tempo e pause, ordinary madness (2001)

A wild exploration of image and text.

Full Description

dress you off

ordinary-madness, her-face-is-an-icon, follow-this-motion-picture and-open-your-eyes, forget-the-romantism, and-watch-those-movies, have-a-drink, yes-have-one, hold-the-face, to-see-if-it-is-here, leave-a-kiss, and-stay-away, life-abuse-and-do-not-care, be-a-character, see-what-you-cannot-see, before-you-do-it, sex-up-your-ideas, smell-her, sweep-and-suck to spit-in-trash


have-time-to-be-a-star and-show-us-how-you-do, prepare-yourself-to-see-and-show before-you-loose :

re-invent-one-open-space the-recorded-tragedy

the-drunk-who-knows can-see-everything

you-are-the-storyteller you-type-the-words

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