Drag (2000)

A naked male performer drags a bible, attached by string to his penis, across an image (multi-layered Photoshop file) projected on the floor. His hands are behind his back, holding a scroll of paper (his Irish birth certificate). A computer, feeding the signal to the projector, tracks the bible’s path across the image erasing the upper layer of the image, revealing the layer below, giving the impression that the bible is erasing the image as it moves across. The performer continues to drag the bible in an inward spiral until he reaches the center of the image and all of the upper image (layer) has been removed. The performer exits the projection area, dragging the bible with him.

Full Description

Drag, a multimedia screaMachine performance and installation

This piece is designed to be an installation that is inaugurated by the performance. An overhead camera records the performance; this footage is then looped and played back through the projector continuously, thus forming the fixed installation. The viewer is presented with an image of the performance shot from above, giving the impression that there is a (virtual) cut-out in the floor and the performance is taking place on the floor below.

Work metadata

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