Rewob (2001)

by 4644

This generative screen saver combs the Net for graphics and actively creates its own visual collage on your screen. Even if you aren't online you can still enjoy a show of combined images from your hardrive.

Full Description

"Rewob" for PC:

"Rewob" is a screen saver. This screen saver connects to the Internet, collects image files 8gif/jpg, etc) on the www, and creates motion graphics using those materials as a screen saver. When your machine does not connect to the internet, it searches image files from your hard disc and creates motion graphics as well.

Sometimes in lunch time, I must have someting to eat in front of my macintosh at office. I'm a kind of man , who wants to do 2 or more thing in same time. For example, watching TV with listening CD, pedal an aerobike with reading book in sports gym.

I thought I must do something with eating lunch in front of computer. Something that I wanted to do is to look out a data or generated thing by raw data which changes by the seconds. And I wanted to take in what someone existance.

"Rewob" for Macintosh:

"rewob" is a screensaver. This screensaver connects to the internet, reads html files, downloads image files on the WWW. Then creates motion graphics using those materials as a screensaver. As a new function , someone using "rewob" can capture one scene of motion graphics , and send the image to other user and mix it. (macintosh version only.)

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