GLACIER (2010) - Mark Beasley





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Guggenheim's YouTube Play Streams Tonight



YouTube Play, the biennial of creative video organized by the Guggenheim, YouTube, and HP, has been up for awhile, but tonight from 8-9:30pm the Guggenheim Museum in New York will host an event celebrating the project. The top videos, selected by an eclectic jury ranging from the likes of Laurie Anderson to Ryan McGinley, will be projected on the facade and in the interior rotunda, and there will live performances by OK Go, Kutman, LXD, Megan Washington and Mike Relm. If you can't make it in person, there will be a live stream as well.

Note: Next month on November 10th, we will run an essay by Saskia Korsten on one of the YouTube Play selections, Evelien Lohbeck's noteboek (2008), which will discuss the work as it relates to Korsten's concept of "reversed remediation."


A Visit to Audio Visual Arts (AVA)



Over the weekend I popped by Audio Visual Arts (AVA), a sound and media art space located a few blocks away from the New Museum, in the East Village.


Founded by Justin Luke two years ago, the storefront space hosts a range of exhibitions and events, the majority of which relate to the experience of sound and listening. Artists and musicians alike have organized projects at the gallery, from a listening party for Glasser (Cameron Mesirow) to a sound installation by composer Alan Licht to an exhibition of paintings by the legendary guitarist John Fahey to an immersive stroboscopic light and sound installation by Nicedisc (Jeff Pash and Nick Phillips), to name a few. Justin and his brother have a recording studio in the basement of the building, and when the storefront above opened up, Justin decided to move in and start the gallery. AVA also doubles as his apartment, which is located in the back, and this aspect frees him up to be creative and take with risks with the programming, as the shows are not necessarily tied to profit like a regular gallery.



Antoine Catala’s solo show "Topologies" just opened at AVA, and it features a single luminous, magnificently mind-bending sculpture titled HDDH. On display until November 4th, the work is comprised of two HD flat screen televisions connected by what the artist terms "a magic tube." The tube is seamlessly affixed to the surface of the screen, dramatically warping the continuous flow of images emanating from the television set. The audio signal from the TVs is projected both inside and outside the gallery, thunderously filling up the space. Catala uses broadcast television as the basic material for his hallucinatory sculptures, which heighten the artificiality and absurdity of television programming. HDDH seems like a natural evolution from ...


Bell, Book, and Candle (2010) - Michael Guidetti





Painting the entire gallery a uniform bright green, Guidetti employs an unfixed/in-flux context created by the production environment of chroma-key (green-screen) video compositing technology. Rather than providing a blank neutral space it serves only as a temporary stand-in, demanding to be replaced. The viewer is confronted with this provisional setting in a state of waiting, without a final composite image. Markers for motion tracking and spatial reference placed around the space further enforce the absence of context.

Within the environment an array of equipment actively measures the physical, visual, and acoustic properties of the space. Reminiscent of tools used for ghost hunting, the instruments attempt to describe something non- visible/physical and provide some concreteness to something abstract. A video monitor among the equipment displaying computer generated 3D renderings of the exhibition shown in various perspectives and states, further complicates the ability to reach a complete, relative conception of the space.



FREE KEVIN at Art in General


Hackers Trailer

Next week, on October 14th at 6pm, Laurel Ptak of photography blog iheartphotograph will host FREE KEVIN at Art in General. The screening will present films depicting hackers and computer culture from the past 30 years, all sourced from Pirate Bay member pirateturk. For the AIG event, Ptak will show WarGames (1983) and Hackers (1995) from pirateturk's 15.4 GB collection, and the screening will also be an informal ripping party, so attendees are encouraged to bring their USB sticks and laptops to lift material for later viewing. Named for Kevin Mitnick, a hacker arrested in 1995 by the U.S. Government for computer fraud, FREE KEVIN examines the representation of hackers in popular culture and its relation to concerns about security, intellectual property, and technology. A roving, evolving project at its core, FREE KEVIN is realized as a website as well, with a smattering of clips from the films in the collection, and the organizers invite other, parallel FREE KEVIN screenings around the globe. (To arrange a screening in your town, email screening [at] freekevin [dot] info.)


Danny Tanner (2010) - Derek Larson


Part III of Closed System Media, an ongoing series of videos addressing sculptural space in video and online media with the intention of closing the work in a culturally specific feedback-loop.

Originally via DIS Magazine


08 Volcano Test (2010) - Borna Sammak



Debut of and Interview with Ryan Trecartin on AFC


Screengrab of

Remember, a few months ago, when we posted about David Karp and Ryan Trecartin's Project Ten, a site which assembles ten second clips uploaded by users, navigable by 3 keywords? I called it "totally, totally cool" and expressed how I really hoped they would develop the site. Well, dreams do come true! Project Ten has been redubbed and is now live on the web, thanks to programming by Rhizome's Director of Technology Nick Hasty and Sergio Pastor. AFC unveiled the site today with an exclusive interview with Trecartin by Paddy Johnson, which you can read here. will also be in the upcoming exhibition "Free" at the New Museum which opens on October 20th.


Corpcore (2010) - Fatima Al Qadiri







Pictures from 01SJ


I was out in San Jose last week for the 01SJ Biennial and I took a few snapshots of the exhibits for the blog, below. I organized Rhizome's live performance event "Domain," which was part of 01SJ's film program. "Domain" included artists Jeremy Bailey, Petra Cortright, Constant Dullaart, and JODI.


JODI - Domain Performance


Constant Dullaart - Domain Performance


Petra Cortright - Domain Performance


Jeremy Bailey - Domain Performance



Garnet Hertz - OutRun (2010)


H. Dio Mendoza and Pilar Agüero-Esparza - El Shop (2010)



Eyebeam Roadshow (2010)


Natalie Jeremijenko - xAirport (2010)


Annette Mees and Ken Eklund - ZOROP (2010)



Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark - Empire Drive-in (2010)