Ambientmachine (2001)

by 10925

Load in frames and sound and make your own collage, an "ambientmachine" extrodinaire.

Full Description

"ambientmachine" is like an open source, online experimental film studio and archive rolled up into one sensational package. Beginning with a few different sequences, users can construct their own "movies" online and then save them to the site for others to incorporate as building blocks. Future versions will allow the uploading of new files as well.

But perhaps what is most remarkable about "ambientmachine" is not its recall of a kind of video exquisite corpse, but the exceptional tool palette that allows you to resize, speed up or slow down, change the transparency or tint, and add a soundtrack. In addition, by overlaying various clips, the participant-creator can experiment not only with linear sequencing but the ability to create a kind of syncopated moving picture, which can be truly extraordinary.

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