produced with Lucky Dragons at the JUNCTURE booth. Slumber Party is "a book and music about sleep - from dozing to waking. Made during an economic crisis, 'Slumber Party' imagines the ultimate easy escape; it is really only during sleep that nothing can get bought or sold."

Close up of the Slumber Party book.

Two prints from Brett Ian Balogh's A Noospheric Atlas of the United States on view at the free103point9 booth. The work aims to "map the hertzian space created by the United States' mass media broadcast stations."

Artist Gareth Long and friend at work illustrating Flaubert's Dictionary of Received Ideas while seated at the Invented Desk for Copying, a desk/sculpture derived from the unfinished pages of Flaubert's incomplete last novel.

Table for Chicago shop Golden Age.

Golden Age launched Jon Rafman's book "Sixteen Google Street Views" during ...