"Sections of Nothing -Nothing" (2004)

Words / Are Recognized As / Boiling Point In Advance / I Stretch Over Huge Sale Signs / And Signs Advertising / Therapeutic Properties / My Skin Folds /Are Growing Bigger / Due To An Excess Of Food Salt / I‚m Maimed-Infected-Enlarged- / Expanded-Ocluded-Degenerated By / Food Systems That Forge / A Death Cavity / One‚s A Unique Hole / Infinite-Hole-Tame-Hole/ Marcello Mercado

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Opening Event:

ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe Goethe Institutes - Global Bodies Event / 15.2.1998



  1. Are our eyes our Targets?
  2. Do we become what we see?
  3. How do you think technology will change our body?

Audio Transmission. The Moderator on this end will say "enter Mexico" at this point you have the floor and he may ask questions or answer others. When you finish please say "Mexico Out" Then the floor reverts back to Moderator. ...this continues "thank you Mexico" "enter Turin" "Turin out" "thank you Turin"

Short list of commmands: Want to speak type..................ENTER Wait for Cue from Moderator says ..............."enter Tokyo" Begin Speaking..............speak When Finished ..............speak ..............."Tokyo Out" Moderator will .............speak................"Thanks Tokyo"

The project Cándido Valdez Cabeza de Vaca (1997) integrates two visions of a common body: Argentina.

"Cabeza de Vaca is the nonsense and insensibility of the conveyance of 200 years of history till 1989 (colonisation, military juntas and death). This is the body of Argentina's history perceived as devastation, as appropriation of nature and public space.

Valdez is the present time, since 1989: the (post)modern, (post mortem) age of globalisation, that means Mac Donalds and CNN. He materializes a modern traveller, a sort of dull "Wanderer" through present times and spaces enhancing his trivial mind with information of TV. His entity is not virtual, but medial: he exists through CNN. Both entities (CNN and cows as colonised public land and space) are real: this is not a virtual work." Gabriela Massuh

Salón Digital fue una teleconferencia Global organizada por el Goethe- Institut y el ZKM de Karlsruhe con motivo de la inauguración de éste último el 18 de octubre.Desde Boston, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Madrid, México DF, Moscu, New Delhi, San Francisco, Sidney Tokio, Wellington, se creó la primera obra de arte en el espacio virtual . Desde Buenos Aires se produce una obra digital especialmente para esa ocasión.

"Una investigacion de la identidad argentina, y la colonización mediatica del espacio público. Textos intimistas, altamente politizados, integrados en un grafismo de colores fuertes y motivos simbólicos. Un panorama cronológico que va de 1955 al 2010" (Vicente Carretón Cano/Ars Interruptus/Festival de Vídeo de Navarra 1998 pag.148)

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