relationship-place naka-ma (2010)

Film first presented in 2010. Different versions exist, and the work sire-edited for different contexts of place and spectatorial relationship.

Editor: Daniel Somerville Music for this version: Joey Draycott Concept, Photography, Videography, Direction: Raphael jay Adjani

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Artist Statement


are two Japanese characters which translate in English literally as ‘relationship-place’. ‘naka-ma’ is a series of films and installations about particular relationships between landscapes, buildings and people.

there is no definitive version: the conceptual idea is to edit the film specific to the person who commissions it, the location, the situation, the surface on which it is screened, the season, the culture.

It can have different sound and image tracks. Some times the sound track is created live by a composer-musician engaging with the image.

The concept borrows from the inter-active and immersive processes of the Japanese tea ceremony, where the host makes tea for the guest, taking into account her personality, mood, time, place. season.


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