Trigger Happy (2001)

Using the format of an early arcade game, Trigger Happy engages the viewer in a meaningless game of "info-war."

Full Description

"Trigger Happy" has been shown as a gallery installation in Germany and England and is now available online as originally conceived. Its format will be familiar to anyone who has encountered that early arcade game, Space Invaders combining an absurd quest for information with an old-fashioned shoot-em-up computer game. In this, it accurately reflects, and subversively comments upon, the electronic environment in which we live, work and play. "In effect", the artists say, "'Trigger Happy' becomes a folly. A self-defeating environment looking at the relationship between hypertext, authorship and the individual." They cleverly recontextualise existing representations and subject them to active manipulation on the part of the viewer, who becomes an unwitting participant in a meaningless game of "info-war

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