Touch Screens. Stanza: coded interactive + generative artworks (2001)


Stanza: coded interactive + generative artworks for Touchscreen artworks 2004

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Stanza uses computers to develop expressive possibilities between himself and his audience. And, underlying these simple interfaces and engaging forms are sophisticated formal and technical structures, including software agents, custom hardware and complex networking.

His self-generating artworks contain the essential pleasure of digital playfulness, while also approaching deeper issues about people and information networks. This singular process of participation and inquiry can be scaled to large networks or to individual users, and it can also support live performances and large-scale installations.

Stanza's interactive digital artworks from the past decade relate to wide ranging technical and cultural concerns. Since 1994, he has produced numerous bodies of work, each of which is described briefly below: these are also now made exclusively for this touchscreen machine and available in very limited editions.

There is a suite of works within each edition. You can find the works by moving your fingers down to the bottom of the screen. The previously hidden menu then appears. You can then select a new work by touching the screen. Within each work there are several layers of interactivity.

Some works have hidden areas, in some the interactivity is more clear, and in others one has to explore to find and experience different parts of the artwork. And in other works such as Biocity there are generative areas, ie, if left alone the artworks will generate on their own over time.

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Artist Statement

Stanza recently authored several artworks and these are available as touchscreen editions. Each edition of ten contains a suite of artworks from the project of the same name. The touchscreen units are custom built and configured to load works automatically (viz. plug-n-play). For installation, they can be hung on the wall like a painting or they can mount with screens flush to the wall, or other surfaces.

They have been made as editions so collectors may purchase the work and galleries may exhibit more easily. The illustration of the computer below shows the first silver prototype, they are now silver steel framed (see image below) and are also available in a steel framed box ie set square to the wall. Stanza touch screen interactive exhibitions have taken place at the following selected venues.

Venice Biennale 2007. Inner City and Biocity touch screens will be shown at New Forest Pavilion, 52nd international Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia thanks to Scan.

Tate Britain. (Part of Late at Tate Britain series, by Cybsersonica) 2007.

Artsway Plymouth, New Forest Pavillion. 2007

Blip Festival Brighton. 2005.

The Dana Centre London. Organised by Cybersonica. 2005

Folly Gallery Lancaster. 2005

The Watershed Media Centre. 2005

Cut and Splice at Jerwood Space, London. 2005

Arts Depot, London April 2005

Active Interiors: 10 Years of Stanza's Interactive Art E.S.P. Media Lounge, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood USA. The first showing and sales of the touchscreen editions where supported, curated and exhibited by David Mather in 2004 in LA.


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