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Millions of new paintings are made during the exhibition of this series of artworks. Each algorithm maps out a series of events and ways to handle the incoming images that are then displayed as the output or finished results on the screen. This series of artworks focuses solely on making art from art. It becomes a self referential remixing and re-composition system giving endless variations time after time.


To be exhibited at a gallery on a bank of plasma screens as an installation. Contact me to talk about this.

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Artist Statement

This artwork by Stanza is a live generative art system for generating paintings. This artwork re mix paintings of the old masters from the national galleries of the world and create new paintings in real time during he process. This involves making new paintings from old paintings forever, constantly remade to be new. I use the colours, shapes, and images, of hundreds of old master paintings and then remix them online. They mix and fade slowly over time. My system means that each new image will never repeat, they are always different and never recorded. These works evolve over quite a slow time period, so if they look like they are not changing please be aware that they are. There are thirty works in this series

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