Desktops (2002)

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"Much has been made of our customizable, digital versions of the desktop. This is about your actual desktop, a modern twist. This is about the by products of modern living, the ones we never pay attention to, the ones that never ask us to pay attention to them." - from the original call for entries.

Full Description

The Desktop is a central, and typically ignored, aspect of our daily life. The Desktop has been addressed as a central metaphor for the computing environment, but all too often our real- as opposed to virtual- desktops are merely what we sit the virtual equivilent on. As an artist, I was interested in the debris and detritus of our "real" lives that piled up around our computer monitors. I asked several artists I knew, as well as making a general call to public, to simply pile the objects around thier desktops on top of a flatbed scanner and send me the results. These are the results: a wide range of people from around the world, a wide range of occupations, from designers, artists, actresses, housewives, college students, criminals, all making art.

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