Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett's 'Whispering Pines 10' on Art21


Wake up, sleepyhead. Art21 just posted their profile of Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett's opera, Whispering Pines 10, presented by Rhizome at the New Museum in 2011. Not only do Moulton and Hallett come off as the sweetest performance artist/composer collaborative duo ever, but the documentation of the projection-oriented opera isn't bad either.


Shana Moulton on ART21


Should an artist separate herself from the character she creates? In this film, artist Shana Moulton traces the development of her ongoing video and performance series Whispering Pines and its central protagonist Cynthia. Shana charts the various ways in which fiction and autobiography meld and diverge in the character of Cynthia, played by the artist herself. The title of the series is an homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and adopts the name of Shana’s childhood home: a trailer park for seniors near Yosemite, California. Featuring video and music from several episodes of Whispering Pines—a mix of live action, computer animation, and original songs by Jacob Ciocci and Nick Hallett.

Shana Moulton (b. 1976, Oakhurst, California, USA) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Shana Moulton with Rachel Mason at LMCC Open Studios May 13-15th


Whispering Pines 10 - Trailer from Shana Moulton

Shana Moulton at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Open Studios May 13-15th:
7:30 pm - Friday the 13th (with Rachel Mason LIVE)
3:00 pm - Saturday the 14th
3:00 pm - Sunday the 15th


This performance will also be exhibited at Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College May 18 - 22:

(Re)Move/(Re)Frame Performances by: Brody Condon, Shana Moulton, and Yemenwed May 1–May 22, 2011 Curated by Courtney Malick (Re)Move/(Re)Frame presents three performances occurring at different times and places and explores the possibilities of exhibiting performance documentation inviting viewers to participate in the documentary process via the project's accompanying website at: