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Inappropriate Soundtracks are videos consisting of well known movie scenes that have been edited to (in most cases) juxtapose the tone of the original scene. The scene is played out as normal, the only editing done to the clip is that a new song is inserted over the original to create lulz...According to the majority of the youtube videos they are inspired from the Something Awful forums...While being somewhat popular on the SA Forums it failed to become widespread across the internet. Only with the uploading of these videos to youtube and other online streaming sites (where it is extremely accessible) was it then able to spread and become a popular meme. There are also several blogs posting about the meme within the last year or so. Examples include: Living Read Girl , Filmsight , Kottke and The Inquisitr .There are no Google insights available as there are not enough searches yet. When typing Inappropriate Soundtracks into the search field it comes up with over 100,000 results. Interestingly, searching for Inappropriate Soundtracks Braveheart yields nearly 5 times more results.



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The literal music video started with Dustin McLean's redubbed version of A-ha's "Take on Me" posted to YouTube in 2008, where the lyrics were rewritten and resung to reflect the actions taking place in the video. McLean's Weird Al Yankovic-inspired humor gave way to a number of similar spin-offs, whose jokes often hinge on the goofy and random imagery found in music videos. See below for a few choice clips - please add your links in the comments section.


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From the moment YouTube launched, viewers have developed ingenious ways to manipulate the unlimited store of videos contained on the site. See below for a few choice web-based tools-slash-art projects that allow you to do everything from crossfade to add a cascade of blood drops. Feel free to contribute additional links in the comments section.

YouCube by Aaron Meyers

YooouuuTuuube by David Kraftsow


cover this YouTube in blood by Guthrie Lonergan

YouTube Doubler by Brian Kane

Auto Keyboard Cat by Bobsworth Industries


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For this installment of General Web Content, our monthly series featuring cultural developments on the web, we turn to Consumer Reviews. Almost all products sold online provide a customer feedback section, and a few of these have been humorously commandeered. These reviews are ridiculous, hilarious, crass and weird. Enjoy. (Please add your favorites in the comments section!)

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz




Zubaz Pants


O500 Otomix Baggy Workout Gym Pants - American Flag


Salted Water for Boiling



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For this installment of General Web Content, our monthly series spotlighting cultural developments on the web, we visit one sub-genre of the mashup, the re-cut trailer. These short clips spoof the original storyline of the film, thus Sleepless In Seattle becomes a horror movie in which Meg Ryan comes to Seattle to terrorize Tom Hanks and his son, and The Ring becomes a romantic drama. These videos started bubbling up in a big way after The Shining re-cut trailer hit in 2005, and as a result of easy access to video editing suites, there are tons of 'em all over the web. See below for a few choice selections, please post your favorites in the comments section.


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This ongoing series explores significant developments on the internet, like this new hot thing called twitter that everyone's been talking about. We've culled the, uh, "twitterverse" to bring you some of the more curious and unique accounts out there (plus a few entertaining twitter spin-offs). Feel free to add links or suggestions in the comments section.

Twitter feed created using the "Tweeting RFID Cat Door". Description from the site Tweeting Cat Door:

Each cat has a small RFID tag on the collar. When a cat is in the close proximity of the door, a small RFID reader reads the tag and if the cat is authorized, a servo will unlock the cat door. The RFID reader and the servo controller are connected to an old laptop. The software on the laptop is written in Delphi and for each "cat door event" is sending a Twitter message and a picture to

Twitter feed of injuries by Petra Cortright.


The unofficial Denton Mugshot twitter for Denton, Texas. Programmed by a UNT art photography student, drawing attention to how much public info we put online.

The Twittering office chair "tweets" (posts a Twitter update) upon the detection of natural gas such as that produced by human flatulence.

The twitter feed from "On Kawara"

Faces made with unicode

Documentation of documentation from vvork (not affiliated with, started by Guthrie Lonergan, managed by Tom Moody.



A List Of Every NBA Player On Twitter

Twitter, etc.


Were you on twitter before Ashton Kutcher? Find out here.


Twetris uses the twitter timeline to create blocks for a tetris game.


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General Web Content is an ongoing series that spotlights developments on the internet which bear on aesthetic and/or cultural concerns. In this edition, we turn to eBay blogs. The authors here assemble eBay listings in their posts according to an overarching idea, theme or sensibility. If you have an eBay blog you would like to share, please post links in the comments section.

Sentimental Value

About Sentimental Value:
I’ve always had a love for vintage objects and a curiosity about their former lives. Sentimental Value collects some of the more noteworthy stories about clothing and accessories I’ve discovered while digging through Ebay.

Reference Library

About Reference Library:
Most of these posts originate as my disappointments on eBay. You can sort by the REF labels or search for something specific.

Hanne's Fashion Blog

About Hanne's Fashion Blog:
Welcome to Hanne's Fashion Blog! Hanne's Fashion Blog is an Ebay Blog, filtering the greatest stuff from Ebay for you. The best fashion website during a recession!


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A tumblelog is a variation of a blog that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video. Unlike blogs, tumblelogs are frequently used to share the author's creations, discoveries, or experiences while providing little or no commentary.


["General Web Content" is an ongoing series spotlighting developments or tendencies on the internet which bear on aesthetic and/or cultural concerns.]

dataismo1.gif dataismo2.gif












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Gif by Lunk

This is where we put stuff. And stuff.

As we come across web phenomenon like the Cheetah Lady, Rickrolling and Violet Flame meditation videos we must acknowledge that there is something -- call it artistic or uncanny or just plain wha? -- about this output which necessitates a second look. The title of this new series, General Web Content, is clearly tongue-in-cheek, and it is meant to be a self-mocking play on the distinction between the "General" web out there and the "Art" web in here. On a medium as dynamic as the internet, this line is often blurred.
- John Michael Boling and Ceci Moss


"Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer's voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC's microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs online, or create your own music videos."

Alice in chain - man in the box by SongSmith

Elvis: In The Ghetto [vocals] + Microsoft Songsmith [instruments]

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 1st of The Month - MS Songsmith

Van Halen - The Microsoft Songsmith Sessions vol. 1