A series of navigable VR poetry passages that fuses images sound and interaction using prima materia or prime matter as its source.

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As a visual artist, I create testimonial objects and immersive environments as a means of personally recalling events and phenomena which are subject to collective cultural, historical and spiritual amnesia. My desire in this activity is to induce viewers into remembering (and forgetting) their perceptions regarding how we got where we are; what we may have lost along the way and potentially, where we need to go.

PRIMA MATERIA is an online work whose content is technically accessed via a collection of navigable VR poetry passages - oriente, catalyst, curandero, asphalt, brownian motion and oxidation. The visual, textual and audio content of these passages is rooted in a contemporary reimagining of the alchemical concept of the prima materia - the common chaotic "prime matter" from which all elements are elevated. The alchemists described the prima materia as "our chaos" that resulted from the fall of Lucifer and Adam. The alchemists' chosen task of elevating this raw essence to the state of divine material was equivalent to returning the fallen back to paradise. Although the material was said to be omnipresent for those with the eye to recognize it, the alchemical myth also said it resided deep in the core of sacred mountains.

Despite the transmutation of alchemy into contemporary science, this chaotic resource remains a necessary point of departure for creativity. The white noise of disorder that frequently envelops our lives, can be looked upon as a malleable entity that must be folded back on itself for regeneration. The possibilities of bringing the prima materia together as a positive collaborative element is only limited by our willingness to openly experiment with our creative imaginations beyond the partitions of aesthetic and technical isolation.

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