Whispering Pines 10 at the New Museum, Jan 8-9


Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett's epic multimedia one-act opera Whispering Pines 10 will run at the New Museum on Saturday and Sunday, January 8 and 9, 2011. If you missed the performance of this piece at the Kitchen last Spring, now is your second chance to see the show! Read more about Whispering Pines 10 below, and be sure to pick up your tickets early through the New Museum site.

Note: We ran a short essay in Rhizome News by Brian Droitcour on Moulton's series Whispering Pines when the opera debuted, check it out.

Whispering Pines 10 is a one-act opera by artist Shana Moulton in collaboration with composer Nick Hallett, and featuring vocalist Daisy Press. It features a live performance by Moulton as her alter ego Cynthia, a hypochondriac agoraphobe prone to colorful hallucinations and absurd fantasies. While Cynthia seeks health and total happiness within her virtual environment—an interactive video set that utilizes real-time multimedia techniques its creators call “live animation”—she usually settles for fad cures and new-age kitsch, creating situations in turn comic, contemplative, and surreal.

Whispering Pines is the celebrated video serial created by Moulton in 2002 that has previously spawned nine episodes, along with related performances, videos, and gallery installations. Whispering Pines 10—the latest installment—is an innovative performance hybrid that incorporates elements of traditional opera into contemporary video and performance art. Its premise—a woman alone in her private environment, aided by technology—enables a flexible sensibility wherein popular and experimental forms can mingle. The original music and libretto composed by Hallett takes advantage of the narrative’s dream logic to weave what is essentially a pop music vocabulary into an experimental idiom, enabling a virtuosic exploration of the human voice. As the protagonist does not effectively speak, the sounds ...


Introduction to video tutorial (2010) - Simon Denny









Videos from Gatekeeper's Giza by Thunder Horse Video and lenox-lenox


These six music videos by the band Gatekeeper debuted last week on the blog 20jazzfunkgreats. The videos are a dark, hallucinogenic romp, featuring slick computer graphics and repurposed scenes from horror and anime films. The videos are directed and edited by Thunder Horse Video, with the exception of "Mirage" which features original computer animation by the team lenox-lenox. All the songs are off their new EP Giza on Merok Records.


Dark Green (2010) - Jacob Ciocci


Music by Extreme Animals


Sputnik. Cosmic sphere. (2009) - Art Business Consulting





Images above from the exhibition "CONTACT" at XL Gallery. For more on Art Business Consulting and their practice, read "Corporate Culture: An Introduction to Art Business Consulting" by Brian Droitcour.


E.T. Project (2009-2010) - Joe Yorty





With the insertion of artist edition kitsch into the second-hand store industry I attempt an analysis of commodity flow and second-hand 
bric-a-brac capitalism and simultaneously generate critique of art object value (the thrift store is momentarily converted into venue for the avant-garde and the 
second-hand shopper inadvertently becomes collector of fine art).

120 ceramic E.T. figures were slipcast over a 10-month period from a single plaster mold purchased from a second-hand store in 2009. Once glazed and serialized The E.T.s were then circulated through donation to area thrift stores where they were priced, shelved and sold to the public.



Turbo Sculpture (english) (2010) - Aleksandra Domanovic



The Sound of Facebook (2010) - Ryder Ripps





In the following page I attempt to discover how people around the world are using the largest social media website, Facebook, as subject in song. In this collection I pull videos from YouTube users of many cultures and nationalities who are preforming songs which deal with Facebook - in doing this, I find points of continuity which will be addressed bellow.


Originally via DIS Magazine and VVORK


Blingee (Kazimir Malevich) (2010) - Jaakko Pallasvuo



Originally via PAINTED,ETC.


General Web Content


It could be argued that template-style exploitable memes are the bread-and-butter of image board communities like those found on 4chan. Taking a popular, strange, or funny image and editing it down to the simplest components allows them to be photoshopped into a variety of contexts. It's easy and allows for a wide range of iterations, many of which gesture back to previous memes to construct intricate networks of reference that require elaborate explanations and complex genealogies to decipher. Some of the most popular template memes come from 4chan's Cartoons and Comics board /co/, and usually involve stripping a drawn image to it's most basic outlines so that it can be adapted to various popular cartoon or comic characters. Popular examples include Optimized Gif Dude (2006), Gentlemen (2006), fsjal (2008), and X Everywhere (2010).

[The Original Image]

Handsome Face is a image that first appeared in mid-September of 2010 on /co/ and was quickly made a template by 4chan user Shore Leave !!T2UdrWkLSWB. This original image is taken from a scene from the 2010 animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The face was generally regarded as "handsome" in a way that seemed comical and overly sincere, as though he were about to say something heartfelt to another character. Soon it was coupled with the text template "X, I . . ." where X is a character, concept, or object that could be humorously paired with the original. An iteration using the Joker might be captioned "Batman, I . . .", or one made to look like Shaggy from the group Insane Clown Posse might be captioned "Magnets, I . . ." in reference to the much-parodied ICP music video Miracles (2009).

[The Template]

The meme points to the complex network of reference that makes up the template format, as well as the call-and-response solicitation that helps to propagate ...