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Sound, Space, Visuality and Emotional Geographies of Violence - everri in conversation with Gabriela Salgado (Public Programme Curator, Tate Modern) :: July 10, 2008, 7:00 - 8:00 pm :: Delfina Foundation, 29 Catherine Place, London :: Reservations: RSVP [at]

The memory of a sound is a peculiar mechanism, and its resonance is shared collectively. In her artistic practice, Clemencia Echeverri tries to capture the particular element of sound that, whilst echoing the present, conjures up past experiences through evocations, archetypal relationships and a sense of place. In a seemingly passive way, the sound that dwells within each of us eventually becomes neutralized by cultural and educational forces, which act as filters and, in many cases, prevent us from hearing.

Presenting 4 of Clemencia's recent video pieces, the discussion will focus on "the sounds that reaches distances where the intimate fuses with the social, where the passing voice is symbolically filtered through internal and external spaces, where nature guards its own sounds and secrets of historical violence."

Perhaps art is the witness that allows us to hear all this evocative and archetypal material?

Clemencia Echeverri studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia. She was an international resident artist at the Delfina Studio Trust, and has exhibited her work internationally. Clemencia currently lives and work in Colombia. She teaches Art at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin.


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Inside Gecko (image above, two example videos below) is a Processing visualisation of how Gecko constructs pages in the browser as it receives them from the internet. Created by Satoshi Ueyama, the purpose of this work is not art as such but does do two interesting things. The work functions as an interesting way of visualising HTML page form which is largely overlooked because of it's content. By doing this it creates connections with abstract painters such as Piet Mondrian, Peter Halley and so on who also look at grid like form structures. The work also creates an automated way of doing this by subverting information intended for a browser, this closes allies it with many art browsers but also such as Chris Ashley's HTML paintings, Peter Baldes animated gif works etc. which subvert the arrangement of the content.

Above reflow process of



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pulsating emotion organism



a fascinating live visualisation of recent emotional expressions written on the private weblogs published on emotional expressions are parsed according to a list of synonyms, which then physically transform an abstract shape-shifting object.

textual expressions are assigned to 1 of 8 basic human emotions, which are represented as a 3D cone consisting of 24 distinct areas. this abstract diagram forms the basic shape of "pulse", a physical object that is able to enlarge in 24 different directions. each time a specific expressionistic emotion is found in a blog entry written during the last minute, the shapeshifting object transforms itself, so that that the new physical volume represents a piece of the world's current emotional condition.

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robert overweg


robert overweg's 'hidden persuaders' project. as he explains: "magazine ads are digitally retouched and ridden from their products, branding, and other type, leaving the bare visual surroundings...eroticized glitter and abstracted glamour unfolds. esthetics of consumption are laid bare in the process." see more here.

[all robert overweg. from the series hidden persuaders.]


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blue explosion




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"Fragments from the Edge of Los Angeles (detail 1)", 2001,

mockup 081007.jpg

Preliminary image for "The Triumph of Democracy", 2008,


"ether machine", 2007,


"", 2007 by Benjamin Edwards.


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Alexander Hahn and Yves Netzhammer


Yves Netzhammer, Furniture of Proportions (preparatory sketch), 2008; Courtesy the artist and Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt, Germany; Copyright 2008 Yves Netzhammer

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
July 10 through October 5, 2008

Room for Thought pairs two computer-generated video installations by Swiss artists Alexander Hahn and Yves Netzhammer that reveal a fascination with internal landscapes of the mind. Hahn's single-channel, interactive video projection Luminous Point (2006) allows the viewer to take a self-guided tour of a virtual simulation of the artist's Manhattan apartment, using a remote control to navigate a gamelike labyrinth of spaces derived from digital manipulations of photographic and filmic records. Where Hahn's hybrid space incorporates images of the real world, Netzhammer presents a poetic world of pure invention. Premiering at SFMOMA, his new three-channel, site-specific installation Furniture of Proportions (2008) incorporates highly stylized wall drawings, animation, and sculptural objects to create an intricate spatial narrative.

Organized by Rudolf Frieling, SFMOMA's curator of media arts, the exhibition occupies adjacent galleries and represents two generations of artists who have consciously worked with the computer as a formal artistic tool and means of expression. Both Hahn and Netzhammer combine a variety of traditional media with computer techniques in order to articulate a deep concern with the histories of philosophy and art. The artists also share an interest in human thought processes and the interplay between external images in the world and internal images in the mind. Undertaken as an open-ended investigation, their art is concerned with transience and states of change, and deals in surrealistic effects, associative thinking, and temporal multiplicity.


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André Avelãs: Untitled / Performance / Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland


In the context of the group show "Word Event"; at Kunsthalle Basel, artist André Avelãs installed his sound-installation "Untitled (Kunsthalle Basel)" consisting of used loudspeakers, amplifiers, record players and mixing consoles. The installation has been set up in different venues already, the first time in 2005 -- "Untitled (Rietveld)" -- and since then always changes a little bit. This video documents AAndré Avelãs performance on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Word Event" at Kunsthalle Basel. André Avelãs(born 1976 in Caldas da Raihna, Portugal, lives and works in Amsterdam) is part of DNK Amsterdam, a concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music. Kunsthalle Basel, June 28, 2008.


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TODAY - Mobile Application


TODAY is a piece of generative design for mobile phones.

It's an application that visualizes personal mobile communication. It sits on the periphery of the machine, monitoring our connectivity through the number and type of calls we receive, subtly displaying them back to us, in the form of a generative graphic. Here, the visual result is a figurative and seemingly abstract picture -- the story of your day. Some days will be really colorful and wired, others quieter and more reflective, either way the resulting visuals will always be personal, unrepeatable and unique.

What lies at TODAY's core was the idea of using personal data as the basis for an aesthetic system, while providing individuals with a visual diary of their communication patterns.

It's an intimate piece that "lives" in your pocket.

It's freely distributed for Symbian phones at

A Project by CADA --
Idea and Design: Sofia Oliveira/Jared Hawkey
Symbian Programming: Heitor Ferreira
Site Developer: Damian Stewart

Second phase of development funded by: DGArtes, Ministerio Cultura, Portugal


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Kari Altmann


Work from digital artist Kari Altmann. More:



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