Homeland Security (Blanket) (2008) - Jerilea Zempel



I was going to write an artist statement about how I wanted to turn an oversized, macho, gas-guzzling vehicle into a technological ghost by shrouding it in a white, fuzzy cover, reminiscent of women's handwork from another time, another place.

What happened when I re-entered the US from Canada made me re-examine what my lowly art project could mean in a larger political sphere. And it gave me an idea for a title.

My worn-out passport set off the first alarm with the US Border Patrol. US citizen who have traveled to the places I've been over the past 9 years (Africa, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, Turkey and Europe) need to be looked at more carefully.

A half hour at the computer gave the agent cause to put me into another suspicious category that merited a full car search. After going through my computer, digital camera, cell phone, business cads, suitcase, reading materials, boxes of yarn and crochet tools, she returned with my sketchbook in hand. I was taken to a room and told to sit on a bench with handcuffs at both ends.

"Just what were you doing in Canada? We think you're engaged in some kind of copyright infringement." The accusation was based on drawings of cars like this. After a lively discussion, my university faculty status and positive ID persuaded her to call of the dogs. Then she welcomed me back to the US.


Note: Zempel was also interviewed on the Colbert Report about this incident and project.


Upgrade (2007) - Kelly Jazvac




A used car is completely wrapped, inside and out, in an adhesive vinyl skin to make it look like a 2007 Porsche 911.



Need for Speed (Cargo Cult) (2005) - Brody Condon



Need for Speed is a Lamborghini Countach from 1985 made in cast urethane branches. The original 3D model for the car was extracted from the popular racing simulation Need for Speed. The term “cargo cult” refers to the history of low tech, ritualized simulation of military aircraft by indigenous South Pacific tribes in the mid 20th century.



Snare (2005) - Jeremy Boyle



snare drum, solenoids, mechanical and electronic components, sticks


A Letter From Schoenberg: reading piece with player piano (2008) - Peter Ablinger with Winfried Ritsch


Peter Ablinger - A Letter From Schoenberg from mediateletipos on Vimeo.


The Gamelatron (2009) - The League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) and Zemi17



The Gamelatron at Galapagos Art Space from Zemi17 on Vimeo.

Modeled after traditional Balinese and Javanese gamelan orchestras, the GamelaTron is an amalgamation of traditional instruments with a suite of percussive sound makers. MIDI sequences control 117 robotic striking mechanisms that produce intricately woven and rhythmic sound. Performances follow an arc similar to classic Indonesian gatherings, where stories from great epics, such as the Ramayana, are told and settings given in words that are continued in music.



Constellation (2006) - Chu Yun





Colorful Colorado (1974) - Phil Morton


This is a example of early video art using the color capability of the Sandin Analogue Image Processor - the "Color IP".


5 Minute Romp thru the IP (1971)


This is an early video piece staring Dan Sandin in which he explains, in general terms, the functionality of the Sandin Analogue Image Processor (IP). This was the instructional video that accompanied the modules for constructing you own Sandin IP.

Sandin was an advocate of education and espoused a non-commercial philosophy, emphasizing a public access to processing methods and the machines that assist in generating the images. Accordingly, he placed the circuit board layouts for the IP with a commercial circuit board company and freely published schematics and other documentation.

The IP is a general-purpose patch programmable analogue computer, which is different from a regular digital computer, and is optimized to process video/television signals and sound. The video is processed through the IP "live" so that the viewer is able to see the effect on video signals. Initially the video is B&W;, at the end Sandin debuts the 'Color IP'.


Conflux 2009 Festival Schedule



Rhizome is a proud media partner of New York's annual psychogeographic festival Conflux, which kicked off yesterday evening. See below for the festival's jam-packed schedule this weekend, you can also download a pdf version here or check out their interactive schedule here. All the events are open to the public, and they suggest a $5 donation.

Friday, September 18 11:30am-8:30pm

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops begin in NYU Steinhardt’s Barney building (34 Stuyvesant Street).


Christina Ray & David Darts . Opening Remarks (Commons Gallery, Barney building)


Tianna Kennedy . Swimming Cities of Serenissima

Jessica Thompson . mobile performance device

Marc Horowitz . NYCommercial

Jeff Stark . Subway Theater

Joseph Grima . Storefront for Art and Architecture


Transportation Alternatives . POP.Park: Reclaim Your Street

College of Tactical Culture (CTC) . College of Tactical Culture

Leon Reid IV . An Afternoon With Leon IV

What We Know So Far . Probability

Waterpod . The Waterpod: Life afloat, on the edge of the grid *Begins off-site


Caroline Woolard . OurGoods

Not an Alternative . Occupations and interventions on the urban/cultural landscape

Eve Mosher . Insert _____ here


Theodore Bouloukos . Memes and Temes

Mark Shepard . Sentient City Survival Kit


Elizabeth Streb . PopAction

Andrea Reynosa & Kevin Vertrees . Time Based Landscape Studies *Begins off-site


Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena . Urballoon *Begins off-site


Starting at Conflux headquarters in the Barney Building, Conflux and Foursquare present Foursquare @ Conflux, an interactive iPhone-driven social networking event that will lead participants on a tour of hidden East Village locations.

Saturday, September 19 10:00am-6:00pm

All workshops begin in NYU Steinhardt’s Barney building (34 Stuyvesant Street).


Dara Greenwald, Olivia Robinson and Josh MacPhee . Spectres of Liberty

Julia kaganskiy & An Xiao . E-Derive: Psychogeography and the Digital Landscape

Matt Knutzen . Rebuilding the Historical City

Meredith Johnson . Creative Time


Natalie Jeremijenko . Fish ‘n microChips

Sal Randolph . Free Money & Other Urban Money Actions

Brooke Singer . Demolition Drugstore!

Kurt Braunohler . Urban Disorientation Game

Britta Riley & Rebecca Bray . Windowfarms and R&D-I-Y;


Sharilyn Neidhardt . Human Scale Chess Game

Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, L.M.Bogad & Andrew Boyd . Fantastic Politics: Art as Political Campaign

Marc Horowitz & Peter Baldes . Google Maps Roadtrip (NYC)

Andrea Reynosa & Kevin Vertrees . Time Based Landscape Studies

Jason Eppink . Adventures in Urban Alchemy


Greg Trefry . Gigaputt: The City is Your Golf Course

Reverend Billy & Savitri D. . Breaking in to Public Space

Tom Angotti . Reclaiming the City, Community Organizing, and Planning

Moses Gates . What’s Your City Horoscope?

Cassim Shepard . Urban Omnibus


From 7-10pm Conflux Founder and Producer Glowlab hosts a party at their 30 Grand Street location in SoHo to coincide with a related exhibition entitled Modern Ruins by artist Emily Henretta.

Sunday, September 20 10:00am-6:00pm

ConfluxCity - city-wide!

Sunday, September 20 from 6-10pm at the Delancey Lounge (168 Delancey St, www.thedelancey.com), a chance to unwind, connect with other Conflux participants and reflect on the weekend’s happenings.