Sous Terre - The Subnetwork (2001)

A stunningly visual meditation of the Paris underground.

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Under ground is a ordering of the RATP for the celebration of centenaire of the Parisian subway in year 2000.

Under ground, the subway, its memory, its internal organization, its history. Its tunnels, of the travellers who pass and pass by again. A whole life which we forget under the streets. The subway is useful, it is used to go from a point to another, to move without being confronted with urban chaos.

It is another city, but of passages, flow, cuts: a network. Meanwhile, in displacement, it is necessary to kill time, not to feel the surrounding intensity, all these people that us croisont without recognizing them, the flow of maintaining stressed by the run of the stations. With the difference of the other means of transport, the subway does not require any attention of the travellers as for the road taken. One only waits. The subway then requires to face the other travellers, to look them while waiting to arrive at destination. The travellers are held sitted or upright. Some look at on the right, on the left, others not. A woman reads a book, a man a newspaper, others simply the vacuum. One hears the machines, squealings and frictions, opening and closing of the gates. A teenager rises to leave his place with a small smile. And then a pregnant woman or a essoufl

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