-- digital work (2001)

-- digital work is a duration piece in which the artist repeated a task for a specific amount of time each day for a month. For this project the artists explored "the status of digital work and general reflections on the use of computers within a production-environment." The resulting piece is a series of long text files with repeated phrases about the nature of doing (creating) digital work.

Full Description

--Digital Work


From 1st of March till 30th I produced files working for one hour each day. The file consists of one or two statements which will be copied into it again and again until one hour has passed. The pasting happened by pressing Strg+V and Enter during that hour.

The statements

The statements are thoughts about the status of digital work and general reflections on the use of computers within a production-environment. It turns out that creativity is the main myth of the digital age, while most digital work is repetitive (although it is complex). Further ideas you'll get when directly browsing an reading the files 1.txt - 25.txt.

Live action

On 29th I did the copy&paste-work at the "Shop For Nothing," a small gallery space in Leipzig. I worked for 5 hours while people were around watching the situation or talking. You can have a look to images in the DOCU folder 1.jpg - 7.jpg or start a 2 minute video by pointing to digitalwork.ram (realvideo).

Further material

Within the mail-folder You'll find my e-mail exchange on the digital work topic during march 2001.

Within 30 days I've produced 16,1 Mb (16.933.856 Bytes) on different computers.

For any questions You may contact me at francis@hgb-leipzig.de.


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